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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk @weedmaps The Endocannabinoid System


#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk @weedmaps The Endocannabinoid System Every function in our bodies requires a specific balance of factors in order to perform at maximum capacity. When this balance is achieved, it’s called homeostasis. The endogenous cannabinoid, or endocannabinoid system (ECS), plays a major role in survival by helping to maintain homeostasis in fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals (including humans). Pain, stress, appetite, energy metabolism, cardiovascular function, reward and motivation, reproduction, and sleep are just a few of the functions the endogenous cannabinoid system is involved in. The ECS consists of three main components: “messenger” molecules that our bodies synthesize, the receptors these molecules bind to, and the enzymes that break them down. This system is present throughout the entire body — it’s on immune cells in our bloodstream, on our nerves throughout our extremities, on the entire axis of the spinal cord, and in virtually every cell in our entire brain. There are even cannabinoid receptors in our skin. The body naturally produces two known cannabinoid molecules: anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). Because anandamide was only discovered in the 1990s, there is still a great deal of research and study to be done in order to fully understand these endocannabinoid molecules. Anandamide and 2-AG seek out cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. While these two receptors have been the most studied by scientists, there are others. Anandamide and 2-AG also activate TRPV proteins. TRPV proteins are responsible for the body’s sensations of heat and cold. For example, that heat you experience when you eat chili peppers — that’s a TRPV response. ... go to www.weedmaps For more

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ladydizebra. #cannadifyi💯💚 Happy #FriHighDay from #MyMagicLife #FitOver55 #EDS #M

#cannadifyi💯💚 Happy #FriHighDay from #MyMagicLife #FitOver55 #EDS #MS #DDD #Dysautonomia ... I don’t mind cooler weather (remember I’ve lived most of my life in Ontario, Canada 🥶) but this is the one year I want some sunlight and heat for my baby girl. I have never grown my own cannabis before. I know very little about growing cannabis other than to grow it properly it’s a lot of work and a labor of love for sure. ..... I just use these pots and cages I had from the farm for my herb and tomato gardens. I’ll have to put finer netting around the her later. I wish I could bring her inside. .... ... Checking my #GorgeousGreenGanja #BlueThunder and smoking some fine bud from #TheRealGreenThumb she grows magic medicine @kelly_ritter .... I have had a lot of bud since landing here in Oregon thanksgiving weekend 2015. OMMP since December 2015. I still do not have a grower for my medicine #RSO #CBD #THC ... #KindestKelly gave me this bud and I don’t know what it is but it’s magic. This is the same cultivar I was medicating with before I left on vacation that helped me clear my lungs totally. In addition, I am actually feeling the effects from smoking this bud without concentrate. I normally don’t because of my tolerance and chronic conditions. .... When #Cannabis is grown with organic TLC, it creates a whole different dynamic. .... Thank you to Kelly and her team of manly men for growing the greatest medicine on earth. They work hard and long hours for our medicine. I’m forever grateful to these people who make my (our) life-saving medicine.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonesHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur Canadian police have

#RollingStonesHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur Canadian police have reported no significant changes in the number of cannabis-related impaired driving crimes post legalization, the Canadian Press reports. However, police say it is too early to release hard data on the issue. In Ontario, police said the bulk of charges filed under the new law was for driving a vehicle with cannabis readily available; the law requires cannabis products to be out of reach of the driver usually in the trunk. In Manitoba, that number is just 87 in six months. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Paul Manaigre attributed those charges to people not trying to hide their cannabis products from police in their vehicles. “We provide a reminder to treat it like alcohol and store in the trunk instead of on the front seat.” – Manaigre, in an email to the Canadian Press. According to the casual survey of police departments throughout the nation, only in Alberta were there a significant uptick in stoned driving charges. From Oct. 17 to Apr. 10, 58 people were cited with drug-impaired driving charges, compared to 32 during the same six-month period in 2018. Chief Const. Mike Serr of the Abbotsford, British Columbia Police Department, who co-chairs the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police’s drug advisory committee, said that while officers do crack down on illicit cannabis producers when they come to law enforcement’s attention, they are prioritizing investigations into deadly drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine. 173SHARES

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #cannadilife🌈 The more you know… Or don’t
If you don

#RollingStonedHQ #cannadilife🌈 The more you know… Or don’t If you don’t experiment, you will never learn. If you do not fail, you cannot learn. Repeat until you get it right. That’s what it’s all about. That is life. Life is about not quitting.. You can do it. 💪🏽💪🏽 #educate #Motivate #Evolve #TopShelfTalk Thank you for finding this gem @debbiariel7 💞💚💞

