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Still dealing with these darn allergic reactions so here is Sniffy with her favourite ball 🎾 her favourite ball is anything x-large with a squeaker she can rip out, tear skin off and murder #thelmasweetheart #athlete

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It’s not just this angle that makes her head look big 🥰 • Yesterday was very scary. Rushing Thelma to the vet for an emergency appointment due to an apparent allergic reaction to a sting / bite - was terrifying. Thankfully the staff rushed to action when we staggered in and she was fine within 30mins 😭 • When she came bounding our from the back rooms I burst into tears. Thelma is my whole world and her being in pain or sick makes my heart shatter 💔 I’m very grateful for modern medicine and the staff at The Veterinary Care Centre in Hollywood. I’m also grateful for Bentley’s dad @matt_herter for not only being home when this happened - but for allowing me to use his car and credit card, knowing full well this meant repercussions at his own workplace for being late. If one of us wasn’t home I can’t even bare to think what might have happened 🖤 Thelma is almost 11 and her immune system is already super low due to her past. I’m very very thankful and lucky #thelmasweetheart

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Before I met you I never knew this kind of love existed 🖤 I am so proud to be your protector 🥰 • Today when we were walking, we encountered two separate groups who actually stood and talked to us instead of what usually happens 🏃🏼‍♀️ 💨 . • One lady and her small daughter were overjoyed because Thelma looks like their new puppy. Named Blue. The daughter asked to pet Thelma and I said ‘sorry sweetheart but the big one doesn’t know how to act when that happens and I don’t want him to scare you. It’s not your fault and it’s not his fault. But if I see you again and I just have Thelma - can we stop to say hi?’. Her eyes lit up and she said YES PLEASE! Her mum totally understood and we walked away with the agreement to try again next time 🖤 • The second couple had two dogs with them. We pulled off to the side and I got the treats ready for Bentley. One of their dogs barked aggressively and Bentley barked initially. I managed to quickly bring Bentley’s attention back to me and I asked the couple if they wouldn’t mind staying there for a minute as a training exercise. They were totally ok - as it turns out I had pulled into their yard anyways 😂 We were able to have a conversation at a distance and the dogs remained calm. Well. Thelma didn’t give a sh*t about anything happening except if my hand was going into the treat pouch - but Bentley and the couples two dogs chilled at a distance. Success! • It was really nice to actually communicate with other dog owners. I understand not everyone wants to stop and have a chat - but it really does start affecting you when you constantly get bad looks from people even though 8/10 it’s their dog totally redlining and foaming at the mouth while we keep our distance ☹️Like it’s OUR fault we are big. 🐺 #thelmasweetheart

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This is Phil 🖤 He is a super happy boy, living his best life ☀️He loves to chase squirrels 🐿Tells skateboarders to be more careful 🛹 Is super friendly and wiggly 🦛 and will sit on you if he likes you 🤗Very grateful I get to spend time with him this weekend! #BeLikePhil

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Bentley is here requesting BOOPs since Thelma got so much love from her friends on the last post 🖤 • For every like I will give Bentley BOOPs and tell him he has friends too 🖤 • Just not small white fluffy dogs. Or small dogs who bark at him. Or large dogs who he stares at creepily from a distance. Or large dogs who lunges at him. Or people (mostly men) who he barks at. Or kids who he barks at right in their faces when they pet Thelma before him... Ok - wait a second. I’ll just tell Bentley he is a loveable asshole 🥰🖤😭🤦🏼‍♀️ #bentleybeans #whitegsd #whiteshepherd

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I absolutely love this portrait made for Thelma by @arctic_paws_portraits 🖤 It captures her beauty perfectly and I also love that she has her leash on 🥰 • Thelma is my best friend. She has my whole heart. I take my job as her protector very seriously and this means she is always on leash. I cannot protect her from a distance or on one of those stupid retractable leashes. I display her leash proudly and am an outspoken advocate for everyone to #leashyourdog. I refuse to take any risks with this precious life I am responsible for 👑 #thelmasweetheart #queenthelma #ladySniffleton #ofwigglefel

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When your friend passes out and you take selfies #beansandthesniffer • Which one are you? Bentley Beans or Thelma Sweetheart 🦛 🐺

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Waiting for me to pay the treat toll 🍪 #thelmasweetheart

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Thelma had her vet appointment this morning 👩🏼‍⚕️ Dr Youngblood gave her antibiotics, OTI pack for her ears, ear cleaning, cytopoint ($103) and the exam fee ($351) 💰Hopefully this clears everything up and we don’t have to do that again soon #thelmasweetheart

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Everything about Thelma just blows my mind 🤯 I never knew such perfection existed until we met 🤗Her perfect hippo body and wrinkled sniffer brings such joy and happiness to those who know or meet her #thelmasweetheart

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Squirrel patrol is hard work 🐿 #thelmasweetheart

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Bentley Beans dropping in for BOOPs on a Sunday morning ☀️ 🐺 #bentleybeans #whitegsd #bigbabybentleybeans

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I don’t know how anyone can look at her face and think ‘it’s just a dog’ 🐕 • She’s not just a dog. She is a living, breathing, loving, patient, gentle, forgiving, resilient, stubborn and smart animal. She has feelings and emotions just like humans do only she’s able to deal with hers in a much less complex way than we do. • What words do you use to describe your best friend? #thelmasweetheart

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My sweet little senior Sniffer 🖤 How is it even possible to be so stinking cute #thelmasweetheart

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Blep 👅 • #jennandthelma

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Next on @nbcthevoice is Bentley Beans 🐺 Bentley is originally from Boston but relocated to Los Angeles California to kickstart his career as a volunteer fireman / howling soloist 🎤 • To vote for Bentley just go ahead and hit that like button 🚨Please note for every like, Bentley will be booped sufficiently 🖤 • Ps I also love how Thelma does not care what’s happening at all - even with Bentley howling practically in her face 🦛 🤷🏼‍♀️ #howlingbentley #bentleybeans #bigbabybentleybeans #whatthehowl #howlingwolf #dailyhowl

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Find someone that looks at you the way Thelma Sweetheart looks at sweet potato treats 🍠 #thelmasweetheart

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Taking in some fresh air with my best friend 🖤 • So many precious doggies have crossed the rainbow bridge lately. My heart is so heavy and sad for their humans. The thought of losing Thelma, makes me physically sick. I know the day will come for us eventually - and until that time I promise to cherish every single second we have together 🖤🥰🐾 #thelmasweetheart

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