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Gator balls on the left, fried mushrooms on the right. Pretty tasty little snacks. If you’re in the area, you really need to check this place out. Outstanding food and service. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas #easttexas #athenstx

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Lunch! Highly recommend WaWa’s in Athens. Can’t say enough good things about the food or people. Really glad to see good people growing their business and doing well. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas #easttexas #athenstx

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Double dose of Salisbury steak, with sweet potatoes and tater tot casserole. Shared half with Murph, saved half for later. Pretty sure I could eat Soul Kitchen every day. Absolutely delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas #easttexas #athenstx

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Gotta be honest, as delicious as this was, they were a little off their game tonight. Is it wrong to bitch when a meal was still mostly excellent, just not as excellent as you’re used to from somewhere? The hamburger steak was a little small, and a little too well done. The mashed potatoes had a strange consistency, almost solid, almost rubbery. Not sure- hard to describe. The fried squash had uncooked batter on one side on some of the pieces. It was still a fine meal, and I’d still recommend it despite that, but I’d be worried this is a canary in the coal mine. #sabaileyproject #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas #foodiegunguys #easttexas

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Appetizers. Chips and queso and nachos. Was disheartened to learn they discontinued the deep fried Mac and cheese bites. #sabaileyproject #foodiesofinstagram #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas #easttexas

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Cabbage rolls, white Mac ‘n cheese, squash/zucchini/ onions, cornbread. Pretty sure I could eat at The Soul Kitchen every day and not look back. Absolutely delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodie #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas

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Got to meet one of my all time favorite people, an old army buddy, for lunch and take them to ice of my favorite places. The Not So Ordinary Eggs Benedict at Cafe Brazil. Highly recommended. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #veterans #armybros #165mi #longrangesurviellance

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s.a._bailey. Been checking their FB for weeks, trying to catch em in Athens. Decide

Been checking their FB for weeks, trying to catch em in Athens. Decided Murchison was close enough. This was amazing. Could have eaten double or triple this. The Soul Kitchen is always worth tracking down. #sabaileyproject #foodiesofinstagram #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas

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Not keto, thanks to the bread and the drizzle of bbq sauce, but between my jacked up sleep schedule, the intensity of my hunger, the things I have on my plate today that require mental focus, and overall calorie deficit, I’m not gonna sweat it. Besides, Murph is gonna get his cut. #sabaileyproject #writergunguy #foodiegunguys #cheeseburgers

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Easily the best chili cheese burger in this town. Murph got a full half, minus the onions. Now it’s time to post lunch cuddle nap and pass gas in our sleep. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofeasttexas

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White beans, with ground beef, jalapeño jack cheese, cheddar cheese, Parmesan, and cracked red pepper. Pretty freaking delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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s.a._bailey. Sometimes, it’s hard to beat a simple bowl of cheesy, buttery, farm fr

Sometimes, it’s hard to beat a simple bowl of cheesy, buttery, farm fresh scrambled eggs with plenty of red and black pepper. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Brown rice, quinoa, and salmon. Split with a lady friend, and Murph. You know Murph had to get his. Not keto, but pretty healthy. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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s.a._bailey. This is delicious. Good call. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

This is delicious. Good call. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Just a lil snack. Cheese is always better off the block. Not easier, there’s a time and place for sliced and shredded, but off the block always tastes best. Fact. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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The before pic. Chicken for days. Trying to be healthy. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Getting my Stanley’s fix on. The double barrel of potato salad was someone else’s. Blues, BBQ, bourbon fuel my soul. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas #foodiesofinstagram

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Sometimes you just need some fried catfish and a boudin egg roll and a cold beer. Sometimes only WaWa’s will do. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofeasttexas

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s.a._bailey. Pork chop, spinach salad, small helping of black beans, and half a gia

Pork chop, spinach salad, small helping of black beans, and half a giant sweet potato. Pretty delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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s.a._bailey. Breakfast. About 7am. I’m gonna try to do at least 2-3 fasts this week

Breakfast. About 7am. I’m gonna try to do at least 2-3 fasts this week, but I’m not starting off with one because my sleep schedule is so screwed up. Besides, I’m trying to dial some things in. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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s.a._bailey. Trying to eat healthy. Spinach, sausage, rice, black beans. A couple s