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur Canadian licensed pr

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur Canadian licensed producer Canopy Growth announced this week its intent to acquire U.S.-based Acreage Holdings in a $3.4 billion deal once cannabis becomes federally legal in the U.S. According to a MarketWatch report, an insider source said the deal was “98% done.” Part of the deal includes an immediate $300 million payment from Canopy Growth to Acreage Holdings. The acquisition must be delayed because of Toronto Stock Exchange rules that say publicly listed companies (like Canopy Growth) cannot possess any illegal holdings at the risk of being de-listed, and cannabis remains a federally prohibited business in the U.S. Acreage Holdings is one of the leading multi-state cannabis operators in the U.S. with its footprint (including pending acquisitions) having recently stretched to 20 different state markets. The company also boasts several high-profile board members, including former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld. “Today we announce a complex transaction with a simple objective. Our right to acquire Acreage secures our entrance strategy into the United States as soon as a federally-permissible pathway exists. By combining Acreage’s management team, licenses and assets with Canopy Growth’s intellectual property and brands, there will be tremendous value creation for both companies’ shareholders.” — Bruce Linton, chairman and co-CEO of Canopy Growth, in a press release “From the first day we created our company, providing exceptional customer care and delivering shareholder value have been our top priorities. This transaction will help accomplish both,” Kevin Murphy — Acreage Holdings’ chairman, CEO, and president — said in the release. Until cannabis is federally legalized in the U.S. and the deal carried out, the companies will continue to operate independently.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur The Washington state

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with @ganjapreneur The Washington state House of Representatives has approved a bill expunging nearly 69,000 misdemeanor cannabis convictions, according to The News Tribune. The bill, which originated in the Senate, passed the House in a 69-29 vote on Tuesday and now returns to the Senate for the reconciliation of one amendment added by state representatives. The House amendment specifies that the bill would also apply to misdemeanor cannabis convictions resulted from municipal rules in addition to those charges brought under state law. If re-approved by the Senate, the bill will head to Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk for his signature. “This proved you can do transformative justice reform issues and it’s a bipartisan thing. Our unjust laws of the past shouldn’t hold you back from being successful in the future.” — Bill sponsor state Sen. Joe Nguyen (D) The Washington State Patrol said that 58,864 individuals with 68,543 misdemeanor cannabis convictions would be eligible for expungement under the proposal. Individuals with cleared convictions would be able to write on job and housing applications that they were never convicted of those cannabis-related crimes. Earlier this year, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) said he would pardon a collection of cannabis convicts but the Legislature’s proposal would go much further than the governor’s plan. State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D) — who sponsored the House version of the bill — has been pushing for similar legislation ever since voters chose in 2012 to end cannabis prohibition via a successful voter initiative. “The King and Pierce County prosecutors chose [then] to dismiss all pending marijuana misdemeanor possession charges in their jurisdictions. I thought that was a great step,” Rep. Fitzgibbon said in a statement. “The voters no longer felt the possession of small amounts of marijuana should be a crime for people 21 and over.” Sen. Nguyen and Rep. Fitzgibbon appeared together in a video on the senator’s Facebook page discussing the bill’s successful passage.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ Happy #HumpDay
Nature seems to always reset my h

#RollingStonedHQ Happy #HumpDay .... Nature seems to always reset my human system. This stoner is also getting hormone D. It’s the sunshine hormone it’s not a vitamin. What better place to medicate. Where do you medicate and meditate? ... We promote healthy attainable lifestyles #FitOver55 #UseItOrLoseIt #Educate #Motivate #Evolve #TopShelfTalk

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ladydizebra. #cannadilife💨😅💚 You can educate the ignorant, motivate the lazy and

#cannadilife💨😅💚 You can educate the ignorant, motivate the lazy and gets most thinking humans to evolve. One thing you can’t do is fix stupid. Save your breath and your energy! ... #Educate #Motivate #Evolve #TopShelfTalk coming this 420 on Utube

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with #Repost @greenplusrx
A study s

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with #Repost @greenplusrx ・・・ A study showed that 80% of children with autism saw improvements after administering CBD. 🌱 ---------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Green Plus Remedies makes no claim to support the symptoms that CBD may help to solve. #GreenPlusRemedies #CBD #WorldAutismAwarenessDay #WellnessFirst #HealthAndWellness #MentalWellness #PTSD #Anxiety #CBDBenefits #BrainPower #NotAlone #HealthMatters #HealthyLifestyle #Happiness #ChooseCBD #DoctorPreferred #HealthAndWellness #Supplements #Wellnesswins #WellnessThatWorks

