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I’m not the fun parent anymore. I simply can’t maintain it. I’m too tired and lightheaded to pick up my 2 yr old a swing her around and chase after her. I suspected this would happen because my last pregnancy was tough, and I’ve cared for a lot of moms pregnant with their 2nd, struggling with their inability to ‘keep up’ with their toddlers (interestingly, 2nd/3rd/4th time moms don’t seem to deal with this guilt as much, which tells me they’ve accepted and come to terms with it by that point)⁣ ⁣ So having anticipated this I did 2️⃣ things in the 6 months leading up to this pregnancy⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣Started playing a few games with Celeste I could do while lying down (tent, and a game called “sleep”)⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣Created a simple little ritual for just her and me- we do “secret chocolate.” We go into my bedroom closet where I have a secret stash of chocolates, close the door, and share a small piece of chocolate together. ⁣ ⁣ You may not be as energetic. But your kiddos still feel your love and momma that’s what matters 🌸

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My workouts this week did not all go as planned. In fact, for the first time in a LONG time I missed my Tuesday workout. Maya is definitely my workout buddy but summertime has her exhausted and literally didn’t want to let go of me during my cardio workout (modified of course)- swipe to see. I KNOW how important it is to keep moving my body while being #26weekspregnant . So today, my fellow toddler Mom, @mindfullyfitnfabulous , hopped on a Zoom workout with me and I made sure we both got it done! It’s awesome to be part of a community that gets it and makes sure I stay on track to be the fit parent I want to be. This community rocks and I would love to share it with you! I have just a handful of discount codes for the month of July. Don’t wait to get started! Let’s invest in YOU now! 🤗❤️🤗 #toddlermomlife #pregnantbelly #pregnantwithatoddler #momlife #strongmom #patienceisavirtue #findacommunityofsupport

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Segundo embarazo, tercer trimestre 🤰🏻 Ya mi caminar es más lento y mi respiración más agitada. La aparición de estrías del abdomen ya no me preocupan como en el primer embarazo. Me siento más segura, ya se que esperar cuando se está esperando 💁🏻‍♀️🤣 Entre otras cosas... les dejo un artículo en mi blog sobre lo que pasa en la espera del segundo hijo, el link está en la biografía. . . . . 📸 @carloseduardoec . . #bloomalia #momthings #pregnancyphotoshoot #pregnantwithatoddler #embarazosaludable #thebump #boysmom #quito

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2littlepeanuts1yrapart. Well as much as this picture makes my heart burst With love I can not

Well as much as this picture makes my heart burst With love I can not deny the absolute hell I am feeling these last few weeks. I am so ready to have this baby, I literally can not cope for much longer 😢 the pain & aching I am feeling is just way to much for me now my body can not carry around this extra weight much longer. I was in that much discomfort yesterday I actually thought i may have been going into labour but I think it may have just been the heavyness of the baby paired up with the way he’s lying and the fact of having a 17 month old keeping me on my toes all day long. So baby boy as much as I love my bump I am ready for you now 😴😰🥺😩 #babyboy #baby #34weekspregnant #pregnant #pregnantwithatoddler #pregnacyproblems #pregnancygettingmedown #tired #exhausted #momlife #mommylife #momproblems #mommyhood #pregnantwithatoddlerproblems #pregnantandtired #pregnantandtiredmom #pregnantandtiredwithatoddler #momblogger #momblog #mombloggers #momblogs #momblogtribe #instamom #instamoms #mommytobe #mommytoboys #mommytobe2019

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tracy.jorgenson. Cheers to warm summer days, kiddie pools, and DAY ONE OF POTTY TRAININ

Cheers to warm summer days, kiddie pools, and DAY ONE OF POTTY TRAINING! ☀️💦🚽 - And, @mrseiben I’m pretending this is a Truly 🤪🤣

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Next time we see this lady chunk-a-munk it’ll be in real life. Anyone else think, “that lasagna looks crisp” when seeing this? 😂😂 Just me? I’ll post the meme in my stories if you don’t get the reference. . . One thing we like to do with each pregnancy is pay for a “fun”, private ultrasound where we are free to admire the squishy, kinda cute 🥴, kinda alien like features without any worry of all the more important things that the 18-22 week scan is meant for. It’s also the only time my husband can attend an ultrasound because of his work schedule. . . In a typical pregnancy, ACOG recommends that at least one standard ultrasound be given between 18-22 weeks. However, some women may have additional targeted ultrasounds based on their doctor’s recommendations. Currently, ACOG recommends avoiding casual use of ultrasound during pregnancy and performing only medically necessary ultrasounds. Although no links have been found between ultrasound and congenital deformities, cancer or developmental problems later in life, it is possible that effects could be identified in the future. (Source, ACOG FAQ025) . . So, this will likely be our last ultrasound before baby arrives unless indicated by my doctor. . . #thatlasagnalookscrisp

