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dr.caleb.burgess. 💥Rotator Cuff💥
💯Tag or share this post with someone who could ben

💥Rotator Cuff💥 - 💯Tag or share this post with someone who could benefit from a stronger ROTATOR CUFF! - 💥The rotator cuff is a group of 4 small muscles that attach from the scapula (shoulder blade) to the humerus (upper arm bone), and act as dynamic stabilizers of the shoulder joint when it moves - 🚨Just like other tendon issues, the rotator cuff is susceptible to becoming injured if OVERLOADED, so building up the STRENGTH and endurance of these muscles is important for overall shoulder health - 💥Contrary to popular belief, it's nearly impossible to "isolate" each specific muscle of the rotator cuff. So performing specific movements at the shoulder based on where the tendon abnormalities are found on imaging (e.g. MRI) does not work as well as we once thought. It's more related to what movements demonstrate WEAKNESS and/or PAIN - 📹Here I show some simple cable exercises that work well for rotator cuff strengthening in multiple directions and positions of the arm: - 🔹External rotation at 0-20 degrees abduction 🔹External rotation at 90 degrees flexion 🔹External rotarion at 90 degrees abduction 🔹Internal rotation at 90 degrees abduction - 💥Key Points: 📌Focusing on rotating around a perfect axis improves the recruitment of the rotator cuff and minimizes excessive use of neighboring musculature 📌Take 3 seconds to rotate the arm away (CONCENTRIC), hold 1-2 seconds at the end range (ISOMETRIC), and take 3-4 seconds to return to the start (ECCENTRIC) 📌Aim for 3-4 sets of a resistance that is difficult to complete 6-15 reps for the ISOTONIC exercises . . . Interested in: 📌Online physical therapy? 📌Movement analysis? 📌Personal training? 📌Performance enhancement? Send me an email 📧 or fill out the link 🔗in my bio 👍🏼

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‼️Your Actions have a ReAction‼️ Words Images Interventions Your can influence the outcome based on how you use them.

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🔥BODY CONTROL AND STABILITY 🔥 . ⚡️Here’s a nice one on the classic “bird dog.” ✔️. In these I incorporate self-dynamic movements to create more of a stability challenge and some resistance to to the mix. . 😈Starting off with resisted bird dog. This was a lot more challenging than I anticipated, but when I tried it it was super hard to keep stiff/maintain control over my body. Keeping stiffness in my core and awareness of movement at my low back was key with this one. . ⚡️Next up: bird dog with UE and LE self perturbations. Moving the extremity in the extended position of the movement + maintaining stability could be quite a challenge. But again, like with everything, depends on the intensity/effort of how its done. . TAG A FRIEND ‼️ . COMMENT ‼️ . SHARE THIS ‼️

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thestrengththerapist. 💣Shoulder Robustness💣
❓Do you have issues with your shoulders? Wha

💣Shoulder Robustness💣 . ❓Do you have issues with your shoulders? What are your go to ways to manage shoulder discomfort? Tag a friend who could benefit from this video! . 👉Research on the shoulder in the last decade has allowed us to step away from the kinesiopathological theories of things like scapular dyskinesia and move towards concepts like shoulder robustness. This is beneficial as it simplifies our treatment and education. Instead of it being this complex idea of joint movement in a specific ratios and timing, it’s just develop range as you can and increase your load tolerance. . 👍Here we are showing three movements that help to develop load tolerance and work in ranges that are more often neglected. These are not special unique exercises that are mandatory, just ones selected upon principles that should be beneficial for the greater population at large. Try them out, see if they help, get stronger! #TSTshoulder

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phdeadlift. Last week I suffered a #pectear during a light #benchpressing session.

