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Here’s a cute little corner of the shop I thought I’d share.💙💚 I just listed the white & gold tray online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com. It has cute little gold ball feet😍! Gift tags and stationery available online too. 💙💚

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Here’s a closer pic! 😍😍😍 For deets about amaryllis, see my last post! The bulb is some kind of cast metal. Actually, the cachepots are available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com💙💚 This week has flown by! Only 2 weeks til Thanksgiving! 😵

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If no one buys these stunning amaryllis in white & gold faux bamboo cachepots in the next two weeks, they’ll be on my dining room table at Thanksgiving! 🙊 . . #platewreath

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I post a lot of vintage/ antique finds online that sell before I get them posted to insta. This enormous circa 1950s #herendporcelain Queen Victoria vase has been marked down by $200. Swipe to see some other vintage goodies available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or go to the link in our profile, just above our address. Check out our stories for direct links to holiday gift tags! 💙💚 Happy Humpday 🐫🐋

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I just got a shipment of these guys today! 💙💙 Available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com These sell out fast, so don’t wait!

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tortoiseandharevintage. Inspiration chinoiserie Christmas tree by our friend @airicapuckettsty

Inspiration chinoiserie Christmas tree by our friend @airicapuckettstyle. This was our inspiration to have a chinoiserie Christmas tree (or three) in the shop this year! At home, I’ve taken down my Halloween, but there isn’t a hint of Christmas in sight, other than the thousands of Christmas tags in my office🙊 Happy Tuesday friends! I’m working hard to catch up on shipping! 💙💚

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Last year, we were at @chattanoogamercantile holiday open house when we learned that @theglampad 🤩🤩 had re-grammed our #platewreath. That may not sound like a big deal, but to us, it was the pinnacle of our little antique booth adventure! It was our first holiday season in business & boy, we’ve learned a lot since then! Fast forward one year... we had a pretty fantastic weekend at @chattanoogamercantile holiday open house! We’ve made so many friends over the past year and a half since first opening our booth. Two of our first customers, @kellidrain and her mother, stopped by to see us and we made lots of new friends as well! Thank you to everyone who came out & to all of the vendors and employees who worked so hard to host such a memorable event. 💙💚

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Happy Open House Day! Our bar cart is styled as a hot chocolate bar, complete with a darling Santa Punch Bowl & snowman mugs! The retro style reindeer mugs are my favorite! ❤️🎅🏻 Come see us today @chattanoogamercantile , Carrie and I will be in the shop making bows and singing Christmas carols. Or just making bows🙉

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It was so hard to get a decent picture of the front window display between the backlighting and weird fluorescent cast (swipe for more bad pix 🤦🏻‍♀️). Anyway, our front window display is coming together & it looks so much better in person! And I listed our fab pagoda towers online (with free shipping) incase any of you are interested! 💙💚💙💚 TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or link in profile, just above our address! 💙💙 #blueandwhitechristmas

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Here’s another view of the shop. Today, I’m bringing in the enormous pagodas that were delivered yesterday (remember those?!) and I’ll be shipping orders all day! Carrie will be at @scottantiquemarkets picking up a few spectacular goodies for the shop. I hope y’all are out there living your best life! Happy Thursday friends! I hope to see you at Ladies night @chattanoogamercantile tonight! 💙💚

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Everyone @chattanoogamercantile has had a few long days getting ready for our open house, which starts tomorrow with ladies night! Ladies, join us at Merc for a fashion show (& sangria 🍷) Thursday evening 6- 10pm! Lots of discounts and give-aways throughout Mercantile! 💙💚

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Breaking News: Pagoda frames are back in stock online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com💗💗💗

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I’ve been soooo busy this week, I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday😱! Carrie and I worked late at the shop last night & it looks... wayyy different... all the lights were out when we left, which is why I don’t have any fab pix to share, but I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing when we see it later today with all the lights on!🙏🏼 BUT... we added Pink Grapefruit Pink Candles to online shopping (and blue & green are back in stock!) 💗💗💗 💙💙💙💚💚💚TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or clickable direct link to our website in our profile here 👉🏼 @tortoiseandharevintage, just above our address

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Hey friends! We’ve got a really busy week ahead! Be sure to join us @chattanoogamercantile for open house festivities starting Thursday evening with ladies night! All I know is there’s a fashion show and sangria, sooo, yes please! 💙💙 I just listed this beautiful huge round faux bamboo tray online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com. 💙💙 Also (swipe), there is only one of these darling pairs of foo dogs left! 💙💙

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You asked, we deliver! Now available online, DIY wreath kit... ornaments only, you provide your own wreath and ribbon! TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or link in profile here 👉🏼 @tortoiseandharevintage just above our address💙💚 If you don’t see it listed, it means it sold out. Don’t worry, I’ll have more available this week. Credit: inspiration from lifestyle influencer @meredithlewis05 💙💚

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{SOLD OUT} These plastic pagoda cups have been selling really well in the shop, so I thought I’d share them online with y’all! You can pick them up online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or find a link to our shop right above our address in our profile here 👉🏼 @tortoiseandharevintage

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{SOLD OUT} Happy Saturday, friends! Only one pair left! 👉🏼TortooseandHareVC.etsy.com or there is a direct link in our profile, right above our address! 💙💚 Come see us @chattanoogamercantile today! We’re getting ready for our open house next week! 💙💚

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Swipe to see a couple of new items added to our online inventory. TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com *if you don’t see an item pictured, that most likely means it has been sold.

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{SOLD} Happy Halloween!! 👻 🎃 This enormous #blueandwhite #chinoiseriechic bowl is my costume! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Haha, JK, it’s available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com or there is a link in our profile that will take you straight to our shop. Also, @tomtomandco pagoda candles (swipe to see) are back in stock, swipe up from our stories & it will take you right there! They’re selling out quickly! Oh!! Ohmigosh, I almost forgot... we have #pank 💗💗💗 I’d better go add those! 🤭

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I brought some new pink cachepots in to the shop today with orchid arrangements. We have some white planters too, both colors are available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com Orchid arrangements are sold separately, DM me for details.

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I’m relatively certain we left the biggest mess in the store tonight than ever before😫. After tearing EVERYTHING up today, we had to rush out the door tonight to pick up something really cool at an auction, which we will have ready in a few weeks, once we do something spectacular to it. But til then... how about this vintage wood Federal mirror & fabulous vintage chinoiserie lamps?! Even without our final styling, I thought both were pretty spectacular & it’s my best pix of the day. #sadbuttrue

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I broke 2 plates filling in the #platewreath last night 😫 Swipe to see what’s selling hot online & in the shop right now. TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com 💙💚

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Happy Monday, friends! Here what’s new this week: faux Black Forrest style roe mounts. I love the character they add to any room & I especially like this light color on darker walls where traditional authentic roe mounts wouldn’t show up as much. These look great in a grouping or individually. Swipe for a closer look. Available online at TortoiseandHareVC.etsy.com. If you don’t see them, they have been sold.

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I just listed this big beauty online, link in profile, just above our address, here 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 @tortoiseandharevintage I’m headed out to get more plate hangers, as you can see the plates are selling right off the wall😉 💙💚

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