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We found paradise up in the Gold Coast hinterland. Morning greetings from the resident bird patrol, big beautiful hikes, great food, vineyard visits, tree top canopies to explore. We could have stayed forever! #ausgeo #goldcoast @queensland #oreilleysrainforestretreat

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Que lindo volver a la feliz 😀 después de casi 8 meses sin visitarla. Como siempre visita fugaz, donde siempre me debo pasar a saludar a más de un amigo/familia. #mdq es tan grande que siempre un amigo o un pariente tenes! jaja! Con olas sin olas 🌊 te vas lleno! . . . . . . @goproarg @mormaii_argentina #surf 🏄🏽 #travel ✈️ #food 🍉 #amazingdestination #tourtheplanet #livingonearth #colors_of_day #traveltoearth #wonderfulworld #earthfocus #earthpics #travellingthroughtheworld #sea #NatGeoInspires #hallazgosemanal #primerolacomunidad #nieve #passionpassport #summer #otoño #winter #bariloche #snow #mdq #mardelplata #snowboard

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|| W Y O • S K I E S || • • • They never seem to fail us! 🌄 || Amazing shot by @thedreadlocktraveler 📸

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We got a lot of rain in Alaska. They sorely needed it up there after the devastating wildfires the state saw earlier this summer. Then, this past week, flooding closed the road through Denali, leaving 300 people stranded; that could have been us two weeks ago. I like rainbows because they remind me that what we need is balance: not too much sun, not too much rain. The beauty happens when you strike the right mixture of both. (There's some woo-woo nonsense for your Monday.) 🌈 Photo taken from our rental car as I pointed behind us, "Look!" across the water. I'm a big proponent of taking pictures from moving vehicles, with limited success. Happy #WorldPhotoDay 📷

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_get__in__the__van_. Adventurer.


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I know the PNW has epic mountains, but have you seen the Great Lakes?? Like... what is this bright, teal-blue water you would only expect in the Caribbean or Hawaii but is actually in Northern Michigan?!?! 😍😍😍 I think MI is underrated. . Btw, this beach wedding is on the blog. 🙌🏽

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diego_nieto_ph. Hoy es un día especial bporque es el Día mundial de la Fotografía. Y p

Hoy es un día especial bporque es el Día mundial de la Fotografía. Y para que eso pase. Tienen que haber fotógrafos. FELIZ Día!!!

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In case you haven't noticed, I really love the desert. Like, a lot. So I wrote a blog with 6 of my favorite Arizona elopement destinations. Please note: I have about 85 other favorite places, that just would have been a very very long blog. (link in bio)⁣ .

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kafe.akss_photography. سگ زيباى ماسالى 
beautifull dog in Masal گيلان،ايران


سگ زيباى ماسالى beautifull dog in Masal گيلان،ايران Gilan,Iran #mustseemasal #mustseegilan #mustseeiran #natgeoyourshot #photography #vacationgram #igphotoworld #raw_community

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stronger_traveller. Story of Bhimashankar
Part 2..continue from part 1

Story of Bhimashankar Part 2..continue from part 1 ________________________________________________ The compassionate creator was pleased by the dedicated devotee Bhima and granted him immense prowess.The evil tyrant caused havoc in the three worlds. He defeated King Indra and conquered the heavens. He also defeated a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva - Kamarupeshwar and put him in the dungeons. ________________________________________________ He started torturing Rishies and Sadhus. All this angered the Gods. They all along with Lord Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva to come for their rescue. Lord Shiva consoled the Gods and agreed to rescue them from the tyrant. On the other hand Bhima insists and orders Kamarupeshwara to worship him instead of Lord Shiva. ________________________________________________ When Kamarupeshwara denied doing that and refused to do pooja to him, tyrant Bhima raised his sword to strike the Shiva Linga, to which Kamarupeshwara was doing abhishekam and pooja. As soon as Bhima managed to raise his sword, Lord Shiva appeared before him in all his magnificence. ________________________________________________ Then the terrible war began. But then the holy sage Narada appeared and requested Lord Shiva to put an end to this war. It was then that Lord Shiva reduced the evil demon to ashes and thus concluded the saga of tyranny. All the Gods and the holy sages present there requested Lord Shiva to make this place his abode. Lord Shiva thus manifested himself in the form of the Bhimashankara Jyotirlingam. It is believed that the sweat that poured forth from Lord Shiva's body after the battle formed the Bhimarathi River. ________________________________________________ Featuring - model of the day @bhatakbhavan Location - gupt bhimashankar ________________________________________________ #shiva #shivastories #aseem #bhimashankar #trekker #mandatorytrek #scenery #mythology #natgeotravelindia #natgeoyourshot #natgeoexpeditions #natgeoindia #natgeoindia #natgeophotography #natgeotraveller #natgeotravel #natgeostudentexpeditions #natgeohub #natgeowild #natgeophotos #natgeoinspires #natgeolandscape #NTGIndia #travellerasia #Earthinfocus