Last week I suffered a #pectear during a light #benchpressing session. Felt and heard it happen, not a good look 😳 HUGE thanks to @directorthocare for taking care of me with this #ultrasound and #functionalmovement screen! Fortunately, the injury turned out to be much less disastrous than I expected: 36 hours later, I have no signs of bruising and only mild tightness and pain in the area. Full range of motion, probably not full strength but pretty close to it. I’m still going through #injuryrehab VERY carefully this time, both because I’ve suffered way too many injuries already this fall, and because I have no meets planned in the immediate future. Time for some bodybuilding 😬 Real talk, though: this has been really mentally challenging for me and I’d appreciate any support y’all have 👍

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What if I gave up? What if I stopped trying to work at healing these injuries? Stop trying to regain strength and mobility. Stop caring if I sit around and can’t be active. What if I just gave up? It’s a thought that never crossed my mind until last night. Someone had left me a comment that they admired I kept going, because they would have given up. Such a nice comment!! And then I thought about those words as a very real possibility. I say this to be honest with you guys. I still really do believe I’ll heal up and return to what you see in this pic. But it’s really hard on my spirit sometimes. And right now I really cannot do anything as my hamstring heals. Long work days can feel like a setback, because both sitting and standing for that long are tiring/painful. I’ve only ever had one long lasting injury in my life before, and this last year and string of injuries can be frustrating and hard to comprehend. I’ve discovered that even when I’m being so mindful, something so small in my daily life can be a setback. So last night I pondered the what if I just gave up. On physical healing and return to being active, not life. ❤️ I pulled out my Bible, and came across this Psalm: The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18. My spirit did feel crushed. So I prayed, and I read. I slept, and now here I am. I know that no matter my circumstances, He will rescue my heart. It will be okay. 😊❤️🙏🏻 . . . . . . . #forearmfriday #pinchamayurasana #forearmbalance #forearmstand #inversionjunkie #florida #travelphotography #travelyoga #jesusandyoga #christianyoga #psalms #yogajourney #yogisofinstagram #yogini #injuryrehab #houstonyoga #yogaeveryblessedday #yogaeveryday #pinchaplay #keepitreal #trustgod #yoga #igyoga

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physio_memes. And that’s only the first PowerPoint. Got my snacks ready👌🏽
Follow ➡

And that’s only the first PowerPoint. Got my snacks ready👌🏽 Follow ➡️ @physio_memes

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💥ANKLE MOBILITY OPTIONS💥 . ✍️This is a nice series on some good ways I use to help improve ankle mobility: dorsiflexion (DF), which I specifically lack in ✔️. Limitations can be joint, muscular, or typically a combination of both. I work here on targeting soft tissue components eccentrically and joint via ‘dynamic mobilizations.’ . . 😈Dynamic mobilizations with DB on elevated box. Similar to the one below, but this is less load and easier to ‘search’ for areas of tension/stiffness/tightness to the targeted regions. . ✍️Next up: Loaded forward heel touches. This eccentrically controls/load the calf complex more via the added load and BW. Maintaining the heel down as I reach as far forward with my opposite leg. This is one where I feel most stretch to the targeted area (i.e. calf/ankle complex). . ❤️TAG FRIENDS ‼️ . ❤️COMMENT ‼️ . ❤️ SHARE THIS ‼️

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physio_memes. 🏈Some athletes lose their millions to extravagant life styles with fa

🏈Some athletes lose their millions to extravagant life styles with fancy cars, homes, jewelry.... . Some go to PT school 🤷🏽‍♂️ . 👏🏽Real talk though. Respect to @d_brutjr30 for joining our profession with his interest in vestibular rehab with concussions. Follow ➡️ @physio_memes

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fysio.center. See full article:


See full article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/well/eat/eating-processed-foods-longevity-death-mortality.html

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lisa_fitmama. Never been so happy to SWEAT so much! 5 weeks after spraining a ligame