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We are in this strange limbo where my new, full-time job title is Mom, as we wait two more weeks to meet our newest edition. I’m doing my best to transition to a slower pace and soak in this one-on-one time I have left with my not-so-little babe. . I get asked how I think Isla will do with a new human in her life, and even though I have my suspicions (she won’t like it), I know the love between siblings is like no other. So with that, I’m attempting to load myself with all of the patience, as much as an Aries can gather, and know that the hard moments will pass and the moments that make my heart burst will make up for it all. . . Photographer // @merakiphotographynw Makeup // @beautybyelizabethmarie . . . #bellingham #bellinghamwa #bellinghammom #whatcomcounty #wa #pnw #pnwmom #seattle #seattlemom #dailyparenting #honestlyparenting #parenthood_unveiled #parenthood_moments #ourcandidlife #parentlife #parentinghumor #pcos #pcosmom #realmoms #momlife #toddlersofinstagram #pregnant #maternityphotography #pregnancynumber2 #37weekspregnant #pregnantwithatoddler

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beautifulboricua_larica. A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above. A precious little ange

A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above. A precious little angel to cherish and love🤱🏽❤️.... Thank you to my boo @mkmcrae_ for these beautiful pictures, I love them 😍💙🤰🏽 #milkbathphotography #maternityphotography #milkbathmaternity #pregnantbeauty #glowingandgrowing #34weekspregnant #healthypregnancy #pregnantwithaboy #pregnantwithatoddler #motheroftwoboys #dueinaugust

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Support is helpful, but it is not required. ⁣ You don’t need approval from others to make a change in your life. ⁣ ⁣ Almost home from an amazing weekend. ⁣ I cannot even begin to tell you ALL of the knowledge & take always that I was given. ⁣ ⁣ But the biggest one? ⁣ ⁣ Be REAL.⁣ Be honest.⁣ Be authentic. ⁣ Don’t be scared to be yourself.⁣ Don’t be scared to tell people how life has changed in a positive way. ⁣ Don’t be scared to say your dreams out loud. ⁣ ⁣ It’s ok if everyone does not get it. Maybe they are not ready. Maybe they are not in that place. ⁣ ⁣ But I’m speaking to YOU. The person who NEEDS a change. ⁣ Needs community. ⁣ Needs positivity. ⁣ Needs energy.⁣ Needs to get well. ⁣ Needs a solution to financial struggles. ⁣ Needs to find that reason to love YOU. ⁣ ⁣ What I found? It works. It’s life changing. ⁣ It takes hard work. It takes consistency. It is worth it. ⁣ & I’m here to mentor you through every step.

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When Mum and Dad tell you a sibling is on the way what else is there to do but get them out of the way to eat all the cake 🙊 . . . #duejan2020 #addingaleaftothebranchfamily #littletwig

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mummy_beginnings. Starts off ok , but the reality of trying to get a nice photo with a t

Starts off ok , but the reality of trying to get a nice photo with a toddler is this... 🤣 Stuffing popcorn in my mouth! He makes me laugh so much! It used to be a lot easier getting pictures when he was younger 🙈😂 I love him sooooo much, Cannot wait to make him a big brother , he will be the best! 💙💝My babies 🥰 P.S I feel so big already, it must be bloat because she’s only the size of a lime right now #mummybeginnings #toddlersofinstagram #motherandson #bestfriends #toddlerphotoshoot #instavsreality #babyboy #itsagirl #mumof2 #pregnantwithatoddler #toddlerproblems #pregnantandproud #pregnantmum #pregnant_world #motherhood #parenthood #babysharkparty #bigbrothertobe #12weekspregnant #3monthspregnant #babyshark #mummyandson #babybump

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theamishnextdoor. When you’re 30 weeks pregnant and lay down on the couch for some much

When you’re 30 weeks pregnant and lay down on the couch for some much needed rest during the toddler’s nap and realize you forgot to grab something you wanted (in my case a pen) ... what do you do?!?! I got up to get it (with much annoyance) but is it really worth it? What do you think mommas? 📷: my awesome hubby (who has to keep snapping in order to get a good one of my toddler and I...she much prefers pictures with Daddy!) Also...thanks @motherhoodmaternity for the awesome top and @target for the comfy sandals!!!