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Clowning moment

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Story of Bhimashankar Part 1 ________________________________________________ Eons ago in the dense forests of Dakini, on the lofty ranges of the Sahaydris lived the evil Asura by the name Bhima with his mother Karkati. Compassion and kindness shivered in the presence of Bhima. The divine and the mortals were scared of him alike. But he was confronted by certain questions about his own existence which continuously tormented him. ________________________________________________ When Bhima could no longer sustain his agony and curiosity, he asked his mother to unveil the mysteries of his life. He urged his mother to tell him who his father was and why had he abandoned them in the wilderness of the forest. After much hesitation and with a lingering fear Karkati, his mother revealed to him that he was the son of the mighty Kumbhakarna, the younger brother of the Lankadheeswara the mighty all powerful King Ravana of Lanka. ________________________________________________ Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Lord Rama annihilated Kumbhakarna. Karkati told Bhima, that her husband and his father was killed by Rama in the great war. This infuriated Bhima and he vowed to avenge Lord Vishnu. To achieve this he embarked on a severe penance to please Lord Brahma..................to be continued..... ________________________________________________ #shiva #shivastories #aseem #bhimashankar #trekker #mandatorytrek #scenery #mythology #natgeotravelindia #natgeoyourshot #natgeoexpeditions #natgeoindia #natgeoindia #natgeophotography #natgeotraveller #natgeotravel #natgeostudentexpeditions #natgeohub #natgeowild #natgeophotos #natgeoinspires #natgeolandscape #NTGIndia #travellerasia #Earthinfocus #earthinfocusindia #travelhotelsmiles #tripotocommunity #sonyalphain #strongertraveller #yourshotphotograhaper ________________________________________________ @natgeo @natgeoexpeditions @natgeotravellerindia @natgeoindia @natgeotravel @natgeoyourshot @natgeotraveluk @natgeochannel @natgeotravellerasia @discoverychannelin @discovery @tudiscovery @sonybbcearth @sonyalphain @shenaztreasury @stronger_traveller

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rakesh_888888. Ohh ohh oh I'm different here, I'm the one not drinking much water now

Ohh ohh oh I'm different here, I'm the one not drinking much water now, save water for tomorrow #waterconservation

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lauborszcz. Wynwood Walls, Miami.

#graffiti #street #wynwoodwalls #wynwoodwallsmi

Wynwood Walls, Miami. #graffiti #street #wynwoodwalls #wynwoodwallsmiami #miami

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Easy Sundays.

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natgeoculture. Photos by @williamodaniels 

This irrati

Photos by @williamodaniels VACCINATIONS AROUND THE WORLD This irrational fear is why the United States has experienced almost 1,200 cases of measles so far this year, almost two decades after public health officials proudly declared it eliminated. About 124 of the victims, mostly children, have been hospitalized, 64 of them with complications including pneumonia and encephalitis, which can cause brain damage or death. And yet autism can still seem like a bigger threat than measles, if only because it appears in countless television shows and movies such as Rain Man and Gilbert Grape. Meanwhile, you’re more likely to catch measles at a movie theater than see the disease featured onscreen. 1- Seeking out the unvaccinated in Karachi, Pakistan, a health worker finds a boy who lacks the mark on his finger that would indicate he’s previously been inoculated against polio. The oral vaccine has to be dispensed quickly, before the train pulls out. 2- Just vaccinated against yellow fever, a young Congolese woman waits for her disinfected arm to dry. Serious attacks of the virus are vicious, causing internal hemorrhage, vomiting, liver damage, and death. @natgeoimagecollection Read the full story on https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/08/cannot-forget-world-before-vaccines/

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natgeoculture. Photos by Yuri Kozyrev @natgeoimagecollection 
Today, the Kurds are sp

Photos by Yuri Kozyrev @natgeoimagecollection Today, the Kurds are spread across four nations. Who are they? The world’s largest stateless ethnic group finds itself in one of Earth’s most politically volatile regions. IF YOU CAN’T point to Kurdistan on a map, you’re not alone: It’s not a sovereign country. But for Kurds, an ethnic group of roughly 30 million people, it is very real indeed. Nestled on the margins of Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, Kurdistan is one of the planet’s most volatile regions, and its people are the world’s largest stateless group. The Kurds are indigenous to the Middle East, but scholars and Kurdish people alike disagree as to the group’s origin. Nor do all Kurds share a religious identity: Though the majority of Kurds are Sunni Muslims, other religions are practiced as well. What is clear is a Kurdish ethnic identity and common language. Those commonalities emerged around the Middle Ages. Since then, Kurds have played roles in the histories of what are now Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Read the full story on https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/people/reference/who-are-kurds/

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Photos by @julienpebrel “This mighty river courses through a troubled history” As the Enguri flows from the mountains to the sea, it follows a trajectory from Georgia’s traditional past into its forward-thinking future TO MOST PEOPLE in the Caucasus, the Enguri River is a border, and a de facto one at that. For a good stretch of its 130-mile route, the river demarcates the boundary between Georgia, a former Soviet republic that declared its independence in 1991, and Abkhazia, a region that declared its own independence from Georgia a year later. Only Russia and four other nations recognize a sovereign Abkhaz state, and armed Russian troops control the river crossings into what most of the rest of the world considers separatist territory But photographer Julian Pebrel sees the Enguri less as a dividing line in a frozen geopolitical conflict, and more as a dynamic timeline that maps the trajectory of the region’s history. Read the full story on https://www.nationalgeographic.com/culture/2019/08/mighty-enguri-river-courses-through-georgia-history/.

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On the drive north.

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