Never been so happy to SWEAT so much! 5 weeks after spraining a ligament in my back and I finally feel like I AM BACK! I was able to to test out some walking/jogging intervals today, and I did a full body session with some weightes exercises that I haven't felt comfortable doing in weeks 🏋🏼‍♀️👊🏼🤩 It felt so good to actually sweat and feel like I'm exercising properly again. Will NEVER take that feeling for granted again after the pain I experienced when I injured my back last month 🙏🏼💫 . . ✖ Full body workout today >>> • Knees to standing to knees, alternating legs standing x10 • Lateral lunges side to side, with double hold kettlebell forward raise x10 • Single leg backward lunge with same arm kettlebell shoulder press x10 per leg • Side bear crawls x10 both sides • Barbell bent leg deadlifts x10 • Sumo squat and kettlebell press x10 • Kettlebell oblique tilts x10 each side ☆ x3 sets total 🏋🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️🔥🔥🔥 . . . #sweat #power #weights #kettlebells #fitness #fitmum #injuryrehab #postworkoutselfie #sundaysession #fullbody #fitnessworkout #exerciseideas #fitmoms #fitmumof2 #gymjunkie #grateful #trainingtips #strongnotskinny #strongasamother #fitasfk #gains #iamstrong

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Today's session was all about discovering jumps and failing at them. First parkour session since the shoulder injury. And the first video demonstrates how scared I still am to properly pull over into dyno. #parkourgenerations #parkour #parkourgram #parkourlife #parkour4life #indianparkour #indianparkourcommunities #parkourindia #injuryrehab #injuries #shoulderdislocation #shoulderinstability #shoulderrehab #highhamstringtendinopathy #hamstringinjury #hamstringworkout #fit #fitness #fitlife #fit4life #punediaries #puneinstagrammers #pune #failure #fail #gettingthere #teamMYOW Video by @vaibhavjadhav996

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LOWER BACK PAIN DURING SQUATS & DEADLIFTS 😥⁣ ⁣ - ⁣ ⁣ Adam and I have been working on a long standing back issue which has been preventing him from squatting and deadlifting pain free in the gym. ⁣ ⁣ - ⁣ ⁣ Due to pain, Adam was sensitive and scared to move into flexion (bending forward), so we have been incorporating jefferson curls to desensitise his back in and then begin to rebuild his lifting. We have also been working on functional movement patterns for hip and core muscle imbalances. ⁣ - ⁣ ⁣ Adam is already pain free and getting stronger every week. Awesome work man! ⁣👊🏼 @adzymarts @big.effel @performotion

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manojpaul7836. Everyday is another chance to get stronger💪to eat better🥗🥝🍎🥚🍶to

Everyday is another chance to get stronger💪to eat better🥗🥝🍎🥚🍶to live healthier🏃🧘and to be the best version of you🤗😊 #fitnesslifestyle #fitnesstrainer#

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Part 3: The bar provides a multitude of options for progressing your squat . Starting out with the bar sliding on your legs allows you to work on your left/right symmetry, spinal alignment and practice that essential triple flexion technique, whilst keeping the weight close to your centre of gravity - Aka the principle of safe lifting!Remember there is no need to thrust the hips forward as you return from the squat . To progress, lower the bar in front of your knees as you sit back into the squat, then towards the shins. Keep the bar level and start light, perfect your form within your available range of movement, then build the weight steadily as your strength and control improve. Ensure you press evenly through both feet #MoveYourBest

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Today's yoga intention: upper back strengthening 🧘‍♀️🙏 . . Thanks to Dusty 🐴 I couldn't do anything seated today 😂 #horseriding #cantering #uphills 🐎🌳⛰ . . Finished today's session with some TRX exercises 👌 . 1. Prone cobra 2. Planche 5s holds - working on strength in protraction for my #crowpose 3. TRX scapula retraction 4. TRX narrow row 5. TRX T row 6. TRX Y row . . #yoga #yogi #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #vinyasa #vinyasaflow #backworkout #backstrengthening #strength #posture #muscleimbalances #bodybuilding #personaltrainer #massagetherapist #injuryrehab #gay #lesbian #tomboy #hastings #havelocknorth #hawkesbay #newzealand @flexhavnth

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ready_set_fit_1. Getting ready for the week ahead.  Fruit n Veg breakfast smoothies rea