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ladydizebra. #cannadifyi💯💚 Happiest of #FriHighDays y’all eh.
One bad apple

#cannadifyi💯💚 Happiest of #FriHighDays y’all eh. .... One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch! ... I get a little tired of seeing one-sided posts on both sides of the sex war. Not one sex is inherently worse than the other. There is certainly good and bad on both sides of the fence. However, there have been those few white privileged misogynistic toxic white males that have made it bad for all of the rest of the white males. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t hate me for saying so. Am I wrong? .... Just recently I was faced with a sociopathic narcissist who was even worse than the male misogynistic narcissists. This entity proclaimed all men were lesser and evil. She had not even been out of The USA. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ... Also, don’t judge a book by its cover! Some of the worst characters are wrapped up in the prettiest of packages. ... ... Educate, motivate and evolve. Join me and my cohost On YouTube this 4/20 for #TopShelfTalk 🤞🏽💞 #DiJuProductions #19Enterprises ... For giggles and shitzzz Google 6630507 uh huh

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ  #TopShelfTalk 
Even the aliens know #Cannabis is dop

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk Even the aliens know #Cannabis is dope medication. ... Switch to all natural cannabis. It’s out of this world.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk this is life-saving Rick Simpson oil #R

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk this is life-saving Rick Simpson oil #RSO it is all plant products and ingested. It’s cures our many with #Repost @ladydizebra ・・・ #cannadifyi💯💚 History in the making! Look what I made mom! 4-10-2019 #RSO #MedicineWoman #LadyDiZebra #WitchyWeedWomanRSO #WWWRSO This is a very potent CBD:THC 1:1 ... This is my main stay medication. #mypotrx #mypotporn #mypotpassion ... Thank you to all those who donated to make this possible @cumuluscandies @toromamaluvsclouds @kelly_ritter @rolling.stoned.hq ... I’m forever grateful to these real women in #cannabis

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk With @ganjapreneur Way to go Texas Texa

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk With @ganjapreneur Way to go Texas Texas Farm Bureau spokesman Gene Hall lauded the law changes, calling hemp “a crop that makes sense” for the state due to its drought-resistant properties; although he indicated there would be a strong testing program due to hemp’s similarity to the illegal, high-THC, cannabis plant. The legalization of hemp also means the legalization of hemp-derived CBD in the state, Miller said. “Anything that can medically take away someone’s pain or relieve their tensions or whatever they’re taking it for, we should use it,” he said in the report. However, Shannon Edmonds, staff attorney with the Texas District and County Attorneys Association, indicated the law changes don’t clear up the legality of hemp products in the state. “It’s really not going to have any direct impact other than to confuse people even more,” Edmonds told NBCDFW. Lisa L. Pittman, a cannabis law attorney, told NBCDFW that removing hemp from the state’s controlled substances list doesn’t actually make hemp legal and the legislature needs to take action to remove the criminal penalties. Texas’ medical cannabis program permits only low-THC products, akin to hemp-derived CBD, with limits of just 0.5 percent THC – the federal Farm Bill defines hemp as containing 0.3 percent THC. 2.5kSHARES

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with The leader of the green pack, she’

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with The leader of the green pack, she’s the one to watch out for #Repost @merakigardens ・・・ Sativa city over here! Trying to grow a few 10-14 week sativas is tough, especially in the Oregon market. However the people have spoken and we are trying to bring some special Genetics to the people! #haze #nigerian #columbian #nigeriansilk #columbianhaze #ripneville #a5haze #c5haze #unlockyoursenses

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istefhanie. #Repost @rolling.stoned.hq
• • • • •
#RollingStonedHQ 🌈 The more you

#Repost @rolling.stoned.hq • • • • • #RollingStonedHQ 🌈 The more you know… Or don’t ... #TopShelfTalk #WitchyWeedWoman with #Repost @plantromance ・・・ How are you creating more neurons? 🧠 Clearly a lot of you wanted to know what neurogenesis was, so I provided a short and simple description along with things that you can do to increase your Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, a protein that acts as “miracle-grow for your brain”, as Harvard psychiatrist John Ratey calls them 🌱 Hot Tip 🔥 Mushrooms have also been found to help many brain functions along with much more. Lions mane is my favourite, but cordyceps, reishi, chaga and just about any (safe) edible mushroom would help as well 🍄

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ 
Coming this 420 to a YouTube channel near you #TopSh

