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The US should adopt a hut system like what is common throughout Europe. It was so lovely to hike two hours into the mountains and be greeted with a cold drink and a warm meal. We got to the pictured Italian hut at the end of the day. No one else was in sight and they were closing up for the night. For some reason this meant the drinks were free. 😊 . . . . . #italy #italy🇮🇹 #italytravel #dolomites #dolomiten #unescoworldheritage #unesco

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Happy #nationalphotographyday to all my fellow creators out there who inspire me on a daily basis 📸 ↟ In honor of it, I thought I’d circle back to my favorite day as a photographer thus far - the day the sky caught fire over the Great Sand Dunes 🔥 ↟ This day sums up the life of any good landscape photographer - patience and premeditation. @markonthemove and I waited out in the back of his truck as a giant sandstorm blew through, hoping we weren’t going to have to call it quits and make the long drive back North. . Luckily, our patience prevailed, and the sky returned the favor putting on the best sunset show I’ve seen to date. These little moments of shock and awe and overwhelming excitement combined with the inspiration of others are what make me passionate about getting out there and pursuing this journey every day. ✌🏼 . . . . #nationalparkgeek #outtherecolorado #nationalparkfans #nationalparkservice #ourplanet #natgeoadventure #earthfocus #earth_pix #worldprime #mountainstones #ourplanet #coloradogram #viewcolorado #earthoutdoors #coloradoshared #coloradolive #westbysouthwest #coloradotography #coloradountamed #amongthewild #wildandco #wildernesstones #choosemountains #discover_earth #nature_good #WWTTY #artoftheshutter44

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Really just wanting to go back to the Tetons for some more sunrises and sunsets. Swipe right to see how good at long boarding I am 😏

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Our original hiking plans took a detour due to the wildfire smoke in Cooper Landing so we ended up taking a more leisurely hike on the Johnson Pass Trail this past weekend. With a little bushwhacking we found a lake all to ourselves amongst the mountains to swim, we picked several types of berries, and I somehow avoided all of the overgrown cow parsnip... all in all another great hike to add to the books in AK.

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‘s 25K Giveaway winner is @tammylantrip ! Congratulations Tammy! Please send us a direct message with your contact information, so we can send out your prize package. Once we have that, you should receive it within 1-2 weeks. Thanks for participating in our giveaway! Another big thanks to @janglesbyjan for providing some of the merchandise!

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I’m not much of an ocean girl but throw in some big rocks + pine trees and I’m there 😂🌲🌊

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Squeezing in one more trip this summer! Check out this #nofilter view atop Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada - home to the Whistler Olympic Village. Hoping to see bears on a (guided) hike tomorrow. If not, I’ll look for alpine birdies. 🐻💕🐦 . . #themountainsarecalling #alpineviews #whistler

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jacksonpineco. Hope you had a beary good day! 🐻 ☀️ @jacksonpineco 📷: @merknmountain

Hope you had a beary good day! 🐻 ☀️ @jacksonpineco 📷: @merknmountains

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What are some of your road trip shenanigans? I sing (poorly) almost the entire time when I’m by myself on the open road 🤘🏽 A brand new episode of #ThePursuitIsHappiness is available now! A special shoutout to @incubusofficial, @weezer, @deathcabforcutie and @heislegendnc for the jams on this last trip!

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This past weekend’s adventure, I practiced shooting misty waterfalls again in preparation for my Iceland trip✌🏽I’m super pleased with the effects of my new B&W Polarizer filter! I leave for Iceland in 5 days and I cannot wait!😍👍🏽

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This was a tiring climb. The last 1,000’ of elevation was all scree - take two steps, slide down 2 feet. Difficult and well worth the effort!

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I’ve drank coffee in a lot of places, I really have, but this may be my all-time favorite. An outcropping of rock served as the ideal spot to watch the day start while brewing up some liquid gold. Two or three cups later - along with some environmentally induced introspection - I felt pretty damn good about the day ahead.

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pduncs_life_elevated. In honor of World Photography Day, here are 10 of my favorite captures

In honor of World Photography Day, here are 10 of my favorite captures over the last 2 years!

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vvvictoriaaaaaa. Hi guys! My names Vicky and here are some things you should know about

Hi guys! My names Vicky and here are some things you should know about me 👋 I once slept through a hurricane and I love to drink my smoothies out of wine glass because ya know #fancy 🍷 🐘 I have scrapbooked every event since freshman year of high school 📖 Hula hooping is my jam ✨ And I’ve been trying to learn to French braid my hair for approximately 20 years and still can’t 🤷🏽‍♀️ Okay now tell me something about you!!! . . . #thirtysomething #hulahooping #hulahoopinghippies #momoftwoboys #stepmoms #introduceyourself #goodvibes #sahm #breastfeedingmomma #raisinggentlemen #motherhoodinsquares #mommiesandbabies #motherhoodlife #realparenthood #lovemakesafamily #raisingtinyhumans #blessedmama #mynameismama #thesearethedays #nursingmomma #honestparenthood #optoutside #greettheoutdoors #freshairandfreedom #amongthewild #letskeepitwild #liveyouradventure #nokidleftinside #movementisgood

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