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction . . What is it? SPD usually presents with tenderness, pain and/or swelling of the pubic bone with pain radiating to the legs, hips or back. . . Why does it happen? In response to high concentrations of the hormone relaxin, the joint where the left and right sides of the pelvis meet, widens. This actually happens between 10-12 weeks gestation. Relaxin also helps to soften the cervix and relax the middle layer of the uterus called the myometrium. It is not thought to effect laxity of other joints. . . What makes SPD worse? Walking and climbing stairs, turning in bed, lifting, rising from a chair, coughing or sneezing. . . How do you know if you have it? Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and the location of your pain. She will exclude other causes of the pain. There are maneuvers your doctor may perform to elicit the pain such as pressing on both of your hips or asking you to lay flat on your back and lift your leg straight up without bending your knee. . . How is it treated? •Supportive brace •Physical therapy •Heat or Cold •Massage •Tylenol •After delivery your doctor MAY prescribe ibuprofen or allow you to take between 12-30 weeks of pregnancy •Steroid injections •Acupucture (results are inconsistent from studies, some women may still find benefit even if only placebo effect.) . . When will it go away? Studies suggest that most women will return to normal by 4-12 weeks post partum, about nearly 80% by 6 months. Approximately 2-3% of women will have chronic pain one year after delivery. . . Interesting tidbit! Cesarean delivery does NOT seem to minimize pelvic girdle pain and is actually associated with higher rates of persistent pain. . . Information sourced from UpToDate. . . Special shoutout to @emily.the.mom.next.door for this letter board phrase! If your friends aren’t sending you letter board suggestions, are they even friends? #pregnantchicken

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letters_to_my_daughter2017. 👶🏼Growing a human👶🏼
Today has 100% been exhausting! Im going to

👶🏼Growing a human👶🏼 . Today has 100% been exhausting! Im going to blame the heat. Work has windows in the middle of the roof so is like a greenhouse, we then had a fruitless walk to the post office to try and collect #happypost and then it took Emma 2 hours to get to sleep! 😴 . I am loving this pregnancy (apart from the pelvic pain!) but it is a whole different ball game when you have to run around after a toddler at the same time! . Tiny has just woken up however and that instantly puts a smile on my face ❤ #babynumber2 #pregnant #pregnantwithatoddler #exhausted #inlovewithsomeoneihaventmetyet #makesmyheartfull

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a.mwhitt. Thank you, Curious George @curiousgeorgeandfriends, for giving me 20 m

Thank you, Curious George @curiousgeorgeandfriends, for giving me 20 minutes of peace 😂 this toddler has been wild today 🐒 #thirdtrimester #pregnantwithatoddler #pregnant #tired #curiousgeorge #wildchild

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Toddler travel tips! 🥴 Just kidding. I have none. In fact, I don’t have a ton of mom tips, period. It’s not that I haven’t read all the blog posts and books and recommendations. Of course I have. And while some advice is applicable to *most* babies, all babies are unique and they become unique toddlers who eventually become unique adults. What works for one child may simply not work for another. . . One thing colic taught me is that both the wonderful and challenging phases are fleeting. And it also taught me sometimes there are challenges that just can’t be fixed with any tips or tricks right now. So while our toddler isn’t the most *easily* portable right now, he may be a highly adaptable traveler in the future. And while we do struggle with travel, there are other areas that come easily for us these days, such as sleep. I won’t pretend to have all the answers or ignore the fact that while we did sleep train, his amazing sleep tendencies are likely due in large part to his innate sleep needs and temperament. I say all of this because maybe you’re like me, and sometimes wondering why your baby won’t sit still on a plane ride or adapt easily to new environments, or maybe your baby still wakes up at nighttime or won’t eat a bite of food you make him. You’re probably already doing ALL THE THINGS. So don’t beat yourself up about it. And don’t think that another mom has all the answers just because their baby *seems* easier in one aspect of life right now. This is mostly just a reminder for myself but perhaps someone else needed to hear it, too. Now please enjoy these perfect sunrise photos of my perfect family. 🥴😂 . . #perfectmom #herviewfromhome

