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I know I was pretty quiet 🤫 . I wanted step away from social media for awhile 😶 . And focus on work and side hustle what we are doing for almost 2 years, constantly learning and re finding what should be out in the market . So it’s about time to push it to the next level and my detox from social media has finished #elevateyourselfproject

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Keep yourself silent, put your head down and execute towards the goals, mission you have set for yourself 🤫🤫 . Place 👍 if you are doing that👇 #elevateyourselfproject

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You have all what it takes to great a life you desire to live . Please don’t bullshit yourself saying it’s impossible... #elevateyourselfproject

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curlyincbus. Quick sketch of one of my littles. Every now and then I like to grab a

Quick sketch of one of my littles. Every now and then I like to grab and pencil and see if I can make something that looks half way decent. I posted a quote today about things not changing in 2020 unless you make a change in 2020. The next year will be the same as the last of nothing changes. I personally always have these ideas and things I want to do but I never do. One of those things is always getting back to art. So here we go. Art is coming your way and hopefully not stopping! #changetakeschange #journeyof1000steps #startswiththefirst #art #sketch

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Nov 5 was a pretty special night. It was the night of @accelerationthemovie Premiere. Prior to the passing of my nephew Noah, my mother was going to attend the event with me. It was really hard for me to consider still going since we were all grieving. But with the blessing & support of my family they wanted me to still go. I’m truly grateful for @samanthadawn1 for attending the event with me last minute who was more than wonderful that evening. Don’t think I could’ve gone through that alone considering the current circumstances I was going through. It was definitely a surreal feeling to attend my first premiere & to have witnessed a Dream come true seeing myself on the Silver Screen but also knowing my family & I were going through so much pain. Special thank you again to Producer & Star of the movie @natalie_burn as well as Directors Michael Merino & @danielzirilli for having me apart of the film. Shout out to everyone involved with the production & the entire cast. After the premiere I flew back home to be with family. During that time the Acceleration movie was released which is now Available On Demand & Amazon. My family all rented & purchased it some gathered at my sisters house one of the nights I was visiting. The result was hilarious & beyond words how proud they were of me. I love my family, I love my craft & love this journey I’m on. I promised my nephew Noah that I will continue to #KeepGoing I hope to continue to make my family, friends & fans proud. This is only still the beginning of my Acting/ Entertainment journey I’m definitely excited for what the future has in store. Thank you all for the continued love & support 🙏🏽 GodBless Always #JOEtime #ActorLife #AccelerationMovie #Premiere #RedCarpet #CaliforniaDreamin #Bay2LA #Family #AllLove #NoFear #AllGloryToGod #JourneyOf1000Steps #Blessed #Motivated #Focused #Grateful #NextLevel #2019til #YouCanHaveBeNDoWhateverYouDesire

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🎥🎬 The other week I had a Great time on Set of an up coming Horror Flick. Where I got to be one of the Doctors👨🏽‍⚕️💉 ha.. It was very much a pleasure working with such Awesome Talented Cast & Crew! Everyone really brought every ounce of their passion. It’s always Incredible to witness the amount of intricacies, team work & little bit of magic that goes into film 🎞 production. My hats off to you all (surgeon hat) wishing you much continued Success on the production 🙏🏽 Thank you for having apart of the Experience! I look forward to watching the final cut! To everyone else hope you all had a Great Halloween weekend 🎃 Have an even better Halloween week! Peace. 👻 #JOEtime #ActorLife #MidwestTalent #TeamBetty #HorrorFilm #TheFacility #SetLife #Actors #Entertainment #GoodTimes #GoodPeople #AllLove #NoFear #Focused #Blessed #Motivated #NextLevel #CaliforniaDreamin #JourneyOf1000Steps #Marathon #YouCanHaveBeNDoWhateverYouDesire