#RollingStonedHQ Coming this 420 to a YouTube channel near you #TopShelfTalk ..... Talking with me and another cohost about the many issues not only in the cannabis industry but in our ever-changing society. ... More details coming. 🙏🏽💪🏽🙌🏽 .... (... and this is what happens when I take my #dabbreak at work, 😂) .... #WitchyWeedWoman can take a drink, burp, fart and even probably shit my pants BUT I choose not to on Instagram ATM. I know y’all are breathing a sigh relief right now eh🤷🏻‍♀️😂) AND still #dab 💨💨 ... How many y’all can dance at all at #FitOver55 and how many you can #dabNdance ? @hash2k revival 😂💪🏽💞 .... No this eh lady has not come off the rails but I definitely want to get your attention. Read for yourself and for your own health. Google 6630507 Its only one of many patents that the US government has on #cannabis 🤦🏻‍♀️ .... #TopShelfTalk #Educate #Motivate #Evolve THANK YOU SO MUCH @cumuluscandies for the #CumulusSwag #SuckMeSwag #SuckMe .... We appreciate your awesome swag as well as your award winning edible/Medibles. ....

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ladydizebra. #cannadifyi💯💚 Happy April fools. Hope y’all had a great lifted fun d

#cannadifyi💯💚 Happy April fools. Hope y’all had a great lifted fun day. ... No fooling ... I’m making peace with my body. still hard for me to see myself. #Dysmorphia Cellulite and saggy skin will not keep me from wearing shorts again. I had cellulite when I was very young and I believe due to severe hormonal imbalance. I also could not gain muscle and had poor muscle tone, chronic fatigue from swelling. #. #EDS #Dysautonomia #hed .... I’ve been able to put on muscle due to controlling my hormones, switching to all natural #cannabis medication and eating very differently. The narcissist estranged told me, amongst other unflattering things that my flesh looked like it was melting. I can’t help my connective tissue disease, nor the fact that when he left me I was over 15 pounds lighter and sometimes my skin does look lax after all I am #FitOver55 .... It’s my birthday month and I’m turning 5?. i’m so excited about the start of #MyNewLife 🙏🏽 ... I didn’t think I’d be alive to see the day nor do I ever think of you making videos on Instagram doing #dabs 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 let life take you where you may and enjoy the ride. Don’t worry about what the others think. we love you and #MyTribe #50ShadesOfHuman #710 #42 #THC #CBD #RSO #TopShelfTalk

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ladydizebra. #cannadilife💨😅💚 My trip to #WallyWorld #MyWallyWorld 
What is laugh

#cannadilife💨😅💚 My trip to #WallyWorld #MyWallyWorld What is laughing man coffee? ... There are good product to be found everywhere but you have to be vigilant and read labels. ... Join me and Julie on #TopShelfTalk on our YouTube channel premiering this 4/20 for more about healthy lifestyles and living On a budget.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk just in case you didn’t know....
John F

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk just in case you didn’t know.... John F. Kennedy medicated with #Cannabis Cannabis is also saved for the royalty like Queen Victoria. The queen used cannabis for relief fom her menstrual cycle.

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk
#Cannabis can prevent brain deteriorati

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk #Cannabis can prevent brain deterioration with #Repost @canna_cannivore ・・・ Cannabis is medicine and Cannabis can cure. The fact that it can help patients with Alzheimer’s demonstrates its medicinal benefits.

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istefhanie. #Repost @rolling.stoned.hq
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#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk 

#Repost @rolling.stoned.hq • • • • • #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk #cannabinoid deficiency and our food supply/environment causes most cancers (non-genetic). ... #endocannabinoidsystem #Cannabis #710 #420 #CannabisCures

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk 
#cannabinoid deficiency and our food s

#RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk #cannabinoid deficiency and our food supply/environment causes most cancers (non-genetic). ... #endocannabinoidsystem #Cannabis #710 #420 #CannabisCures

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #WitchyWeedWoman 
When you are in the #Cannabis Indus

#RollingStonedHQ #WitchyWeedWoman When you are in the #Cannabis Industry, you are living on the edge. [Greedy people… There’s something wrong with your eyes] .... Things will settle as the market grows and matures. ... Anybody agree with me? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? ... You can’t use banks or any financial institutions at the moment for transactions. We are just now starting to get insurances but who can afford them. Most everything is cash or bartering system out of necessity. Some have even risked their lives and lost and lost entire savings and families all for the healing properties of this miraculous plant. .... I medicate to stay alive and moving. #EDS #MS #DDD #Dysautonomia BUT if I did not need cannabis medically, I would certainly be participating in it recreationally and taking #CBD #RSO as preventative medication. ... Come join #TopShelfTalk with Di & Julie On YouTube this #420 This channel called #TopShelfTalk is more than just about cannabis. it could get hot! 😬 .... THANK you @iamstevent #KissMeSteven @Aerosmith For this brilliant song. .... THANK YOU @snikel_fritz Who made this lovely #SweepyDoll I adore my #RecycledWarrior #lorisnikelfritz 🥰

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonesHQ #TopShelfTalk with @vaporglassdenver 🙌🏽💚🙌🏽

#RollingStonesHQ #TopShelfTalk with @vaporglassdenver 🙌🏽💚🙌🏽

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ladydizebra. #cannadifyi🌈 The more you know… Or don’t.

