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I’ve said it before, but I really can’t express how happy I am to have a coach who pushes me and I have confidence in. I have probably not pushed myself as hard as I could, because even though I take steps to increase my weights, I’m definitely still conservative. I went in to my weights session this morning aiming to hit 60kg on my back squats (I was at 55kg last week) and got my 8 reps 👏🏼 Coach says... that looked pretty comfortable, want to go up? Wasn’t expecting him to add another 10kg but someone spotting is definitely a confidence boost... and I hit 8 reps at 70kg 👏🏼😁 Wore this top today and definitely made big progress, soooo happy!! This was our last week with back squats on the agenda in class, interested to see what we will focus on for the next month 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ #progressnotperfection #progress #personalbest #noexcuses #strongisstrong #bejuststrong #pushharder #workharder #liftheavier #chickswholift #nailedit #fitmum #fitmom #fitmumlife #ACLclub #teamACL #teamcoachingzoneberwick #gymlife #squats #happydance #happyface #fitfammelbourne

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 22, Post Injury -
Week 15, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 22, Post Injury - Week 15, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ wanderlust ] - Go where you feel most alive . . . even with your brace. - Two weeks of adventure - a week in Hawaii and a week in Alaska just exploring is so much fun even with this #donjoy knee brace. 15 weeks ago after my knee surgery, I thought I would never get to enjoy life the way it used to be before my injury but adversities are temporary and you find your new normalcy. Best results come from difficulties. - #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery

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Tour de Marie Galante 2019 ...... ✍🏾 Mon deuxième Tour de la grande galette est le plus à aboutis aussi. Je me souvient l'année dernier ou j'ai dû bâclé car mes sensations on pris le dessus sur mon état physique l'avant dernier jours . Aujourd'hui malgré un début difficile j'ai réussie à me refaire et faire partie de l'échappée victorieuse lors de la dernière étapes . Merci à tous ceux qui m'encourage et me soutienne . A l'année prochaine 👍🏾new objectif #TeamACL

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My ACL brother @math06i came to the @kxedu lab today to begin some range of movement work. 12 weeks post ACL surgery and he is ready to increase training intensity and challenge range of movement. This is ACL surgery #2 for @math06i. He tore his right ACL 2.5 years ago and had his surgery just after mine. We helped each other through our first rehab. Then in January this year I sent him a msg telling him I had just torn my other ACL and he sent me a msg back saying exactly the same thing........ @math06i when the surgical route again and I have tried the non-surgical this time around. Only time will tell which option was potentially the better choice. @chris.shep let me know when you are ready to go bro. #teamACL - Rehabing with everything we got, because we're not ready to take up golf

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coach.jarradkay. • ACL Rehab: Phase 1 • 
@tomzallmann and I are working on his early st

• ACL Rehab: Phase 1 • @tomzallmann and I are working on his early stage ACL and lateral meniscus rehabilitation. - The main goals of this phase are to reintegrate proper walking gait, improve range to achieve true extension and full flexion, target stability and balance through varying planes and random stimuli and the backbone of all injury rehab programs, develop strength and greater function in the surrounding muscles. - For any rehab enquires hit me up Jarrad@t6p.com.au

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iskandartuah431. #TEAMACL


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🇨🇴✅Ya estamos listos para Barcelona. Se vienen los World Roller Gamers 2019. Es un sueño. Es un nuevo objetivo. Lo más importante es poder representar a mi hermoso país. Quiero agradecer a todos los que han hecho esto posible para yo encontrarme acá con mi equipo dando lo mejor en cada instancia. Mil gracias a todos por esto. Sin ustedes nada de esto hubiese sido posible @alejandrocharch @alcaldiabarranquilla @fundacionalexcujavante @migarcia0723 @suarezclothing @supertiendasolimpica_oficial @laventanaalmundoshop #FamiliaCujavanteLuna 🇨🇴👊🏾🌍 En especial a @tecnoglasssa quisiera darle las gracias y un cariño enorme ya que fueron los primeros que se unieron a este proyecto para apoyarme en este sueño que estamos emprendiendo. #TeamACL #UrbanACL #2019 #WRG #Colombia

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kirrilysmum. Morning spent in my happy place 😃 Favourite class. Awesome crew. Amaz

