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the_suited_shootist. Last week Mickey Schuch and Craig Douglas sat down and talked at lengt

Last week Mickey Schuch and Craig Douglas sat down and talked at length on the Carry Trainer podcast about a bunch of topics. The one that resonated most with me was in the last 20 minutes of the show, where they discussed a trap I found myself caught in last year: getting so caught up and focused on defensive training that it consumes you, and suddenly that's all your life consists of. It's critical that we strike a balance between being effective defenders of life and living a life worth defending. Hence the photo. This simple little 4 oz glass is my Sunday routine. This little ritual, along with making breakfast for my wife are things that "spark joy" to use a trendy phrase. For some folks food and drink are purely necessities, viewed with the same apathy as gassing up the car. But why not make it enjoyable? Just because it's essential doesn't mean it can't also improve your life experience. Plus, do you have any idea what a pain in the ass is it to be in condition yellow with your head in a swivel when you're trying to steam milk for a cortado? Yes, this was a little rambling and disjointed, but my point is do your best to be well rounded. The baddest ass, most dangerous dudes I know are also amazing cooks, musicians, craftsmen, storytellers, mixologists, etc. Look at the samurai as an example: infamously deadly warriors that routinely spent time writing poetry or arranging flowers. What are you living for? ••• #thesuitedshootist #tacticalfoodie #ballisticgourmet #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #cortado #blackriflecoffee #caffeinatedlife #caffeinefix #irunoncaffeinechaosandcusswords #pocomabuono #ladolcevita #lifeworthliving #bewellrounded

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Brown rice, quinoa, and salmon. Split with a lady friend, and Murph. You know Murph had to get his. Not keto, but pretty healthy. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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s.a._bailey. This is delicious. Good call. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

This is delicious. Good call. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Just a lil snack. Cheese is always better off the block. Not easier, there’s a time and place for sliced and shredded, but off the block always tastes best. Fact. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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The before pic. Chicken for days. Trying to be healthy. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Getting my Stanley’s fix on. The double barrel of potato salad was someone else’s. Blues, BBQ, bourbon fuel my soul. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas #foodiesofinstagram

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the_suited_shootist. So Texans will recognize this breakfast staple:  chorizo & eggs, right

So Texans will recognize this breakfast staple: chorizo & eggs, right? Nope! I put a delightfully Italian twist on it. I give you nduja & eggs. A fermented, cured salumi, except it's soft and spreadable. Pick some up and try it! ••• #breakfast #salumi #nduja #sausageandeggs #fushioncuisine #italianfood #charcuterie #tacticalfoodie #ballisticgourmet #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys

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the_suited_shootist. Alton Brown is a national treasure. While I'm not partaking personally

Alton Brown is a national treasure. While I'm not partaking personally, it's still worth celebrating. 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 • • • #tacticalfatboy #tacticalfoodie #ballisticgourmet #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #nationaldonutday🍩 #Repost @altonbrown (@get_repost) ・・・ Live the dream. #nationaldonutday

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Sometimes you just need some fried catfish and a boudin egg roll and a cold beer. Sometimes only WaWa’s will do. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #foodiesofdallas #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofeasttexas

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the_suited_shootist. I haven't posted any good old fashioned food porn for a while.

I'm ta

I haven't posted any good old fashioned food porn for a while. I'm talking this long weekend as an opportunity to do some meal prep. My brisket only has 5 ingredients: 👉 meat🥩🐮🐄 👉 mustard 👉 gunpowder🧨🔫🎆💣 👉 145° water🌊💧🌡 👉 225° smoke🔥💨♨️ Yup, that's right. I cheat like crazy. I sous vide for 36 hours, then finish it in the smoke just to get the bark. I'll post the smoking & finished product on Monday. --- #thesuitedshootist #sousvide #mealprep #anovafoodnerd #anova #carnivore #professionalcarnivore #meateater #primebeef #usdaprime #texasbrisket #texasbarbecue #texasbbq #bbqbrisket #tacticalfoodie #ballisticgourmet #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #ifyouaintcheatingyouainttrying

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s.a._bailey. Pork chop, spinach salad, small helping of black beans, and half a gia

Pork chop, spinach salad, small helping of black beans, and half a giant sweet potato. Pretty delicious. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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s.a._bailey. Breakfast. About 7am. I’m gonna try to do at least 2-3 fasts this week