Getting ready for the week ahead. Fruit n Veg breakfast smoothies ready. All cut up, placed in zip lock bags, placed in the freezer, ready for blending in the mornings 🍏🥭🍍🍓🥦🥕🥒🥬🍊 It’s not about having time it’s about making time and making nutrition easy and my priority 🙏🏼👌🏼❤️ * * * #readysetfit #personaltraining #resistancebands #bootybands #nosticking #norolling #nohairpulling #nosnapping #personaltrainer #muscleactivation #injuryrehab #musclestrengthandtone #sportingteams #individuals #athletes #homeworkoutbands #homeworkouts #warmupbands #warmup #healthyequalshappy #gluteactivation #groupfitness #motivation #lovelife #creative #inspiration #fitspo

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danthesportsmedman. In a study by Mawson et al., the researchers found interesting feedbac

In a study by Mawson et al., the researchers found interesting feedback on barriers that coaches perceive with the application of injury prevention programs in youth soccer. . Coaches agreed to apply an injury prevention program if... 1. They knew interventions that reduced risk 2. The program would take no more than 20 minutes 3. The program took the place of the warm up 4. They were educated on proper form of intervention 5. They could access information about the program . This info gives valuable insight on the challenges that may come up with applying these programs. Once the barriers are understood, then problem solving becomes much easier! . As a sports medicine professional, preparing an injury prevention presentation in an easy to follow format, making it under 20 minutes to implement, and creating an educational platform for easy follow up are just a few ways to help make it easier for the coach to apply the program. . #danthesportsmedman

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getinjuryhelp. How are you handling your intake. I use a program just for intake. It

How are you handling your intake. I use a program just for intake. It has saved so much time in our office. Not only does the software act as a CRM, but it has saved me so much time in memoralizing all the case activity with the client.

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tarsopro. TarsoPRO applies the principal of proper dorsiflexion, giving you accu

TarsoPRO applies the principal of proper dorsiflexion, giving you accurate movement technique.

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brookematte. my mind has been stuck on the \"i won'ts\" and \"i can'ts\" lately. \"i can

my mind has been stuck on the "i won'ts" and "i can'ts" lately. "i can't run" "i won't ever be able to run again" "i won't ever heal" "i won't ever be pain free" "i won't ever get the help or answers i need" "i won't ever make it in this life" "i won't ever be ok"....just one "i won't" or "i can't" leads to a million others following it and it takes a toll on my mental and physical health. moving forward i am going to start taking these poisonous statements and meditate on the OPPOSITE of them. also, i think if you want something bad enough, no matter how out of reach those things feel or seem, you'll have them someday. #positivemindet #positivity #meditation #recovery #healing #injuryrehab #iwillheal #runner #running #livetorun #runningismytherapy #nature #trailrunning #wfpb #poweredbyplants #plantpowered #mentalillnessawareness

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matassessment. Are you just guessing with your patients and clients?⠀
Stop guessing

Are you just guessing with your patients and clients?⠀ ⠀ Stop guessing today in 2019 with The MAT!⠀ ⠀ The Spinal Assessment is one of over 40 assessments you can learn when you attend one of our MAT courses.⠀ ⠀ For more information about the MAT and our courses head to http://bit.ly/2HvQtzU⠀ ⠀ #mat #themat #movementassessment #matassessment⠀ #physio #osteo #podiatry #chiro #movement #assessment #ep #exphys⠀ #physiotherapy #osteopathy #chiropractic #injuryrehab #injuryprevention

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skate.it.off. Today I tried something different to look after my body: I had my firs

Today I tried something different to look after my body: I had my first acupuncture session this morning, and then just happened to run into a chiropractor at the shopping centres doing free two minute spine checks... and I'm seeing him sometime next week as it turns out my hips, shoulders and jaw are very twisted and probably the reason I can't even attempt 27-in-5 without sobbing in pain. 😥 Wish me luck. --- #rollerderby #rollerskating #derbylife #derby #27in5 #derbyproblems #derbyinjury #acupuncture #injury #chiropractor #rehabilitation #rollerderbyproblems #rollerderbyinjury #health #fitness #injuryrehab #injurymanagement #sciatica #womeninsport

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Challenging trunk stability with perturbations is an important aspect of movement optimization during rehab and strength & conditioning. Stir the pot is a great starting point!

