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Jewelry is like the perfect spice, it already compliments what is there!⁣ ⁣ Another reason I love jewelry is that it makes you unique to anyone else. ⁣ ⁣ Being unique is so important, it’s your own sense of style and the way you express yourself through that! ⁣ ⁣ I absolutely love @mejuri and the fine jewelry they provide for everyday wear. ⁣ Lately I have really been into dainty gold pieces, like these cute earrings.⁣ ⁣ What type of jewelry piece is your favorite to wear? Necklaces, Earrings, or Rings? Comment your favorite below 👇🏼⁣ ⁣ #boiseblogger #idahoblogger #boisegal #mejuri #mejuripartner #mejurijewelry #statementpieces #stylediaries #whatiwore #finejewelry #fashionjewelry #jewelrygram

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sissysaintemarie. 🐚 Delicate pearl hoops #mejuri @mejuri

🐚 Delicate pearl hoops #mejuri @mejuri

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prettibunny. Finally part of the @mejuri family! @hayleysuen_ ,  @glow.with.mae and

Finally part of the @mejuri family! @hayleysuen_ , @glow.with.mae and other beautiful insta people’s pretty pix of their Mejuri goodies finally convinced me to take the plunge. I was a teeny bit worried that they wouldn’t look as pretty as they do in my instafeed, but I’m happy to report that they’re even prettier! I love dainty jewelry, and these are so beautifully designed! Fits my style perfectly and I’m so happy I got them ❤️ I’m going to sneakily mention these to my husband just in case he ever needs ideas for an anniversary gift 😋 Where do you get your jewelry? Are you a more is more kind of jewelry person or can’t be bothered? * * * * * * * * * * * * #mejuri #mejurijewelry #mejurinecklace #daintyjewelry #jewelry #everydayfinejewellery #finejewelry #beautymess #mejurihaul #blackfridayhaul #beautyjunkie #beautylover #beautyaddict #beautyaddiction #beautyobsessed #beautyobsession #asianbeautyblogger #discoverunder1k #beautycommunity #goldjewelry #jewelrygram

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missing warmer days + the sun not setting at 3 pm

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Alive and doing very well ✨

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isntitdarling. All day every day 💫 #mejuri

All day every day 💫 #mejuri

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karihoshi. love that morning light ✨✨ @mejuri #mejuri

love that morning light ✨✨ @mejuri #mejuri

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@mejuri dreams come true🌙✨ #mejuri

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a.renaissance.woman. Safe to say, this skirt is more photogenic than I am.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Safe to say, this skirt is more photogenic than I am.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sezane #sezaneaddict #sezanelovers #parisianstyle #mejuri #goldjewelry #satinskirt #teatime #everydaymadewell #thefinecrew #parisianchic #frenchgirlstyle #minimalstyle #minimalfashion #sweaterweather

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#Decadeofskincare Day 1 (more info in my story!) . One of the best things I’ve learned throughout my skincare journey is there’s no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to skincare! My favorite thing about skincare is it’s SO personal and your routine can be tailored to your skin type and your skin’s needs at that given time. Unfortunately, this can lead to conflicting opinions and advice, which can get confusing and make this whole skincare thing feel a bit overwhelming. For example, you might have been told that you should always use face cleanser morning and night. You also might have read that using a cleanser twice a day is too harsh for your skin and can lead to a damaged skin barrier. Confusing, right? For so many aspects of skincare, the answer is somewhere in between. When I write a post or give advice, I always try to back it up with as much research as I can, *but* some of it is also anecdotal evidence based on my own experience. Meaning just because something worked for your favorite skinfluencer, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you as well. So when you’re faced with confusing or conflicting pieces of advice, here’s what I recommend: 1) Do a little background research. Before you take *any* advice, the first thing you should do is research! I don’t recommend following anyone else’s advice blindly. That’s how we ended up trying all those Pinterest DIY disasters (but more on that later). . 2) Test, test, test! When trying a new product/method pay close attention to how your skin reacts to that new change over time. . 3) Reevaluate later. Your skin concerns and needs can change over time due to environmental changes, age, hormones, and stress and you may need to readjust your routine along the way. Going back to the cleansing debate: in the summer I’m a sweaty mess and absolutely need to cleanse my skin every morning and night. But in the fall and winter, using a cleanser twice a day is too much for me and leaves my skin feeling tight and dry. I’m constantly reevaluating my products and routine based on my skin’s changes. ___ Join me in sharing what you’ve learned during this #decadeofskincare and don’t forget to tag me so I can share your post ❤️