Morning spent in my happy place 😃 Favourite class. Awesome crew. Amazing coach. Hitting PBs. Loving life 💪🏼 Twisted my gym buddy’s arm to come in early and hit some dead’s with me (thanks @markschmutter !) and hit my goal weight of 80kg for 3 reps x 2 sets. Then in class upped afew of my weights from last week, including pushing my squat weight up to 55kg for 8 reps. Ok technically my coach pushed it up for me 😆 but I obviously needed it! I actually think that’s the first time someone has spotted my squats, amazing how much more confidence it gives you 👏🏼👏🏼 #ACLclub #teamACL #myhappyplace #lovinglife #lovemylife #gymlife #fitmumlife #fitmum #fitmom #lornajaneactivewear #gymselfie #teamcoachingzoneberwick #coachingzoneberwick

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kirrilysmum. Had to melt the ice from my car so that I could go to gym this morning

Had to melt the ice from my car so that I could go to gym this morning, but totally worth it. Uneven numbers in boxing class meant I got partnered with my coach, which means all punching for me and no holding pads. Not sure my knuckles agree that this was a good idea 😂 Still enjoying that sound that you make when your cross hits the sweet spot on the pad. Best! 🥊 Knee feels swollen this week, but physio was happy on Thursday. Popped on some kinesiotape for the first time in 6 months. Maybe this cold will be like icing it 🤪 #smallgroupPT #teamcoachingzoneberwick #boxing #coachingzone #coachingzoneberwick #practicemakesprogress #ACLclub #progressnotperfection #teamACL #summerbodiesaremadeinwinter #fitmum #fitmom #fitmumlife #nutricsberwick #emptylockerroomselfie

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😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 The doc was so happy with the report from the physio, that he has signed me off to return to action. I have really been shocked how this rehab process has unfolded. I expected it to be a much slower, frustrating process but the combination of ongoing strength training, proprioceptive training & perturbation training has had a profound effect. Whilst my knee is not 100% and now will never likely be, I feel confident to return to training and be able to function similarly to pre-injury. This does not mean that I can just resume the training I was doing prior to the injury, I need to slowly build up the volume and complexity of what I am doing, whilst keeping the knee rehab exercises going constantly. As happy as I am to get back to training, I have to feel for my #teamACL brother @leemclaughlin_athlete. As you can't have joy without pain, he got some devastating news last week that he had also torn his 'good' ACL. Lee and I went through our first ACL rehab around the same time, and here we are now back in the same place. We have been here before mate, we know the road to recovery, time to get back on it......

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🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 19, Post Injury - Week 12, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ brace ] - Been with this brace since February but Doctor cleared me to be brace free; but still embracing this tool especially when traveling. But one day - breaking up is not hard to do. #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery #donjoykneebrace

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Post knee surgery PB on squats today 🙂 Got up to 50kg x 10 reps 👏🏼👏🏼 So happy, starting to feel strong again 💪🏼 Thanks @matheuorchard for always checking my technique, it gives me so much more confidence if I know I’m doing it properly 🙌🏼 #teamcoachingzoneberwick #ACLclub #teamACL #medialmeniscussurgery #coachingzoneberwick #gymlife #workingmumlife #lifeafterkneesurgery #strongisstrong #progressnotperfection #thebod #gymselfie #fitmum #strongereveryday #personalbest #lovemylife

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 19, Post Injury -
Week 12, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 19, Post Injury - Week 12, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ stretch ] - Passive Knee Flexion: - 1️⃣ Insert your foot through the loop of an exercise strap and lie on your stomach. - 2️⃣ Gently pull the strap handle until your knee is flexed to the point of tightness. - 3️⃣ Hold for 5-10 seconds and then relax. #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery

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acl1921. ++Bundesligakader 2019/2020++ Hannes Wa und Christoph Meixner verlänge

++Bundesligakader 2019/2020++ Hannes Wa und Christoph Meixner verlängern Ihre Verträge Am 31.05.2019 endete die Wechselfrist in der Ringer-Bundesliga. Nichts geht mehr! Der Kader für die Bundesligasaison steht. Vier weitere Neuzugänge werden wir in den kommenden Tagen noch präsentieren. Mit dabei im Abenteuer Bundesliga sind natürlich unser Aushängeschild Hannes Wagner und Teamkapitän Christoph Meixner, die beide Ihren Vertrag verlängert haben und somit das Team in der Herkulesaufgabe „Bundesliga“ anführen werden. Somit sind alle Aufstiegs-Athleten auch in der Beletage des deutschen Ringsports mit an Bord. Hannes Wagner wird in der Vorrunde die 86kg Greco abdecken und bei dem ein oder anderen Kampf in der Rückrunde auch in 98kg zu sehen sein. Christoph startet in der Klasse bis 98kg Freistil. #bundesligakader #teamacl #gemeinsamerstklassig #lichtenfelserjungs

