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historytraveler76. Fontainebleau Castle -  Part 2 - With more than 400,000 visitors a yea

Fontainebleau Castle - Part 2 - With more than 400,000 visitors a year Fontainebleau is the 4th most visited castle in France after Versailles, Chenonceau and Chambord . The castle (and its park ) is the second most visited site in the Seine-et-Marne department ————————————————-———-All royal palaces had their hour of glory, before being abandoned but Fontainebleau has been inhabited, without interruption, for more than eight centuries. In this castle, Kings and Emperors have left their marks. Fontainebleau the "house of the centuries," said Napoleon I. The castle where, from Louis VII to Napoleon III, the French monarchs followed one another without interruption. A home that Dynasties Of Capetian, Valois, Bourbons, Bonaparte and Orleans, have worked to enlarge, to embellish, realizing this ensemble, heteroclite and yet harmonious, where so many historical episodes and decisive events took place. Philippe Auguste rested there after the Crusade ———————————————————The first mention of the fortified Manor of "Fontem Bleaudi" appeared in a charter of Louis VII, signed in 1137. Philip II Auguste, his son, was resting from the Crusade and Louis IX, future saint Louis, loved so much these "dear deserts" that he founded there the church of the Holy Trinity and a hospital convent confided to the monks mathurins In Fontainebleau, Philip IV the Fair, the first "cursed king", mysteriously died at the return of a hunt, in 1314. The last direct Capetians -Louis X, Philip V and Charles IV- also appreciated the castle. So did their cousin and successor, Philip VI of Valois who would inherit their crown. His son, John II the Good signed his marriage contract with Bonne de Bohême "in this enclosure", that Charles VII will defeat, a century later, to extend the buildings. ———————————————————— The fortress was temporarily abandoned by the Kings Louis XI, Charles VIII and Louis XII, who preferred Plessis-lès-Tours, Amboise and Blois. But with the advent of Francis I, the house began its "Renaissance". To be followed

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emmajanedolan. Day 3 of #instacastle-a-day 
More old school today.

Day 3 of #instacastle-a-day More old school today. #Caerphilly #NoTeaRoom #NoCheeseInGiftShop

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Glad to have seen family and friends in my lovely south, was too short though 🏰 - #france #south #southwest #lourdes #pyrenees #castel #chateau #flag #moutain #beautiful #happy #home #hometown #bluesky #sky #instapic #instacastle #instasouth

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Suchbild zum Montag : Wer weiß wo in der Burg das Bild aufgenommen ist 😎 | Wir wünschen euch einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

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Peniscola Castle in Valencia, Spain. The castle overlooks the town from a cliff of some 60m tall. It was the Knights Templar who built the castle over the ruins of an ancient Arab citadel in early 14th century. The Arab castle was handed over by the last Almohad ruler of Valencia Zayd abu Zayd to James I of Aragon in early 13th century, in the end of the same century it was presented to the Knights Templar. So the latter totally destroyed the Arabic fortification and designed their own fortress that kept evolving to meet the then modern military architecture trends and underwent several drastic reconstructions. In the 15th century the castle was chosen by Antipope Benedict XIII as his residence. He and his successor Clement VIII equipped their palace with a rich library, a study with windows facing the sea, they also used a basilica built by the knights. Photo by @jmbaro51👍😍🙏🏻 . Замок в Пеньисколе в Валенсии, Испания. Замок был построен тамплиерами на невысоком холме на берегу Средиземного моря. Изначально на его месте стояла арабская крепость, которую в начале 13го века сдал королю Арагона Хайме I последний арабский губернатор Валенсии. В конце того же века крепость передали тамплиерам, которые полностью ее снесли, а на ее месте выстроили новый замок по своему классическому плану с внутренним двором и церковью. На протяжении своего существования замок несколько раз серьезно перестраивался, чтобы отвечать современным на тот момент требованиям военного инженерного дела. В 15м веке его облюбовал антипапа Бенедикт XIII, который вместе со своим преемником Климентом VIII организовали в замке богатую библиотеку. . #peniscolacastle #peniscola #peñiscola #instacastles #instacastle #castlesofeurope #spanishcastle #europeancastles #castlesoftheworld #castlearchitecture #medievalworld #medievalcastle #medievalcastles #medievalfortress #templars #knightstemplar #средневековыйзамок #средневековаяархитектура #medievalarchitecture #замкимира #средниевека #средневековье #castlesoftheworld #middleages #пеньискола #тамплиеры #castillodepeniscola #castlesofinstagram #medievalspain #castillosdeespaña

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Can you imagine this castle actually overlooks a beautiful beach too? 😍 . ⭐Netley Castle is a former artillery fort constructed in either 16th century by Henry VIII in the village of Netley, UK. It formed part of the King's Device programme to protect against invasion from France and the Holy Roman Empire. The castle included a central, stone keep with two flanking gun platforms and was garrisoned by ten men. It was decommissioned during the English Civil War and by 1743 it was overgrown and in ruins. In the 19th century it was converted into a private house, being extended in a Gothic style. Between 1939 and 1998 it was used as a nursing home, until the high costs of maintenance led to its closure.⭐ 📸Photo credits: @drone_aperture 🤗 🔸️ 🔸️ ⏩Tag us or use #EuropeCastles for a chance to be featured.⏪ 🔸️ 🔸️ #castles #castlesofinstagram #castleview #instacastle #castlephotography #castlelove  #medievalcastle #middleages #gothicstyle #aerialview #dronephoto #dronepic #dronegram #gothicbeauty #englishcastles #visitengland #englandsbigpicture #ig_england #photosofengland #englandsbigpicture #loveengland #igersengland #uk_shooters #ukshots #uk_greatshots #topukphoto #hampshire #capturingbritain #photosofbritain

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