Trying to eat healthy. Spinach, sausage, rice, black beans. A couple sprinkles of 4 blend cheese, and a drizzle of ranch. Good filler for wraps. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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Half chicken bacon ranch, half spinach Alfredo, split 3 ways, between me and Gordo (call it a working dinner), and Murph. Because you know you got to pay Murph the toll. Honestly, this was absolutely delicious. To be honest, and I got mad live for Ken’s because I delivered from there for so long-some things on their menu are fantastic. Some are ho fucking hum. The buffet, like all buffets, depends on when you hit it. I have never never had a bad chicken bacon ranch pizza from there. And the spinach Alfredo is both delicious and surprisingly luscious yet light. Highly recommended- just stay off the beaten path. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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Not a pretty pic. I’m still pretty badly stove the fuck up. Today is going to be a long day of moderate but responsible self medication writing at my desk, with intermittent stretching it out in bed and the recliner. Was going to try to do a 24 hour fast, since I had a big late lunch yesterday, but didn’t feel like fighting the lightheaded head ache in order to write. That is a large sausage patty (maple flavored), not a small burger, three farm fresh eggs, Colby jack cheese (I fucked up the timing, cooked everything in the same pan since I was hurting too bad to stand and mind different burners- so the cheese most of the cheese didn’t melt, except for some I got folded in the eggs quick enough for the residual heat to take care of). The bread is this weird generic super thick white bread that is almost cake in texture. I need to get it out of the house because it is about as close to keto as ice cream. However, the sides of the bread you don’t see did get a very nice toast. It wasn’t as big a meal as it looks, but it was still more than I wanted. Fortunately, Murph was there to handle bidness. My best good #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy #foodiesofinstagram

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Stuffed cabbage, Mac n cheese, and sweet potatoes. Everything was really delicious, as always. I feel like I could eat the stuffed cabbage every single day. The Mac and cheese was appropriately luscious, with just a little zing in the mix. Sweet potatoes are like a warm piece of heaven. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #athenstx #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas

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s.a._bailey. Cheeseburger salad, w three eggs sunny side up. Italian dressing is be

Cheeseburger salad, w three eggs sunny side up. Italian dressing is best on sandwiches. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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And just like that, a long missing puzzle piece finally falls into the writer’s lap. Should have thought about that sooner. #sabaileyproject #writergunguy #texasnoir #rednecknoir #gunfighternoir #neonoir #texasliterature #writersofdallas #writersoftexas

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Not sure how I feel about this one. I don’t think this is a universal sauce, probably have to be careful with what you use it on. The adventure continues. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #libertarianjingoist

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What is that? Why, that, my friends, is the one and only pimento cheese bacon burger from Railway Cafe, in beautiful downtown Athens By God Texas. You simply do not know what you are missing if you have not had this in your life. This burger, is goddamn life changing. Only open for lunch, Mon-Fri, if you haven’t had this, you need to take a day off work, a whole week if necessary, and come here to Athens, The Birthplace of The Hamburger, I might add (clearly, we know what the fuck we’re about), and try this. And when they ask you what you want, you tell them “Big Baby Jesus told me I need the pimento bacon cheeseburger in muh life!” I can’t promise you’ll get anything for that, but I can’t promise you won’t either. #sabaileyproject #libertarianjingoist #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas #foodiesoftexas #texasmonthly #dallasobserver

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In my good friend Steven Hildreath Jr’s new book - Fault Lines (Forsaken Patriots book 1), he mentions Jeb, along w some perfectly timed snark. This is a great honor for me. I tend to think of Jeb as ‘Conan, The Barbarian, PI,” so it’s good to know others see that. Also, with as many people as Jeb has killed, this is the exact attitude I can imagine people in the pi/ security / executive protection industry feeling about him. He breaks things. Goddamn right. #sabaileyproject #libertarianjingoist #writergunguy #neonoir #texasnoir #dallasnoir #jebshaw

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Today’s lunch- oxtails, sweet potatoes, collard greens, cornbread biscuit, from The Soul Kitchen. Please forgive the less than stellar picture. Absolutely delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas

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