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Too bad it’s not hump day 🐪

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♡ We love this moment @icelandic_travelers created in Snæfellsnes, Iceland 🇮🇸 ↡ If you haven’t watched our IG story yet, check it out for the perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day! There’s only a few left! ❤️ ↡ Remember to tag us or use #creativetravelcouples for YOUR chance to be featured 📸

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did anyone know...that I miss living in Europe and traveling to places like Africa on the weekends?! real note though, I really do luvvvvv living in Phoenix. It's so warm and gorgeous it makes me want to be outside 24/7 though. Making friends when you are older is HARD YOU GUYS. Like am I supposed to be walking up to girls on campus like "hey we should be friends!?" Hoping to connect with other content creators in the area within the next couple weeks so if you know one or are one shoot me a dm or drop your name below!!!⇩

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dannielynnfountain. Headed to Chicago to hang out with @madstherads this weekend! After ou

Headed to Chicago to hang out with @madstherads this weekend! After our 11-day stretch together back in December, I'm definitely missing him + excited to see him again 😍 . Photo @dirteatingphotog

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I wasn’t really planning on posting this particular picture, I took a bunch of other slightly more staged coffee pictures with the perfect latte art which I’m sure I’ll post sometime soon but this is one that brings back a lot of memories— from my first day freelancing, listening to My Favourite Murder and drinking coffee & although most of the pictures I post remind me of something, it’s nice to post the ones that remind me of a specific lovely moment ☕️💫 What do you prefer seeing on Instagram? Do you like more staged pictures or more casual, in the moment pictures? I definitely like a mixture! 🙌🏼

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La beauté du cap Hino 🖤 une ambiance des plus prenantes grâce à une averse... L'un de nos coups de coeur lors de notre découverte de la préfecture de Shimane au nord du Japon. La côte y est tout simplement magnifique, à ne pas manquer. On trouve également au cap un phare et un sanctuaire tous deux très photogéniques... On vous en dit plus bientôt sur le blog :) @discover.shimane #discover_shimane ________________________________ #exploreobserveshare #somewheremagazine #iamatraveler #traveldeeper #bigcatsdontcry #nature #landscape #la_minimal #ocean #visitjapan #japan #myfeatureshoot #hippomag #lekkerzine #paperjournalmag #mytinyatlas #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #mytinyatlas #gominimalmag #frenchroamers #freshairclub #solarcollective #takemag #ignant #portbox #photozine #moodygrams

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zachtheleon. My name is Zach and I very much miss having a van.

My name is Zach and I very much miss having a van.

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Hello weekend!

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The Taos Pueblo in New Mexico is the only living Native American community and the oldest continuously inhabited community in the U.S. It has over 1,000 years of traditon for the Red Willow tribe and is home to beautiful artisanal artwork. It is definitely worth a visit. // Photo by @yennie.tse

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arzooamer. our baby boy, elias, turns six months old today! 💙 #sweetestlittlebug

our baby boy, elias, turns six months old today! 💙 #sweetestlittlebug

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Three of my best photos💙 A wonderful minaret .. The Huge Cairo Tower .. And The one of the two lions 🦁 of The nile palace bridge.. I like to use my talent in capturing unique photo in my adventure in Egypt❤️ tag a friend who likes Egypt and wants to visit it.. Go left to see the two other photos..🤟🏻🔝

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alterego8622mail.ru. Сочинский пляж на закате. —- Sochi beach at sunset.

Сочинский пляж на закате. —- Sochi beach at sunset.

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Went beyond The Wall two days ago. British Columbia is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Photos to come (if the whiteout conditions clear today)!

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justasli. A memory from a well spent day 🏹 happy weekend 🙋🏼‍♀️ #bomonti#aragü

A memory from a well spent day 🏹 happy weekend 🙋🏼‍♀️ #vscoturkey

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Adding some color to my feed 😍 • I made it!! East Side Gallery was something I knew I needed to do but this flu was really keeping me down. Thankfully on my last day in Berlin, I was able to get enough energy to make it over here. Definitely one of my favorite galleries I’ve ever been to, and to think of all the passion and history behind it all. They’re right... if you come to Berlin, even if you have the gnarliest of flus, you can’t miss this. Check out a bit more of it in my Germany highlights.

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Siuslaw scenes, part 01: A lone, winter kayaker makes her way down river.

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Keeping it civil !

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Majestic homes 💜 Hudson is full of historic gems. Like this one, The Lavender Ghost. Regram @ThisOldHudson

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