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Swipe for some all black goodness! . Formula four is all about colour…or lack thereof in my case 😅 I think an easy go-to formula is going monochrome, whether that be in black, white, or your favourite colour! My favourite is black because it’s simple and I have a lot of it 😂 . In the case of a super neutral outfit, I like to spice things up with statement accessories, like this simple chain necklace.

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The moon is a powerful orb. It controls the tides. It has a strong gravitational force. It can brighten up any dark sky. I want to harness the powers of the moon and keep them with me at all times. Especially on full moon days like today. 🌕 By @mejuri 🌙 #Mejuri #Fullmoon

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ivy_rhode. ✨✨✨💥


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pepamack. Some serious gold here @mejuri 💥❤️ #Mejuri #mejuripartner #ootd #jewe

Some serious gold here @mejuri 💥❤️ #Mejuri #mejuripartner #ootd #jewellery

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croissants anyone?🥐 In form of this cute ear cuff from @mejuri which I am obsessed with🤩 #mejuri #earcuffs

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When you new @mejuri pieces come in, and you have to wear them all at once 😬😬😬 . @junelisham im keeping this ring btw... 🤣 . . #mejuri #heyyyjune #heyyyjunestyle #ringstack #thefineedit #mejurijewelry #mejurifinecrew #tiffanyandco #jewelry #accessoriesoftheday

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lebeautypage. Macet babe aka traffic jam. 😌
Lips @ctilburymakeup JK magic

Macet babe aka traffic jam. 😌 Lips @ctilburymakeup JK magic

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The details 💫 Vermile gold necklace with white sapphire stars and freshwater pearl earrings. @mejuri #mejuri * Not ones to wear in the ocean so take off before swimming like I did.

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thaliakonigson. the perfect hoops ✨🌙 @mejuri #mejuri

the perfect hoops ✨🌙 @mejuri #mejuri

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dresslikebestdressed. in @best.dressed instagram story december 11, 2019
🥣@asos , asos de

in @best.dressed instagram story december 11, 2019 - 🥣@asos , asos design soft leather biker jacket [USD$190] [available for USD$152 on asos.com!] 🥣@shopredone , heritage cotton classic tee (black) [USD$78] [available on shopredone.com!] 🥣@rollasjeans , eastcoast flare (ivy cord) [USD$99] [available on rollas.com and princesspolly.com!] 🥣@urbanoutfitters , zoe chelsea boot (black) [USD$89] [available on urbanoutfitters.com!] 🥣@enroutejewelry_ x @best.dressed, safety pin earrings [USD$24] [available on enroutejewelry.com!] 🥣@mejuri , strength necklace [USD$80] [available on mejuri.com!] 🥣@speckproducts , presidio grip phone case (black/black) [USD$39.95] [available on speckproducts.com!] 🥣[pants can be found at freepeople, ae, etc. as well!] 🥣dm for direct links & dupes! - @dresslikebestdressed @best.dressed #dresslikebestdressed #bestdressed #ashleyakabestdressed #bestdressedashley - #youtube #youtuber #youtubefashion #fashion #fashionblogger #closet #closetof #styleof #ootd #outfits #outfitinspo #fashioninspo #fashionblogger #style #instafashion #stylish #cute #aesthetic #explorepage #trendy #asos #redone #rollas #urbanoutfitters #enroute #mejuri #speck

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Back to outfits that match Vancouvers weather💀🖤 #mejuri @mejuri

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I’ve never looked at a sunset and thought, “Yeah this one is good but if only it were a little more pink. A little smaller. A little more like the sunset I saw last night.” So here’s your reminder if you should need it. You’re a sunset dressed in wonder, not like another, just as it should be.

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sets for every season 🖤 @showpo

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• Little gift from @mejuri 14k gold bold hoops ✨ #mejuri #mejuripartner #sponsored

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Running errands before I’m onto the next city with @mejuri‘s bold link bracelet 🔗

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