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 18, Post Injury -
Week 11, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 18, Post Injury - Week 11, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ infrared ] - As the nitric oxide increases the diameter of the blood vessels which carry blood cells which carry the healing elements of oxygen and nutrients, the body can repair itself quicker. Using infrared light therapy allows the body to release nitric oxide to encourage this. What this means is the following benefits can be achieved: - ☑️Anti inflammation: Inflammation is caused when the area of your body has a reduced amount of oxygen. By using infrared in the inflamed areas like the knees, you are essentially feeding the area with oxygen and the healing nutrients of the body. - ☑️Regenerating Tissues: To regenerate skin tissue, the nutrients from extra blood flow help encourage faster healing. - ☑️Pain Reduction: Think about when you tie string around your finger. This is essentially stopping blood flow to your finger. When something is causing you pain, whether it be in your knee or any body part. The pain is caused from the same principal as string around your finger. There is lack of blood flow which carries oxygen to and from the areas. Increasing the blood flow by using infrared light therapy can improve healing times and also reduce pain. #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery #infraredlighttherapy

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acl1921. Zwei unserer Neuzugänge starteten letzte Woche bei den Junioren-Europa

Zwei unserer Neuzugänge starteten letzte Woche bei den Junioren-Europameisterschaften in Spanien. Dabei präsentierten sich Alex Szőke 🇭🇺 (98kg Greco) und Ahmet Duman 🇹🇷 (57kg Freistil) von Ihrer besten Seite. Gold 🥇und Silber 🥈 hieß es am Ende für unsere talentierten Neuzugängen. Wir gratulieren zu dem erfolgreichen abschneiden und freuen uns auf die Runde und tolle Kämpfe mit den beiden. #neuzugänge #teamacl #juniorenem #bundesliga #gemeinsamerstklassig

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Raya ke-2 Done ✔ Raya tahun ni pelik sikit, Selalu aksesori gelang emas, rantai emas tapi kali ni kita tukaq p, kita pakai aksesori tongkat sakti ketiak Tak dak ni xp la beraya,xdak la gambaq raya 😂 @sofearose_hq #SRootd #teamhijau💚 #teamKebaya #teamacl #teampakaitongkat #mclrepair

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acl1921. Zwei gelungene Trainingseinheiten am gestrigen Samstag 
#teamacl #1921

Zwei gelungene Trainingseinheiten am gestrigen Samstag #teamacl #1921 #vorbereitung #bundesligaringen #landesligaringen

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acl1921. ++Bundesligakader 2019/2020++ Alex Szőke

Mit dem heutigen Neuzugang d

++Bundesligakader 2019/2020++ Alex Szőke Mit dem heutigen Neuzugang dürfen wir euch einen frischgebackenen Europameister präsentieren. Der Ungar Alex Szöke hat soeben die Goldmedaille bei den Junioren-Europameisterschaften in der Gewichtsklasse bis 98kg Griechisch-Römisch geholt. Trotz seines jungen Alters kann er schon eine stolze Medaillensammlung vorweisen. Neben dem gerade gewonnen Titel konnte er schon zwei weitere Goldmedaillen bei internationalen Kontinentalmeisterschaften gewinnen. In den Jahren 2016 + 2017 holte er sich den WM + EM-Titel bei den Kadetten. Eine silberne (Junioren-EM 2018) und eine bronzene (Junioren-WM 2017) runden die tolle Erfolgsbilanz des Ungarn ab. Alex Szöke gilt als eines der größten Talente im ungarischen Ringsport. Er wechselt vom Hessischen Oberligisten SC Großostheim an den Obermain und verstärkt uns in den Klassen 98 + 130 kg Griechisch-Römisch. Gratulálunk az eredményhez és üdvözlünk a csapatnál 🥇WM 2016 🥇EM 2017 🥇EM 2019 🥈EM 2018 🥉WM 2017 #bundesligakader #teamacl #gemeinsamerstklassig

