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_8333_. (____THIS ██ǝɹnʇlnɔ ǝʇɐʞs )
✱ ✱ ____♾❤︎♥︎❤︎_____
What do you think abo

(____THIS ██ǝɹnʇlnɔ ǝʇɐʞs ) ✱ ✱ ____♾❤︎♥︎❤︎_____ What do you think about when you hear the words skate culture? ↓ Do you think about SN∀Λ… Or ǝɯǝɹdnS? I think about MISFITS. I think of the athletic kid it doesn’t fit in with the traditional Jock. The genius that can’t sit still enough in a classroom to get good grades. The artist kid that doesn’t care about Monet. To me these are the people of skate culture. Getting on a skateboard and propelling forward never really resonated with me. But hanging out with skaters, watching them fail, fail and try again. Supporting each other’s errors with words of encouragement and shared insight. Flipping over the skateboards and analyzing the artwork that was so wrong and yet so right. These are the things that resonated with me… ↓ (___♾❤︎♥︎❤︎_____These are the things I think of when I hear the word skate culture. .) ↓ ↓ ______What do you ██ █████ think of? ?█, ████, . . . . . #8333 #contemporaryartists #contemporaryartcollector #urbancontemporary #urbancontemporaryart #streetartphotography #contemporaryart #arturbain #modernart #streetartist #contemporaryartcurator #popculture #urbanartist #urbanart #newcontemporaryart #streetart #lastreetart #graffitiart #skateboardhistory #skateboardingforlife #supraskateboarding #skateboardtricks #skateboardingart #clicheskateboards #londonskateboarding #visionskateboards #skateboarderforlife #girlskateboarding #skateboardingaddicts #supremeskateboards

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the_artchitectz. 🎀Paint for Pink 2019 is here.  On Saturday November 16th in Paterson

🎀Paint for Pink 2019 is here. On Saturday November 16th in Paterson will Paint in Pink to celebrate those affected by breast cancer or another health related issue. This time lapse is of the “Invite Wall”. #paintforpink @ironbound.usa #breastcancerawareness @buildskilz @certifiablylit #fuckcancer #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #cancersucks #graffiti #graf #streetart #streetartist #spraypaintart #Artchitectz #Spidee Paint for Pink Founders @javiill @torchfuego

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All for LOVE.🌈 LOVE for all. 🌈 Murales ex rimessa AMT ❤❤❤

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a.l._grime. Beyond excited to be joining @awallmuralprojects this December in Miam

Beyond excited to be joining @awallmuralprojects this December in Miami during Art Basel! This event brings art into schools to inspire the next generation of creators! A Walls needs your help! They are looking for donations both monetary & supplies (paint, lifts etc). Hit the link in their bio to support this amazing project! Thank you to @registered_artist, @erickarbeling and team for their hard work to make this happen ✨

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Thank you @nashvillestate and @nsccfoundation for hosting us today for a presentation and reception at your beautiful White Bridge Road campus and gallery! We may be biased, but we think our artists’ work looks fantastic hanging there 😍 We are so thankful for the opportunity to exhibit, share about POVA, and for our artists to speak about their experiences with homelessness and art. Check out the exhibition in the H Building until November 30th!

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prxda.jpg. Painting Reality:
IEPE and the Anonymous Crew.
on a quiet sunday in ap

Painting Reality: IEPE and the Anonymous Crew. on a quiet sunday in april 2010, a group of cyclists, coming from four different directions, gathered at the lights at Rosenthaler Platz. each bike was fitted with a basket, carrying between them 500 litres of water-based paint. in the east, yellow. In the west, blue. In the south, purple. In the north, red. as the traffic lights changed to green, each cyclist dropped his load of paint on the road and as the cars moved on, the drivers inadvertently became the artists of a giant artwork in pastel hues on asphalt. notices taped to the traffic lights read “wasserlöslich, schadstoffrei, biologisch abbaubar” (water-soluble, pollution-free, bio-degradable). 🦋

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Following up on my last post of the newest wall by @daleast in New York City, here is a small sampling of walls I have seen of his around the world. Starting the top left clockwise, there are birds in a mating dance in NYC’s East Village, a vulture in flight in Honolulu,HI for @powwowhawaii, a cheetah on the move in Seattle and a solitary deer in Łódź, Poland. I love the motion created in his pieces.😍

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Neon Series 6 Mural rápido con spray en mi ultima visita a Barcelona. "Neon series" es una reflexión sobre la belleza y su impermanencia, sobre la apariencia superficial y lo que yace en el interior, eso de lo que todos estamos hechos. Es una investigación sobre la vida y la muerte, y el estado intermedio en el que nos encontramos. . . #streetart #graffiti #art #urbanart #graffitiart #mural #wallart #streetstyle #artwork #streetartist #spraypaint

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Can you find the six pigeons in the first photo? - Pigeons living in an underpass in Rego Park, Queens NYC. ———————————————————— You think it’s easy being an NYC taxi driver?.. Think again. Driving a cab in New York City is certainly a feat. From taxi garage workers that think they’re your boss (when they’re not), to interesting passengers (most are cool but others are not) and of course, my “co-cabbies” (other taxi drivers), most of whom are weird and have a strange habit of staring at me and my passengers while stopped at a red light... Yup, driving a cab here in NYC is certainly interesting that has me thinking... “Am I the only sane one in this industry?”... I JUST NEED TO PAY MY BILLS. ———————————————————— More after dark NYC taxi stories coming soon. LIKE. COMMENT. SHARE & FOLLOW @thenyccabbie for future updates. . . . . . . #thenyccabbie #instacoolmanhattan #instacoolnewyorkcity #pigeon #pigeons #streetlife #streetlife_award #streetphotos #streetchic #streetmobs #streetartistry #streetactivity #streetclassics #streetartist #streetshared #street_focus_on #birdphotography #birdwatching #streetphotographers #streetphotographerscommunity #streetphotographyinternational #newyorker #newyorkstateofmind #nyc #nycphotographer #nycprimeshot #instagram #citygrammers #travel_drops #gramado

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