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N E O N S E A S O N ✨🎾 x Rolando Ccoicca

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SUP dog?🐶

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armytotheworld. P i k a c h u ⚡
·  Sigue para mas contenido así { @armytotheworld

P i k a c h u ⚡ · · · Sigue para mas contenido así { @armytotheworld } · · · Encuentra todos mis posts en #lixarmytotheworld y los del resto de mis compañeras en #armytotheworld · · · Lix✨ · · #straykids #스트레이키즈 #stay #niñosperdidos #bangchan #woojin #leeknow #minho #changbin #hyunjin #han #jisung #felix #seungmin #in #jeongin #3racha #jyp #jypentretainment

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Almost a year in New York. Things I've learned: -Time is precious. If a day goes by in which you aren't working towards your goals, you delay the fulfillment of them by another few months -No social outing, event or venue is too small to meet people who can give you insight into how to ease the rat race -Don't let others pull the wool over your eyes. If you need to get what is rightfully yours, assert yourself without losing your sense of self -Ageism is a real thing, especially from people in your age bracket: rise above it with humor -Be honest with yourself with what you need at this moment and what is fluff to save up for -Eat healthy and exercise regularly, you won't be able to keep up with the high demands of the city otherwise -Carbs are not your enemy, neither are pastries -Don't be blinded by those with money, if it's a large part of their identity, remind yourself that behind it is a person who's just as vulnerable as you are and treat them as such Goals for year 2 in NYC: -Tone up a little more -Act professionally -Move closer to the city #nyc #blinkfitness

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denny_taufan. Sesi arak

Sesi arak

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A vida as vezes precisa ser como um circo: alegre e divertida! Hoje só poderia ser assim, pois é dia de comemorar 1 aninho! Feliz aniversário, Rafael! Agradecimento aos nossos super parceiros! circuito de aventuras: @gruponerea Doces e salgados: @monicajacintobuffet Bolo: @bololouco Artigos da decoração: @boomfestasoficial Toalhas de mesa: @festeirabh Segurança: @goldsecurity Games: "JM Games Personalizados" e @gamesboyentretenimento . . #macacodisse #casadefestasinfantil #casadefestasbh #casadefestas #festainfantil #festainantilbh #decoraçãoinfantil

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boosterfashion. GU JEANS ORIGINAL
(Skinny fit- sdkit stretch-tebal)

Price: ❎SOLD OUT-

GU JEANS ORIGINAL (Skinny fit- sdkit stretch-tebal) Price: ❎SOLD OUT-TANGERANG❎Trimakasi☺️ Color : Blue wash Denim Size : 27-28 (P: 72 cm LP: 74-76 cm) DM - WhatsApp 0877-0280-6586 📛NO REFUND-NO RETUR-NO BARTER 📛Lebih baik brtanya,agr sesuai ekspektasi ✓Semua barang disini sudah di sortir dan pilihan ✓Owner akan mnjawab prtanyaan sesuai kondisi barang. ✓Preloved bkn brrti tdk bagus,dsni bnyak yg SEPERTI BARU. ✓Kesamaan warna asli dg foto hampir mirip,Krn faktor pencahayaan foto& juga kontras hp masing",harap maklum. #boosterfashionsold #prelovedhnm

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#تسجيل_دخول_ @ooo6_1 @__sa_2222 #يسعد_مساكم❤️ #شمر_السناعيس_الطنايا_حايل_حائل_ @j5k @2lh7 @_nf41 @6eh8 @iiqx9 @5bsq @_5iy2 @1__qw_9 @11.cba @25d3 @2.g.c @20v @223x @45uq @samok.223 @4i.w @4l.0v @5wml @zxxcbgrq @5wml @5ig4 @51m_e @5mee @6___6q @j_8l @_6m @6.ui9 @7.nof @70s70 @72_8w @7n4m @78yj @7zjj @80rcs @72_8w @8r.fl @8l_m @8gt @9.f44 @9.eci @al_mohra_911 @0gpl @0pe @0.zzw @059l @aamdecmh @a3zg @cql @alshammry11 @3c98 @u020 @s.rlj @pjsz @ff______aa7 @f.1ff_ @fn_toot @sll_.l @loolooh_m @e5yh @s_alrumaithi0 @soso0511_ @h.jj_ @fw6z @f.1ff_ @facebook @t______a30 @t5q3 @l8_q5 @foz3k @s.ww48 @g_i9 @rc_5i @y.6sx @y1cm @495q @d88.b @i5h @i9vj @d2n3 @___di6 @g0nq @gg__322 @ov1jj @k.m2j @k.m3j @k_m5j @o5dz @ojl8 @_on @0w6d @at12ss @80rcs @ateraltot @__m0 @v5.te @x6k @zaynb_zoz @7y0.v @foz3k @s_ww48 @k6ae @kang__100 @g_k6k @kaian.323 @k_m5j @s.ww48 @s.rlj @7.7.ok @qxju @_0r2 #زيادة_متابعين# #دعم_الشمال # 1_ضيفني وضيف الي بالتاق. 2_جدد الاضافه كل 5 دقايق الغي اضافتنا وارجع ضيفنا. 3_ضيف من ال ( followers ) من 6 الى 10 4_علق تم عل الثابته اجدد لك يبلش الدعم يومياً 11:00م🔥🔥 بتنظم لقروبات الدعم تم بالخاص اضيفك #فرفشة_نكت #حب_شيلات #اعلانات_مجانية #الشمال_الشماليه_ #حايل_بعد_حيي #دعم_الشمال♥️🥀 #اعلانات_السعوديه #زياده_متابعين #مشاهدات_انستغرام #فلورز_لايكات_كومنتات_ #الاستوري_story 7:00م 11:00م🔥❤️ #تفاعلكم_يساعدنا_على_الاستمرار🍃🍃 " " 🍃

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