Breakfast. About 7am. I’m gonna try to do at least 2-3 fasts this week, but I’m not starting off with one because my sleep schedule is so screwed up. Besides, I’m trying to dial some things in. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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s.a._bailey. Trying to eat healthy. Spinach, sausage, rice, black beans. A couple s

Trying to eat healthy. Spinach, sausage, rice, black beans. A couple sprinkles of 4 blend cheese, and a drizzle of ranch. Good filler for wraps. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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Half chicken bacon ranch, half spinach Alfredo, split 3 ways, between me and Gordo (call it a working dinner), and Murph. Because you know you got to pay Murph the toll. Honestly, this was absolutely delicious. To be honest, and I got mad live for Ken’s because I delivered from there for so long-some things on their menu are fantastic. Some are ho fucking hum. The buffet, like all buffets, depends on when you hit it. I have never never had a bad chicken bacon ranch pizza from there. And the spinach Alfredo is both delicious and surprisingly luscious yet light. Highly recommended- just stay off the beaten path. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy

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Not a pretty pic. I’m still pretty badly stove the fuck up. Today is going to be a long day of moderate but responsible self medication writing at my desk, with intermittent stretching it out in bed and the recliner. Was going to try to do a 24 hour fast, since I had a big late lunch yesterday, but didn’t feel like fighting the lightheaded head ache in order to write. That is a large sausage patty (maple flavored), not a small burger, three farm fresh eggs, Colby jack cheese (I fucked up the timing, cooked everything in the same pan since I was hurting too bad to stand and mind different burners- so the cheese most of the cheese didn’t melt, except for some I got folded in the eggs quick enough for the residual heat to take care of). The bread is this weird generic super thick white bread that is almost cake in texture. I need to get it out of the house because it is about as close to keto as ice cream. However, the sides of the bread you don’t see did get a very nice toast. It wasn’t as big a meal as it looks, but it was still more than I wanted. Fortunately, Murph was there to handle bidness. My best good #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #writergunguy #foodiesofinstagram

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Stuffed cabbage, Mac n cheese, and sweet potatoes. Everything was really delicious, as always. I feel like I could eat the stuffed cabbage every single day. The Mac and cheese was appropriately luscious, with just a little zing in the mix. Sweet potatoes are like a warm piece of heaven. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #athenstx #foodiesofinstagram #foodiesofdallas

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Georgia Chronicles Part IV: A low key day, and date night. It's become a tradition that we always catch a show wherever we're traveling. This time, it was Cinderella. Beforehand, we grabbed a bite at @publikatl I had a Bootstrap (applejack, amaro, bitters, and a little maple syrup), which was great. My lovely bride had a cucumber jalapeno martini (tasty as well). The fried oysters were spot on. Great crust, not even approaching overcooked. Definitely the best item on the table. The fries were good, nothing special. The wings however were a homerun. I'm glad that "Korean" is trendy now, because the balance of flavors & textures makes things way more interesting & enjoyable. Sticky, sweet, sour, and spicy. And they still kept great crunch. All in all a great night. --- #foodporn #tacticalfoodie #tacticalfatboy #ballisticgourmet #behardtokidnap #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #datenight #eatingatlanta #barfood #koreanwings #friedoysters #dinnerandashow #cocktail #cocktails #mixology #makeitadouble #darkandbitter