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Let’s just be real for a minute. Not everyday am I pumped to workout. . Not everyday is rainbows 🌈 and butterflies 🦋and all perfect. . Even mentors struggle. Coaches struggle. Moms struggle. Wives struggle. You struggle. . We feel pulled in fifty million directions. It often feels like there is no time for anything - let alone something just for you. . Can I get an amen if you relate? Can you? 🙋‍♀️ . I am a wife, mom, Legal Assistant, business owner, mentor ~ so many things. BUT I have learned that even being busy with ALL of those things, I can not give my all if I don’t invest in myself ~ my health, mindset, body. . So, while I don’t feel like exercising, I know I need it. Because it makes me feel so much better #exercisereleasesendorphins #endorphinsmakeyouhappy 💓 . I had an awesome pow-wow biz meeting with some teammates. @positivelizabeth @insanefitkiana @allishinkle They have helped me grow my business and have shown me what’s possible: hard work, commitment and support = the life I want to LIVE and not just go through the motions of a tiring 7am - 5pm job. Sacrifices have to be made for the life you want to live. Hard work pays off ~ but you gotta do the work. This isn’t an easy busy, but the rewards of helping women in health and wellness SO WORTH IT! I get to be a part of helping women transform their lives ❤️ . My teammates helped me shift my mindset, now it’s up to me to change my life. . So while I may not feel like working out ~ 30 mins from now this struggling mama will feel like a badass. . YOU and only YOU have the power to change your mindset, your health, your life. . Comment here - what will you do today that makes you feel good? Dance party? A walk? Positive affirmation? Do SOMETHING! . And remember, this is a journey you don’t have to do alone. It’s so much more FUN to do it with friends! There’s always an invite on for YOU to join my private #busychickfitcamp group for support and accountability on your journey ~ I’ll even be your private coach helping you. . AND if you are looking for something that gives your purpose, passion and is so rewarding, then maybe this business I do with my friends is perfect for you 💓 LINK in BIO or DM me

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Was driving down Hollywood Blvd earlier & had to park cause I spotted this on one of the busiest intersections in Hollywood. 🙌🏽 #KeepGoing #CaliforniaDreamin🌴 #Grateful Special shout out to Michael Merino for having me apart of this project & thank you to @natalie_burn as well as everyone one from cast & crew for being extremely Awesome can’t wait to see @accelerationthemovie when it releases on Nov 8. Hope you all are having a Great day so far! Enjoy the rest of your week! Peace. #Joetime #ActorLife #Bay2La #CaliforniaDreamin #CloserToMyDreams #KeepGoing #Film #Entertainment #Hollywood #Blessed #Motivated #Focused #AllLove #NoFear #Grateful #NextLevel #2019til #JourneyOf1000Steps #YouCanHaveBeNDoWhateverYouDesire

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No matter how long the journey seems, no matter how unfamiliar the journey is, the journey to self-love will always be worth it. It took a while to get to our present state and it will take one step at a time to make a habit of caring for and loving ourselves. Just make the 1st step towards your freedom. A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Love yourself, free yourself and start today. #journeytoself #takethestep #journeyof1000steps #freedom #selflove #selfcare #selfapproval #3levelhealth #freedompreneur

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You don’t grow a garden overnight, or gain weight over night. So you can’t expect to lose weight overnight, or within a week or even 2. You don’t tone up after a week of weights ~ but you are building the foundation and everyday the work is worth it. . Show up everyday even when you don’t feel like it; choose a salad more than you do fries; work on your mindset daily. . Those consistent behaviors will consistently change you. . And before you know it, you’ll hate missing a workout more than you hate working out. . Your body will crave healthy foods more than crap foods. You’ll feel BETTER in every aspect of your life. . Consistently repeated actions + time = unconquerable results 💕 thank you #theslightedge for the reminder. . The time will pass anyway, why not spend a little time on positively changing your life? . Have you ever read The Slight Edge? Are you applying it to your life? . . #ilovequotes #quotestolivebyforever #personalgrowthjourney #dailyactions #weightlosstip #journeyof1000steps #dayonechallenge #nutritiontip

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MOOD: . . “Everyone’s journey is different, just make sure yours makes you happy and you are having fun!” . . Reflecting after talking to my friend from California. She also reminded me that I need to visit that expensive state again.. . .

