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It’s a lazy ear kinda day for Bentley Beans 🐺 He can definitely hear you - he just chooses to ignore you unless you have his 🎾 #bentleybeans #whiteshepherd

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Thelma was the perfect breed ambassador yesterday 🏆 • We went to @unleashedsantamonica to use the self wash as a special treat. There were two huge female Dobes already there so we waited patiently for them to leave. One was a puppy so she growled and snarled at Thelma. Thelma was more concerned about the treats I had so didn’t even bat an eyelid 🛁 • Then we went to @healthyspot for a nail trim and even though there were lots of dogs there, one screaming bloody murder - Thelma made no fuss and did what she needed to do. • After this excitement she slept for a thousand hours 💤 Karma is a real thing. I so bloody lucky #thelmasweetheart

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Waiting for me to give her treats 🍪 #thelmasweetheart

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The sweetest little sniffer in the whole land 🖤 #thelmasweetheart

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Bentley : Omg walks with my best friend 🐺 🦛 Thelma : Can we go inside already?! 😴 Bentley : *gentle licks* Thelma : ...... ok #beansandthesniffer

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Instagram vs reality for Bentley today 🐺 Swipe to see the goofiest wolf around 😂 He’s a college jock, here for a good time 🍺 #bentleybeans #bigbabybentleybeans #whiteshepherd #boopmynose

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Sun pigging in a self made sun puddle ☀️ Who else likes to lay in the sun until they almost burst into flames 🔥?! #thelmasweetheart

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What would you do if Bentley pulled up next to you at the traffic lights #bentleybeans #bigbabybentleybeans #whiteshepherd #whitegsd #dogs #quarterback #highschooljock

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Thelma Sweetheart waiting patiently for her treat 🥰 • #starvingsniffer #thelmasweetheart @toothandhoney

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Sundays are for snuggles in PJs 🐮 🦛 🖤 #thelmasweetheart #udderlyperfect #iloveher

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She’s happy because the walk was short and now it’s dinner time 🦛🥰 Bentley is just glad to be here #thelmasweetheart

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🔊 bentley, the lazy howler 🐺 #bentleybeans #dailyhowl #whiteshepherd #lazyhowler

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When I come home, Thelma runs to the door and wags her tail so hard her whole body wiggles 🦛. I crouch down for cuddles and she immediately sits on me then gives me wiggly kisses. This means the world to me and I can’t express how grateful I am for this little animal. Thelma knows when she needs to sit just that little bit longer. There are days I collapse into her cuddles and cry my eyes out. Sometimes I’m exhausted. Sometimes I’m emotional. And sometimes my heart just bursts with so much love for her it spills over 🖤 • Thelma is my emotional support animal. Sure we’d both be fine without each other - but my goodness my heart feels bigger and stronger with her here #jennandthelma

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Thelma is so tired but she wants to stay awake because I am home 🖤 My heart melts for this sweet little sniffer 🥰 Her sit is so stinking cute and her dog suit looks super baggy here #thelmasweetheart

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I work hard so my best friend can stay snoozing in bed on Mondays until 10am 💤 I wouldn’t have it any other way #thelmasweetheart

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Waiting patiently for treats and attention when all she had the last hour was treats and attention #thelmasweetheart

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Just a little something to melt your hearts 🖤 #thelmasweetheart

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Those wrinkles 🥰 #thelmasweetheart

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I posted this blurry pic on my story but it’s too great for me not to share as a permanent memory 🖤 My sweet little sniffer using my leg as a pillow, not wanting to get up on a Sunday morning ☀️ Her big head, her mummy tummy, her patchy skin, her tail was tucked under .. snoring ever so gently 😍🥰 #thelmasweetheart

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People always think it’s crazy how much Thelma looks at me. And honestly, I’m grateful they don’t notice I look at her 10000x as much #thelmasweetheart

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Bentley here - requesting Monday BOOPs 🖤 #BentleyBeans #whiteshepherd

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Get in loser - we’re going for a drive #thelmasweetheart • Edit: Thelma wouldn’t call anyone a loser 😂 But she has watched the movie #meangirls

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Thelma and her best friend @jessmayer903 🖤 • Los Ángeles can be so lonely - we are lucky to have friends that make it feel like home #thelmasweetheart

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