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bafli13. ⚡

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builtupnorth. F U C K  I T  B U C K E T preorder opens at 8pm tonight. 

F U C K I T B U C K E T preorder opens at 8pm tonight. www.builtupnorth.com

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krizzadjarani. Pak! Awra 🌼😁 #girlpower #igdaily #selflove #instalove

Pak! Awra 🌼😁 #girlpower #igdaily #selflove #instalove

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nikolperut. Me and you. Five years and four months.

#couple #love #rose #girls #p
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I love what I do because I get to help people without having any personal motives behind it. . If you are having to market “only 10 spots left” asking people to be a “product model” or cold messaging everyone and anyone that comes across your feed, you’re doing it wrong babe. If you have to force people into a 3 month/ 90 day auto shipment or they get hit with a $50 cancellation fee, and you don’t feel your products say one, you need better products. . I used to be that girl. I used to be a human spambot. I used to hate the products just as much as the random customers did. ••• Now? I love my products and get to build {relationships} on a daily basis. QUALITY ————— quantity

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Quella ferita tra la terra e il cielo, che chiamiamo orizzonte

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Hey guys @bravechic @dancesofit @pee_jackson @__yasmino___ @tsolayee @ceenthyah @sister_ibee @bryannea_ @afrocan_bonnie @uzodenbia @mrsamworld @ugbemfit @officialwave__ @jemvaris @jacobscraigie @ca_ta_lyst Come workshop #backbends and also get a chance to win @writeryogamum invited me to this 🌺 #Repost @writeryogamum (@get_repost) ・・・ This one looks fun... . Who’s joining me? . @bimbo.yoga @thinkingschool @phashola @dadi_rukki Y’al up for a yoga challenge? . Posted @withrepost@stephottoyoga 🌺🌸New challenge!🌸🌺 Join us for #ALOBoutOpenHearts‪ from July 17 - July 26 as we work on backbends!‬ Backbends are energizing, powerful, invigorating and fun. We’ll guide you along this creative and introspective journey to discover your inner strength and find the courage to open your heart safely for backbends. This challenge is all about releasing your fears, connecting deep within and opening ourselves up to trust in others. We will also have fun exploring different variations of backbends. Our intent is to create a lightness and stability while opening your heart to tap into the radiant energy that lies within while ensuring we practise safely. ❤️Hosts: @stephottoyoga @elenorazampatti @alexzandrapeters @gesticulate @pigeatsfish . ❤️Poses: Day 1: Tiger pose Day 2: Cobra pose Day 3: Wild thing Day 4: Bow pose Day 5: Camel Day 6: Wheel Day 7: Dancer Day 8: King pigeon Day 9: Fish Day 10:Yogi’s choice . Follow all challenge guidelines and you could win $100 to @aloyoga plus a 6-month membership to @alo.moves! Here are the rules to be considered to win: 1️⃣ Repost the challenge flier and tag some friends to practice with you! 2️⃣ Follow all hosts and sponsors. 3️⃣ Post a snippet of your practice from each day of the challenge tagging all hosts, sponsors and using the hashtag #ALOBoutOpenHearts. 4️⃣ Make sure your profile is public so we can see your posts!

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alfredo_gozzolino. Squalo


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If you have a look at that picture you might think at first glance: that is Vietnam 🇻🇳 or Thailand 🇹🇭- in fact it is a place called Rijeka Crnojevica in tiny but really great Montenegro 🇲🇪. . . The river is flowing into Lake Skadar which is a beautiful place not crowded by tourists. Everything there seems to be green and blue (besides the boat on the river) and it is just amazing to see that spectacular scenery. . . I am sure I will go there again next year. Where are you spending your next vacation? . . . . #montenegro #crnagora #skadarlake #vietnam #thailand #instatravel #instamoment #instaphoto #igdaily #travelgram #photooftheday #picoftheday #instalike #instagood #instapic #instadaily #micklas #travelphotography #photographer #blogger_de #followmeto #rijekacrnojevica #naturelover #nature_perfection #mountain_world #takemeback #letsgoeverywhere #spectacular #nature_lovers #crnagora

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a whole new world a new fantastic point of view no one to tell us "no" or where to go or say were only dreaming

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cocokjm. ..happy life 🎀🎀..happy eat👀👀.
..viết status cho bảnh tỏn..rầu qá c

..happy life 🎀🎀..happy eat👀👀. ..viết status cho bảnh tỏn..rầu qá chời chời🤧🤧..đã là ngày thứ4 kô đc nhảy nhót😬😬.. . . . . . #lifestyle

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stemfloraldesign. Leah showing us how it’s done... and making it look so much easier tha

Leah showing us how it’s done... and making it look so much easier than it really is! 😂 That’s why we love her!

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