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 17, Post Injury -
Week 10, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 17, Post Injury - Week 10, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ strength ] - Finally been cleared to go back to the gym. Today was for: chest, back, legs and more legs. - Remember that strength training should be a regular part of everyone’s weekly schedule, so your first goal should be to adhere to your program. Start conservatively and set small attainable goals to build up your new reconstructed knee and your overall body strength to always improve your health. - #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery

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kirrilysmum. My 1RM for deadlifts used to be 70kg... today I hit 10 reps at 70kg 😃

My 1RM for deadlifts used to be 70kg... today I hit 10 reps at 70kg 😃💪🏼 Only 10kg to go til I hit my next goal, and hopefully in the next 3.5 weeks 🤞🏼 #chasing100kg #deadlifts #deadliftsaremyfavourite #deadliftsaremyfavorite #fitmum #fitmom #fitmumlife #goals #progress #progressnotperfection #strong #strongisstrong #smallgrouptraining #strongmindstrongbody #personalbest #chickswholift #ACLclub #teamACL

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acl1921. ++Kadernews 2019/2020++ Andrzej Sokalski

Andrzej Sokalski 🇵🇱zurück

++Kadernews 2019/2020++ Andrzej Sokalski Andrzej Sokalski 🇵🇱zurück beim AC-Lichtenfels Der 28-jährige x-fache Polnische Meister Andrzej Sokalski verlängert seinen Vertrag und wird in der kommenden Runde wieder für den AC Lichtenfels auf die Matte gehen. Letztes Jahr konnten wir Andrzej aufgrund der Ausländerregelung nicht einsetzen. Er machte einen kurzen Abstecher in die DRL und wird dieses Jahr in den Gewichtstklassen 80/86kg im freien Stil eingesetzt. 🥇polnischer Meister der Jahre 2016, 2017, 2018 5. Platz WM 2017 Witamy Ponownie andrzej #aclkadernews #teamacl #welcomeback #gemeinsamerstklassig

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 16, Post Injury -
Week 9, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 16, Post Injury - Week 9, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ cupping ] - Cupping is used to treat pain, ease scar tissue deep within muscles and connective tissues, and reduce swelling and muscle knots. Also, like many complementary treatments, cupping is supposed to minimize circulating toxins by drawing them into the skin where they are more easily removed. #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #arthroscopicsurgery #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery #cuppingtherapy

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kirrilysmum. Super start to my Saturday! Held my own at boxing being partnered with

Super start to my Saturday! Held my own at boxing being partnered with one of the guys; stayed for a double session and topped the Zone Matching leaderboard in Energise; and then grabbed on the way out by Steve and given a new top to wear from @nutrics_berwick ! Woot!! #ifeellikeasponsporedathlete #nutrics #nutricsberwick #happysaturday #teamcoachingzoneberwick #fitmum #fitmom #fitmumlife #fitfammelbourne #workingmumlife #thebod #gymlife #gymclassjunkie #smallgrouptraining #ACLclub #teamACL #sweatyselfie #strongmindstrongbody #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #myzonemoves #coachingzone #chickswholift

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acl1921. ++DM Griechisch-Römisch++ Hannes Wa

Hannes Wagner peilt Titel-Hattric

++DM Griechisch-Römisch++ Hannes Wa Hannes Wagner peilt Titel-Hattrick an. Eine Woche nach den Deutschen Meisterschaften der Männer im freien Ringkampf, sowie der Frauen stehen jetzt am Wochenende die nationalen Titelkämpfe der Griechisch-Römisch-Spezialisten im Fokus der deutschen Ringer. Ausrichter dieser Meisterschaften ist der TSV Westendorf, ausgetragen werden die Kämpfe in der Eisarena Kaufbeuren. 107 Ringer meldeten bis jetzt ihre Teilnahme in den zehn Gewichtsklassen, darunter auch der Lichtenfelser Hannes Wagner, der nach den Titeln 2017 + 2018 nun auch in diesem Jahr ganz oben stehen möchte und somit den Titel-Hattrick schaffen will. Aufgrund der bevorstehenden WM sollen möglichst wenige DRB-Kader großartig Gewicht machen und alle eine Gewichtsklasse höher ringen als bei Interkontinental-Meisterschaften. So startet Hannes in 87kg wo er auf namhafte Ringer wie Jan Fischer, Arian Güney, Nico Brunner oder Julian Neumaier treffen wird. Neben Wagner vertreten der Penzberger Thomas Kramer sowie Lokalmatador Felx Kiey die bayerischen Farben in dieser Gewichtsklasse. Die Auslosung und Waage findet heute ab 19.00 Uhr statt. Gerungen wird dann morgen ab 09.30 Uhr und am Sonntag finden die Finalkämpfe statt. Die einzelnen Kämpfe können auf Sportdeutschland.tv verfolgt werden. #titelhattrick #deutschemeisterschaft #teamacl

