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By changing your thinking You can change everything 😇😌 Thnkoo for the click @_chikku__01 ♥️

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twoandtee. Friends, loyal followers, strangers, weirdos and serial reporters. I’m

Friends, loyal followers, strangers, weirdos and serial reporters. I’m out. I’ve been having problems with Instagram for a while now and I’ve tried everything to fix it, but I think it’s time to let good old twoandtee/wirrkul go, for good. Don’t worry I find myself just as annoying as you find me [so I’m sure you’re all like ‘thank the lord’], but I am so fucking sick of my posts constantly being reported / deleted. I’m sick of my account being restricted, of my account being ‘shadow banned’. I’m sick of it all. I tried hard to get the following I had. I didn’t just wake up one morning and have thousands of followers. This is three years worth of photos, of words, of memories and of friendships made. None of my hashtags work, some days I can’t even like a photo because “it’s not allowed”. But it’s fucking bullshit. It’s Instagram, it’s a social media platform ITS NOT REAL LIFE. I’ve been so caught up in trying to get my account seen again that I’m literally missing out on real life, how fucking sad is that. I’ll be out for a while, but I went I do come back. I’m starting fresh again [SORRY, I hate me too], and you’ll find me @rirriwul [which means a fire that has died down - perfect]. If you genuinely like me please follow my new account, I’ll resurface on that sometime. If you don’t like me, please don’t follow me - it sounds easy but for some reason even if people hate you they still wanna follow you [psychos]. So long, it’s been wild - too wild. LOVE LOVE LOVE ❤️

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Day 1 ☀️

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be nazare Ma sarnevesht adamaro az ham joda nemikone, in adama hastan ke baeSe jodayi mishan, #Paydar

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Seja diferente, torne-se especial ! #viva #fikadica #euquero #segueofluxo #weekend

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☆【my work】 6月3日パレスホテルにて販売のすずらんセット✨マグをのせるとこんな感じです♡ . . all手描きのため個体差あります。予めご了承ください #すずらん食器 . -------------------------------- 第21エレガントコレクション東京 6月3日10:30~16:00 #パレスホテル東京 4F 桔梗の間★入場無料★ #エレガントコレクション東京 #エレガントコレクション受注販売会 エレガントコレクション東京ホームページ https://elegantc-tokyo.jimdofree.com/ #ホテルイベント . ------------------------------ . シオンコローナ教室では ポーセラーツをはじめ、絵付けもレッスンしてます。上質なハンドメイド食器を作りにいらしてくださいね♪お待ちしております♡ #文京区 #都営三田線春日駅 #絵付け教室 #チャイナペインティング #ポーセラーツ #文京区ポーセラーツ #イベント参加します #販売会予告 #ホテル販売会 #絵付け食器販売 #ハンドメイド販売

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viktoria_tati. Было дело🙈 несмотря на то,что @bro_vanson зажал наши фото и не хочет

Было дело🙈 несмотря на то,что @bro_vanson зажал наши фото и не хочет отдавать, мы с @happiest_eddy позаботились о своём эмоциональном состоянии и сделали довольно удачные #наВанюнадейсяНосамнеплошай#

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marlonmckenzie. Ting-a-ling, a-ling 🎵 >>>

Ting-a-ling, a-ling 🎵 >>>

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veronica_lopz. 8 minutos antes de la misa :)

8 minutos antes de la misa :)

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