#cannadifyi🌈 The more you know… Or don’t. ... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 There is a YouTube channel called #TopShelfTalk and this is what #DiJuProductions will be talking about. We will be launching this station on #420 2019. Stay tuned! ... What’s does it take to make a healthy life? ... How do you maintain balance in today’s world? ... How do you know what is healthy and what is not? ... Is #Cannabis Real medicine and is it completely safe? .... #Educate #Motivate #Evolve

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ 🌈 The more you know… Or don’t
#TopShelfTalk #Wit

#RollingStonedHQ 🌈 The more you know… Or don’t ... #TopShelfTalk #WitchyWeedWoman with #Repost @plantromance ・・・ How are you creating more neurons? 🧠 Clearly a lot of you wanted to know what neurogenesis was, so I provided a short and simple description along with things that you can do to increase your Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, a protein that acts as “miracle-grow for your brain”, as Harvard psychiatrist John Ratey calls them 🌱 Hot Tip 🔥 Mushrooms have also been found to help many brain functions along with much more. Lions mane is my favourite, but cordyceps, reishi, chaga and just about any (safe) edible mushroom would help as well 🍄

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istefhanie. 🎶🎶Baby i got it🎶🎶🎶
#Repost @ladydizebra
• • • • •

🎶🎶Baby i got it🎶🎶🎶 ❤❤❤❤Her🔥🔥 #Repost @ladydizebra • • • • • #cannadifyi💯💚 ON THIS #HappySundayFunDay 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 we are coming back after our shut down yesterday.💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💨💨💨 ... PLEASE Break on through to the other side and support #Repost @rolling.stoned.hq ・・・ #RollingStonedHQ #TopShelfTalk with #WitchyWeedWoman PRODUCT REVIEW @merakigardens .... Saturday, our entire group was gifted some bud/ flower, pre-rolls, chilling stick (glass joint or flower holder smoker), a gratitude notebook and more upon the impromptu tour of their zen green #Cannabis gardens. ..... You could think I would be prejudiced because I was so impressed by their state of the art (I’m drooling) grow/business/soon-to-be zen empire but I am not. .... I always say the proof is in the pudding. I thought I would take this gifted pre-roll and enjoy it somewhere beautiful. Unfortunately it was too cold and windy to stay outside. .... [Disclaimer. Be a responsible and safe stoner. Never drive under the influence of any substance. Ignition off keys away. OMMP Compliance cases] .... Pre-roll was #TopShelfPreRolls not only was very pretty to look at but it delivered. I don’t take tiny little puffs of smoke and I tend to smoke very quickly and a lot. most blunts and pre-rolls canoe on me. ... I think you can see this was good to the last bud! #thc #cbd #Sativa #Indica .... This is exactly what I needed and it hit the spot. I can’t wait to see how the next one burns. It’s a job and somebody has to do it. Who better than Iron lungs as @istefhanie once named. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂😘 ... I give this product 💨💨💨💨💨 and #MerakiGardens company’s brain child Stacie ~ much RESPECT. Much much respect to you lady! #Entrepreneur #WomenOfWeed #FutureFortune500 #EmpoweredWomen #710 #420 #CannabisCommunity

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rolling.stoned.hq. #RollingStonedHQ #WitchyWeedWoman 
End the stigma and prohibition will

#RollingStonedHQ #WitchyWeedWoman End the stigma and prohibition will end shortly after. .... Just because I enjoy weed does not mean I solicited or use illegal drugs. ... Some people really need to get a life Or I should say education #TopShelfTalk ... Rolling Stoned Mag was taken down by a nobody who thought my dabbing with my nectar collector was illegal even though I explained to them it was not. They then threatened me and said they were gonna call the police. 😱😂 #NotBornYesterday ... #Cannabis is a beautiful plant full of cannabinoids for our #endocannabinoidsystem . Thank you Mother Nature. #DoNotFuckWithMyMedicine .... Even if you don’t medicate with cannabis, someone you know probably does. .... Right now I am #Dabbing so this #SexyStoner to be lol get herself to the gym with this #BHO #THC Staying #FitOver55 Surviving #EDS #MS #DDD #Dysautonomia ....

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