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lewis__dynamizefitness. FOOT STRENGTH AND STABILITY 
DON'T neglect your feet.. How often do yo

FOOT STRENGTH AND STABILITY DON'T neglect your feet.. How often do you train your calves and feet? If you struggle with low back pain, weak glutes and hips it's always worth checking your feet. Something as simple as an ankle sprain can have a GLOBAL effect on the rest of the body if not addressed, strengthened and retrained..a Unilateral training, calf raises, single stances and toe stands are great ways to improve strength, stability and control.. and just might be the key to unlocking your back pain. #lowerbackpain #anklesprain #stability #unilateraltraining #calves #injuryrehab #sportsinjury #athlete #athletelife #corestability #rehab #prehab #shoulderpain #strength #strengthnoweakness #follow #fitfam #london #movement #running #gains #fitspo #foothealth #barefoot #glutes

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jared_tattooed_marine_vet. Breakfast with the birthday girl. “Two wankers” & Bacon and eggs.”

Breakfast with the birthday girl. “Two wankers” & Bacon and eggs.”

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easeybyname. Recovery is 3 months? Yeah, right! 🙄 Don't buy into this 'one size fi

Recovery is 3 months? Yeah, right! 🙄 Don't buy into this 'one size fits all' assumption of recovery timeframe. Every brain is different!! 🧠 it takes how ever long it takes! 📆 . . . . . . . . #whiteboardchronicles #wearehealing #selfrecovery #recoverywarriors #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #concussion #concussed #concussions #sportsinjury #injuryrecovery #injuryrehab #injury #tbi #mtbi #yeahright #berealistic #brainhealth #sharetheknowledge #roadtorecovery #wellnessjourney #recoveryjourney

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How do you spend your Friday evening, 🧐? I spend mine being put through m'paces at @activatephysiotherapy, ☺️. It — and my physio, Andy — was ace. Fortunately, he says that there's nothing physiological in my hip and groin to prevent me from doing things and/or causing more damage. I've plenty of strength — but have lost a lot of control esp. w/things in my core. He's given me a lot of things to do and encouraged me to keep on walkin' and going for a wee swim — that kind of thinggg. He's really, really positive that he can get me running and doing sport 'n exercise again. I've to see him in ten days and then we'll start to incorporate more physical activity and gymwork — can't wait to start loading-up, seriously. He's going to work w/my mental health and on the sports psychology side of things as well. I think it's really, really important for me to have someone who treats sportsmen and knows what it's like to have that particular mindset. Overall, I couldn't rate 'em more highly and can't to start to live my life to its fullest — again, 🥰. #AthleticPubalgia #SportsmansHernia #GilmoresGroin #IlioinguinalNeuralgia #GenitofemoralNeuralgia #PHYSIOTHERAPY #PHYSIO #LongTermInjury #SportsInjury #InjuryRehab #REHAB #NEURALGIA #NeuropathicPain #ChronicPain #NerveBlock #EPIDURAL #NEURECTOMY #RoyalVictoriaInfirmary #RVI #NewcastleUponTyne #NEWCASTLE

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We’re giving away a complete massage gun! $1

🛑!GIVEAWAY CONTEST!🛑 —- We’re giving away a complete massage gun! $185 value! This includes the cordless powerful 20 volt Worx Axis Jigsaw, and Massage Adapter with 3 Massage Heads included 🔥🔥🔥 —- Contest rules are below. Winner will be randomly selected and announced FRIDAY on our story! —- 🇺🇸 USA RESIDENTS ONLY 🇺🇸 —- RULES: 1️⃣ Must be following @jigworx 2️⃣ LIKE this post 3️⃣ TAG at least 2 friends in the comments —- —- Per Instagram rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 16+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s term of use. —- #jigworx #deeptissue #functionaltraining #sportstherapy #crossfit #mobilitywod #musclerecovery #percussiontherapy #martialarts #massagegun #wellness #cryotherapy #muaythai #sportsinjury #nervoussystem #liftheavy #hypertrophy #prehab #kneepain #sportsrehab #injuryrehab #sportstherapist #sportsrecovery #sportsphysio #muscletherapy