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Georgia Chronicles Part III: Our day was filled with visits to the Coca Cola Museum & CNN Headquarters (funny story about that later). CNN Studios was an interesting and visually impressive insight into their operations. It's a veritable city. Their offices occupy what was formerly a 20+ story hotel building. The Coke tour was fun, albeit kinda felt like one big commercial. Although the history of the brand WAS interesting, as they seemed to be on the forefront of the "Lifestyle Brand" concept. Plus you got to taste different Coke products from all over the world. For me, the highlight of the day was our anniversary dinner (surprise surprise). I picked @holemanandfinch because it got so much hype and press (most notably by the late @anthonybourdain ). I'll break down the whole meal, but I'll cut to the chase: Yes, the burger is absolutely all it's cracked up to be. This was my first exposure to the Last Word cocktail. It was delightful, and a great aperitivo. We ordered a few appetizers, and the burger. The Deviled Egg Trio was pickle, buffalo, and bacon. All simple, straight forward, and perfectly executed. The country ham and pate were phenomenal, and the sweet pickled habanero & strawberry jam were beautiful accompaniments. The Johnny Cake with Bacon & Sorghum Syrup was amazing. Slightly bitter, both from the char of the cake, and the syrup. The smoke and fat from the bacon, and the sweetness of corn cake all balanced. The burger: it's just a fucking cheeseburger...... but it's perfect. Literally perfect. Nothing but pickle &a little thinly sliced red onion. No sauces, just meat, cheese, & bun. Easily top 5 burgers I've ever had. Attire for the evening was a silk, un-vented sports jacket from Christian Dior, and a two-tone blue graph check button down by Canali. The Florsheim spectators were chosen because I'd be attending a plantation style wedding, so I thought they added a bit if southern aristocratic flair. My watch, a Tissot Le Locle, was gifted to me by my lovely wife on our first anniversary, and is a crown jewel of my collection. Topping off a pair it Arizona Jeans from the most prestigious boutique of JC Penny. They fit & wear wonderfully.

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Georgia Chronicles Part II: Next day was the Georgia Zoo. The first photo is another example of how invasive Disney's presence had gotten...Pumba has his own Lion King Experience exhibit right inside the gate. It was a great way to burn an afternoon, especially since the weather was so phenomenal. We had a late lunch at @firepitatl Great wine selection. A Cava rose was perfect for a hot day. I had the porchetta sandwich and brussel sprouts, Danielle had the wings with Unicorn Dust. Gonna have to go back, if only for the cocktail menu. --- #foodporn #tacticalfoodie #tacticalfatboy #ballisticgourmet #behardtokidnap #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #firepitpizza #rosesummer #spanishwine #porchetta #brusselsprouts #zooatlanta #baldeagle #americanaf #freedomthefuckon #pandaexhibit

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Georgia Chronicles: I was so busy paying attention to my lovely wife, and all the festivities of the wedding weekend that I wasn't posting real-time. MAN is Atlanta a great food city. One of Danielle's friends suggested we meet for lunch at Ponce City Market. We opted for fried chicken from @hopschicken . It was damn tasty, and felt like it came out of a grandmother's kitchen. Well you can't have fried chicken without a beer, so I slid down to @thetaponponce and got a great brew from @boulevard_beer Rye on Rye, a rye ale aged in whiskey barrels. Dessert was a recommendation from April, and we got several donuts from @five_daughters_bakery The King Kong was the winner by far. The Chocolate Sea Salt and Parent Trap were good, but the Kong was just better. Great texture, balance of flavor, and the buttercream was left you drenched in satisfaction and shame.

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s.a._bailey. Cheeseburger salad, w three eggs sunny side up. Italian dressing is be

Cheeseburger salad, w three eggs sunny side up. Italian dressing is best on sandwiches. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys

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Went full on fat kid today at @penasdonutheaven (ok I was with the wife, and no we didn't finish it all in one sitting) This was my first time trying their cinnamon rolls, and MAN are they sweet. Definitely needs coffee or something to cut through the sugar. Tasty to be sure, just benefits from a counterpoint. The whole trip started because of their newest item: The Tamale Donut. It's a pork tamale... wrapped in a glazed donut. AMAZING! Great combination of flavors & textures. Their boudin kolache has always been a favorite. The cheese was an interesting touch. The fried chicken donut is pretty self-explanatory. Great textures. Got even better with a little hot sauce. The donut breakfast sandwich is how I got introduced to Peña's in the first place. My wife was like "you've GOT to try this place" when we first got together. --- #tacticalfatboy #tacticalfoodie #ballisticgourmet #foodiegunguy #foodiegunguys #pearlandfoodies #pearlandeats #sinnersunday #fatandhappy #donuts #peñasdonutheavenandgrill #foodcoma #drinkinbrosfoodies #dbfollow #dbfollowtrain #cheatday

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Not sure how I feel about this one. I don’t think this is a universal sauce, probably have to be careful with what you use it on. The adventure continues. #sabaileyproject #foodiegunguys #libertarianjingoist

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Taco Tuesday! #tacos #tacotuesday #foodiegunguys

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