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jourknee2recovery. 🙌
Jour[knee] To Recovery
Week 15, Post Injury -
Week 8, Post Op -


🙌 Jour[knee] To Recovery Week 15, Post Injury - Week 8, Post Op - Word of the Day: [ retrieve ] - Today, after 9 weeks of having it; the filter has been removed. - IVC filter retrieval An IVC filter is a metal device that is positioned into the body's main vein — called the inferior vena cava (IVC) — that leads from your legs to the right side of your heart. This filter can help keep clots from being carried into your lungs. Filters are typically reserved for people who cannot take anticoagulant drugs or when anticoagulant drugs do not work well enough or fast enough. A small catheter with the filter in the tip is usually inserted in a vein in your neck or leg, and then into the inferior vena cava. Some filters can be removed when they are no longer needed. The placement of an IVC filter does not address the cause of the initial blood clot risk. - A retrievable IVC filter may be removed when the risk of a blood clot traveling to the lungs has passed or if you can take blood thinners. Your doctor may recommend removing the filter when it is no longer needed. IVC retrieval helps reduce the risks of having an IVC filter in your body. For example, certain types of IVC filters have been found to break apart and damage the vein. Filters can also increase risks of new blood clot formation in the legs and abdomen. The procedure to remove the IVC filter is very similar to the procedure used to place it. A small catheter-based wire loop (snare) is inserted into the large vein in the neck. A removable IVC filter contains a small hook at one end. With X-ray guidance, your doctor uses the snare to grasp the hook and withdraw the filter. If this is unsuccessful, advanced complex filter removal techniques can be used very effectively. These procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under sedation, with brief post-procedure observation and return to normal activities the next day. #acl #mcl #aclrecovery #aclsurgery #aclrehab #aclreconstruction #aclreconstructionsurgery #aclrecoveryclub #acltear #mclinjury #kneeinjury #kneeinjuryrehab #journeytorecovery #lifeisajourknee #ivcfilter #myaclstory #teamacl #aclfamily #aclsurvivor #mclaugmentation #kneesurgery

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kirrilysmum. Happy dancing today! Not only did I hit my 65kg deadlift sets, and 40k

Happy dancing today! Not only did I hit my 65kg deadlift sets, and 40kg squat sets... highlight of my morning?... for the first time since my knee surgery, this girl did BOX JUMPS 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Such a mental game to get some things done, and box jumps are definitely one of those tough mental things for me, but let me tell you, I could not wipe that smile on my face after my first one 😁 So goddamn happy 💪🏼 #ACLclub #teamACL #medialmeniscussurgery #kneesurgery #kneehab #rehab #lifeafterkneesurgery #happydance #happyday #progress #progressnotperfection #fitmum #fitmom #fitmumlife #strong #bejuststrong #strongisstrong #thebod #thebodmaintenance #coachingzone #teamcoachingzoneberwick #coachingzone6weekchallenge #mindovermatter

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acl1921. ACL-Kadernews 2019/2020 💪🏼Comeback von Tobias Schütz💪🏼 Mit den heu

ACL-Kadernews 2019/2020 💪🏼Comeback von Tobias Schütz💪🏼 Mit den heutigen Kadernews dürfen wir Ihnen eine echte Überraschung präsentieren. Tobi Schütz, Urgestein und langjähriger Bundesligaringer in unseren Reihen, greift noch mal voll an. Am 10.12.2016 bestritt der Pferdsfelder seinen letzten Kampf. Damals, im wichtigen Aufstiegskampf in Unterföhring, ebnete er mit seinem wichtigen 1:0 Sieg den Aufstieg in die Bayerische Oberliga. Seitdem hat er keinen einzigen Kampf mehr bestritten, war aber all die Jahre immer wieder im Training als Trainingspartner und Coach von Hannes Wagner in der AC-Halle anzufinden. Tobi wird in der Rückrunde zum Einsatz kommen und die 80kg Griechisch-Römisch abdecken. Welcome back! #aclkadernews #teamacl #gemeinsamerstklassig #bundesliga #oldibutgoldie #comeback

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