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Scapula movement is important for shoulder function. - A disturbance in this movement can cause shoulder complaints - The four bone structures influencing the scapula movement: - Direct connection: 1️⃣ Rib cage 2️⃣ Collarbone to scapula (AC-joint) Indirect: 3️⃣ Vertebrae column through joints connected with the ribs. Poor movement of the vertebrae will effect the ribs. 4️⃣ Joint between collarbone, sternum and 1st rib. Poor movement will effect the movement of the collarbone and his connection to the scapula.

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the_healing_zone. Our latest blog post suggests it's not 'What' we do that's important.

Our latest blog post suggests it's not 'What' we do that's important. Also, see our NEW opening times at www.the-healing-zone.co.uk/blog-zone

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In June last year I was told by GP’s that the chances of me squatting ever again were very slim. I prolapsed a disc in my lower back and it’s caused me serious problems ever since. It set me back big time in all areas and is still not quite right! However thanks to the likes of @mofobodymechanic @touchtuina @janny_matusek for helping me battle through the bad times, I’ve finally turned a corner and i feel hopeful. Squatting isn’t exactly essential to my training at the moment, I know this, but I like to Squat. And in my opinion, squatting hard and heavy has helped me build up my leg strength power and size over the years 💪 I’ve been playing about in the last few weeks. Today I planned to see what 200kg felt like on the bar again. 3 reps felt quite easy. Could have done more but I’m going to be careful and sensible (for once!) I made sure I controlled the negative, hit depth and then powered back up. Keeping my form tight. My mate, just kept an eye on me in case... I think I’ll be able to go from strength to strength and move some serious weight soon enough and get serious leg gainz 😉👍 Believe in yourself and keep going. #aimhigh #believetoachieve #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #powerbuilding #powerlifting #squats #squatting #strong #determination #dedication #consistency #gymaddict #gym #fitness #quads #legs #injuryrehab #compoundlifts #corestrength #mylifemyway

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kalalabrown. This week has been an absolute break through.
It’s crazy how

This week has been an absolute break through. 👏🏻🙈💕 It’s crazy how great you start feeling when you start getting the right treatment for your pain. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 This week I have been able to work out and not be dead or in soooooo much pain. I am training and gaining strength and focusing on form more than everything else. It’s insane the amount of this has helped with my mental health. 💚💚💚 I quit smoking and drinking 1/1/19... I didn’t have the intention of doing it on that day or starting the Bible in one year (bc I wasn’t ready to), but God had other ideas. My desire to drink and smoke completely went away and I found myself just randomly starting the Bible in one year. I am not at all upset about it, those were things I wanted to do anyway, but it’s definitely been easier since God has helped me. 🙃 I have had my physical therapy, inflammation medication, work out routine, my daily fill of Jesus, and a huge positive work team that continues to keep pushing me to do and be better constantly. I am starting to learn who my inner circle is and I see where God puts people in my life. 🙌🏻❤️ I know my God is all healing, powerful, merciful, and graceful and lifts us up with His righteous right hand. I also may not ever know why or how God does the things He does, but I love how looking back I can see where I have grown from or learned because of my past experiences and I am happy I went through every rough path I went through. Without rough patches I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for every one of those awful things... and EVERY SINGLE TIME my God delivered me. I know He will get me through this injury and I may not know when that will be, but I look forward to looking back months from now and seeing where I came from this time. Thank you, Jesus. #godyouaregood #friends #health #mentalhealth #healing #injuryrehab #godiseeyou #trust #growth #theprocess #hewillnotgivememorethanicanhandle

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