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Darling vintage Famille Rose salt and peps just listed online tonight. I meant to post this earlier, but I got carried away editing pix and listing new inventory online. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m saving something really great for tomorrow! 💙💙💙

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{SOLD} This vintage cobalt blue Wedgwood Jasperware biscuit barrel was just listed online along with a few other new pieces at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com. I’m at the beach for a couple of days and I woke up this morning and heard thunder so I jumped up and ran outside- I love to watch a storm, especially over the water! I hope you have a productive or relaxing Monday, whatever is on your agenda.😎✌🏼💙💚

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I had a little diversion yesterday, but I’ve basically been on the subject of cachepots recently. Cachepot is pronounced: kash•pot or kash•pō and it is simply an ornamental holder for a flower pot. I prefer to use a liner with these hand painted tole cashepots, so the metal won’t be exposed when watering. It’s so easy to pick up a small 4” flower or herb and just plunk it down in one of these when you get home. Or they display preserved boxwood balls or topiaries nicely too, as shown here. These chinoiserie emperor and empress cashepots are available online, the link to our shop is in our profile ➡️ @tortoiseandharevintage . If you don’t see them in our shop, that means we have sold out. I get that question quite often. Have a great weekend! 💙💚

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tortoiseandharevintage. Could y’all just about die over this gorgeousness created by @calbert1

Could y’all just about die over this gorgeousness created by @calbert1000 ?! 💗💙 Its the middle of the night (I never sleep) and I just ran across this stunning still life! Happy Friday, y’all! Please go share the love with @calbert1000 , she has so many beautiful images! 💙💗

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These claw-foot pagoda cachepots are back in stock & listed online in both blue and pink (swipe)! There was a rush on pink last week! 💗💗💗

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{SOLD OUT} I just listed these darling #foodog salt and peppers online (only $14.99!) and swipe to see the @danagibsondesign travel cosmetic bags I listed too! Link in profile! 🧡💚💗

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I had a really crazy day today & just realized I didn’t post anything all day... so here’s a happy little shot of our space. I’m shipping your orders like crazy, thank you all for your support! We appreciate you so much! Now I’m going to go fall into my bed! 💙💚

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Happy Monday, friends! These gingham notecards and enclosure cards are available online (link in bio)! They will arrive at your home as pictured, with our signature gingham bow, so they are an easy gift or happy for someone special! Oh...and the pens are available online as well! Also, for everyone who is asking, we have more pink and blue cachepots on the way! 😉 Have a great week! 💙💚

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just listed these darling chinoiserie cachepots online (TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com, which is in our bio, but I always get a bunch of questions, so that’s where you can find us😉). They are just like the blue ones we sold out of in about 5 minutes last week... except they’re pink😂. I love the pagoda detail and of course the lion paws. 🐯 rawr! Have a blessed Sunday! 💙💚

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TGIF! 🍸🍸We still have a fair selection of sale merchandise out in front of the shop... and lots of new pretties inside the shop! Come see us @chattanoogamercantile this weekend! 💙💚

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I was over at the shop today measuring, checking prices, sending extra pix and unloading new inventory... Phew, it’s hot out there! Anyway based on past experience, I have a feeling y’all are going to be asking “How much is that pink lamp?!! So it’s $289 + shipping/ ins. and the first to comment MINE + zip code gets it. Comment BACKUP + zip, if you want to be a back up! Please DM your email for invoicing right away, it goes to next in line if you don’t send me your email tonight! 💗💚 If you asked me for a price or more pix yesterday & haven’t received, shoot me another DM if you don’t mind. I have had a million! 😘😘😘

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I’ve been posting quite a bit of new merchandise recently, I just want to be sure y’all know we are not departing from our antique roots! I’ll be listing some pieces as quickly as I can get them photographed. I could use about 5 more hours in a day! 🤭Have a great day! 💙💚

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There are only a couple of cachepots left online & I think they’re sold out in the shop! 🙈 As for the pup... I may or may not have enough to make a couple of wreaths🙊💙💚

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Here’s a #shelfie of some new inventory that hit the shop today (swipe for more). I’m 😍😍😍 about the foo dog salt & peps! 💚💙

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So I hauled this big mamma into the shop today! I thought it turned out splendidly. Then I broke a pup & said a swear🙊🙊🙊! I also brought in a new batch of sale merchandise for you locals (all y’all) who have been snapping up our outrageous bargains! And I met some really nice ladies from Huntsville, AL. 👋🏼 I hope all y’all had a great Monday too! Did I mention we got about 8 boxes of new merchandise to check in & tag? Yeah. 💃🏻

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Pink, green and blue faux bamboo pens are now available online, link in profile! Also, our needlepoint bunny pillows are back in stock! 💙💚⛈

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Happy Saturday! 🤸‍♀️🌞 We’ve got a clearance section in front of the shop... we’re making room for some exciting new 🍁fall🍁 and ... dare I say it??... 🎄holiday🎄 goodies! Also, we are excited that we’ll soon have a new neighbor moving in next door! 🔨Come see us @chattanoogamercantile this weekend! 💚💙

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{SOLD} TGIF 🙌🏼 Having a little booth is a lot of work. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s a lot of work too. I’m so blessed to have my fabulous partner Carrie who works her butt off finding fabulous pieces, driving to Timbuck Too to drag them home, paint them up, and style them beautifully in the shop! 🥂 Here’s to a great partner & good times! Y’all have a fabulous weekend! 💙💚 The blue and white foo dog tea canister on our bar cart is available online, link in profile.

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