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travelinbells. When the baby bumb shows up earlier the 2nd time around and your regul

When the baby bumb shows up earlier the 2nd time around and your regular pants no longer fit at 8 weeks pregnant, you pull out those maternity pants and rock em. #chipmcneill #pregnantwithatoddler

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_kaitlynbillinghurst. 🌸 24 weeks 🌸 
I really understand when people talk about how differe

🌸 24 weeks 🌸 I really understand when people talk about how different your pregnancy is when you have a toddler.. 24 weeks pregnant with Mila; I had her room organised, the pram was purchased and I wanted to set it up every time I walked past the box, I was buying clothes every time I went out- and I was making lists of things I needed and what I needed to pack in my hospital bag. I took a ‘bump’ photo every week, I checked the pregnancy app I had on my phone all the time and I was reading the books. This time round, I have purchased maybe 3 items of clothing, this is the first ‘bump’ photo I have taken- I only know I’m 24 weeks because the app I have that I rarely check tells me on Mondays. I know my ‘to buy/get’ list is going to be long, but I haven’t even thought about writing it down. And I’m sure I’ll be packing the hospital bag when I am in labour, or leaving it too late and having to get someone else to pack for me and bring it to the hospital. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Let’s hope that I can at least do ‘monthly’ photos when this baby is born- but I’m not counting on it. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #secondpregnancy #pregnantwithatoddler #mumlife #pregnancylife #girlmum #bumpphoto

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peacethruyoga_yoga. 29 weeks pregnant 🤪 when did that happen. Still feeling strong and mo

29 weeks pregnant 🤪 when did that happen. Still feeling strong and mobile which is lovely. (Was even having a skip @strongprogramme with @jmpt_bedford - which we kinda looked at each other with that sibling (that only your brother or sister can read) for reassurance, but I only do what feels good for me at this time & it felt bloody brilliant so I went for it) @wallflower_picture_journal did my hair and I LOVE it. The colour, the curl but mostly the chat about everything 💜🙏 she’s such a lovely person and over the last few years has become a great friend. The stars aligned for us at this time in our lives, I am going off on maternity and she is beginning her journey of teaching yoga. What better way than with the beautiful souls I’m so fortunate to teach in my classes 🙏 so excited for her and lucky to know her xxxxx #29weekspregnant #yogateacher #blondieforsummer #yogaeveryday #strongprogramme #feelingstrongbutabittired #pregnantwithatoddler #honestlylookingforwardtosometimewithmykids #somuchloveatthemoment #feelingemosh

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torycecchi. Snuggle time with my babes.

Snuggle time with my babes.

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Everett met his hero in real life today and I figured out the optimal position for my fanny pack. Great day. #LlamaLlama #MomSoHard . . I also did a not whatsoever requested try on of hospital gowns in my stories. If you’re in the market for one, check out my highlights. . . .

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Hanging out with my main man 💙 Had no idea that you could buy the clothes from @renttherunway. To rent this dress was about $30 and to buy it from the sample sale was $36! It’s not a maternity dress but you could have fooled me😁 . . . . 📷: @anaberrun #bargainshoppingatitsfinest #renttherunway #sandiegopregnancy #28weeks #7monthspregnant #pregnantinsandiego #sandiegomoms #pregnantwithatoddler #sandiegofashion #maternityfashion #maternitystyle #pregnancyfashion #pregnancystyle #discountfashiontips #maternityphotos #libertystationsandiego #discountfashion #affordablefashion #affordablestyle #sandiegostyle #fashionistas

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Just over here trying to raise a kid to be independent, but to still need me (I’m a little selfish that way); to be strong, but to feel the feelings and be ok with being sad or frustrated; to explore, but to be safe; to be kind, even when it’s hard; to find happiness in the world, but to find safety at home (preferably curled up in my arms). And to be ok crying all over my shirt. . . . Photographer // @merakiphotographynw Makeup // @beautybyelizabethmarie . . . #bellingham #bellinghamwa #bellinghammom #whatcomcounty #wa #pnw #pnwmom #seattle #seattlemom #dailyparenting #honestlyparenting #parenthood_unveiled #parenthood_moments #ourcandidlife #parentlife #parentinghumor #pcos #pcosmom #realmoms #momlife #toddlersofinstagram #pregnant #maternityphotography #pregnancynumber2 #36weekspregnant #pregnantwithatoddler #raisingthefuture #raisingkindkids

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