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didact314. Even if all you walk is 1 steps a day, that's one step more than yeste

Even if all you walk is 1 steps a day, that's one step more than yesterday! Join me for a Morning Cup of Joe at 6 a.m. tomorrow for more motivation and inspiration. #motivationalwords

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Sometimes your soul needs a literal journey ✈️

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brian_njanjo. #Journeyof1000Steps

If you  listen to constructive critisim you will

#Journeyof1000Steps If you listen to constructive critisim you will be at home among the wise. We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon. #brianjoseph

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What has been new for you in 2019? Leave a response in the comments section. #journeybeforesuccess #new2019

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championmegon. This week has been filled with adventure. I got to meet and learn from

This week has been filled with adventure. I got to meet and learn from one of South Africa's leading business woman. I ended up being invited to a Women of Worth dinner which was such an amazing experience. I also realised just how few photos of just me that I have. So here is a new one of me. 🙃 #marriedlife #capetownforthewin #newexperience #journeyof1000steps #phototime #me

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leen.journey. I must remind my self of that quite often! And I am sure you can use t

I must remind my self of that quite often! And I am sure you can use to hear that one again! Been traveling with friends and family for 5 weeks, did not workout really, ate what I wanted and gained 3-4 kg. That is life and one that I enjoy living 🥰 Jumped back on track as soon as I returned and the journey continues. Do not freak out! Do not give up! Have fun and keep on pushing forward.

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sleepingkoala45. It’s her day to be brilliant! Sara graduated from FIU today making her

It’s her day to be brilliant! Sara graduated from FIU today making her the 3rd generation to get a degree from that institution! #fiugrad2019 #collegedgraduation2019 #itsafamilyaffair #theresashinedownsogforeverything #journeyof1000steps

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brian_njanjo. #journeyof1000steps

What if I fall? Oh darling, what if you fly?


#journeyof1000steps What if I fall? Oh darling, what if you fly? Start with doubt, start with fear, start with pain, start with hands shaking, start with voice trembling, but start. Start and don't stop. Start where you are, with what you have . Just start Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. #brianjoseph #bethechange

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tam_on_the_way_to_fit. Meet Sophia, my newest walking partner. We’re just girls gettin’ fit!

Meet Sophia, my newest walking partner. We’re just girls gettin’ fit! One of us is already fit and just there for support, who am I kiddin’! Lol Photo cred @rotnshots #fitbit #walking #weightlossjourney #boxerdogs #weightlossstruggles #postpartumweightloss #newmom #journeyof1000steps #youcan #dontquit #icandoit #struggle #truth #motivation #weightlossishard #newmom #life #keeppushing #positivity #progressnotperfection #dogphotography #fawnboxers

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tam_on_the_way_to_fit. Long winded post alert!

I’ve really been finding my journey quite dif

Long winded post alert! I’ve really been finding my journey quite difficult lately. As a new mother I have hit a lot of obstacles and set backs. The pills I need to breastfeed are making me gain weight, I’m running on little to no sleep most days, relationships have been hard and overall- I’m run down. I haven’t been ‘on’ nearly as much as I should be, and my commitment to myself has been sporadic. When you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world, it can be really hard to remember to take care of yourself. I’ve been (aside from this week) a spectator of health - scrolling by watching what I like to refer to as ‘health stars’ - people who shine their light to help others find their way back. I’ve been soaking it in. It’s helped me remember, that even though throughout this journey, I’ve had successes and failings, no matter what, in the end, I never give up on me. If you’ve been like me, sitting under your own cloud, thinking you’re “the worst” for not following through, try to remember that every part of the journey is what it’s supposed to be. You’re not always going to be the best, and some days you might downright stink, but this doesn’t give you permission to quit. Keep trying. Watch those ‘stars’, or whatever you need to keep trying until you’re rolling again. Never give up on you. 💕 #weightlossjourney #weightlossstruggles #postpartumweightloss #newmom #journeyof1000steps #youcan #dontquit #icandoit #struggle #truth #motivation #weightlossishard #newmom #life #keeppushing #positivity #progressnotperfection

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brian_njanjo. #journeyof1000steps

There are no Failures only Lessons

Sometime the

#journeyof1000steps There are no Failures only Lessons Sometime the Smallest Step in the Right Direction Ends ups being the Biggest step of your LIFE. Tip Toe if you Must, But take the STEP. 👣 A student of life considers the world a classroom. #brianjoseph #bethechange

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