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bazimyacariet. These people make me feel beautiful and are a fresh breath every time

These people make me feel beautiful and are a fresh breath every time i meet #friendshipmatters #bff #love #kindness #beyourownkindofbeautiful

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🎞 🎭 🎥 Bridging time & Feeling Hollywood: A week of Hollywood wonders capped by an evening enjoying a classic - The David Lean Film - THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI - - a film experience truly felt in a classic Hollywood theatre- at the Egyptian. David Lean’s Oscar-winning THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI is an epic portrait of the clash of wills between a British POW (Alec Guinness) and a tradition-bound Japanese officer (Sessue Hayakawa) over the building of a railway bridge in the jungle during WWII. William Holden costars as a more cynical American POW. Polar worlds fueled with hate that clash on the surface over their partisan perceptions but just beneath the hate resides the commonalities that truly unite all humanity- a need to conquer can be tempered if not conquered itself by reminders of what transpires when we give into our lesser beings. Bridging the gap of hate - a timely lesson. Thanks Paul Weber for fueling the historian in me! ‘‘Twas an awesome evening! #friendshipmatters #egyptiantheatre #davidlean #bridgeovertheriverkwai #alecguiness #hollywoodunlocked #cinema #williamholden #williamholdenwildlifefoundation

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my_zen_journey. My WiSH
I wish I was able to have the capability to see my close f

My WiSH . . I wish I was able to have the capability to see my close friends more often. I feel when we are together something happens. I feel released and uplifted everytime time. I feel time has given me these moments to just laugh and be free of what confines or titles me. I feel they see my true light and I see their's. I truely miss them for what each brings into my life❤ . I wish I was able to make our life schedule's work every week so we can just sit and be US for even a short period. I know I need it. I hope that time doesn't go by too fast as it feel🛑 . My Friendship's individually create the movement within me. Together, when we are all in one space, it moves mountains for all . . Each one of my friends matter deeply to me as they are mirror's of me. Each of their struggles is a remembrance of the strings of my own conditioning. Each of their strengths is the thick scissor that cuts those strings. Each of their tears allows me to know how much they trust me with their openness and each of their laughter's releases me of my own tears I have or will shed. I learn and I grow from each of them . . I wish to be always close to my dear friends. I hope we can somehow connect, hold hands, laugh and know life IS this. To live IS this . . So to my close friends, I love you for allowing me to be me. Thank you for giving me your trust as we grow together. I know it's hard to see each other but I know you do want too. Thank you for being in my life and showing me true sisterhood, true brotherhood and just to laugh and BE! 🙏❤🤗 . . . . #truefriendship #vibratehigher #livewithyourheart #friendshipmatters #shifttheworld #liveabetterlife #growth #grateful #blessed #gratitude #tribelife #sisterhood #botherhood

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So, this is the first convention I’ve missed since I began my RF journey in 2011. My early fire 🔥 set me up for success ... but life changes ... decisions and choices made it increasingly more difficult to maneuver both my side hustle and the obstacles I was facing head on ... this week has been a whirlwind of emotions leading up to today ... the pictures, the posts, the fun, the announcements and so on ... that being said, I wouldn’t change a thing!! I love my bestie (my very first best friend and very first partner) @allisondavis1, my sponsor (and former boss) @jeanieberna, and every other team member, friend and mentor I’ve met along my path ... I’m excited to hear of the new products and the new country ... I’m excited for everyone in Nashville and all those attending virtually — for the future growth that is about to occur ... my spirit is leading wherever I need to be ... I’ve got plans and I’m excited about what is ahead, especially all that I don’t even know about yet!! I still love these products, and I can answer your questions, make recommendations and help you grow your own team ... who knows, my daughter may want to run my business (to pay for college 🤔) when she turns 18 🤷‍♀️ ... but, I can also refer you to a total boss in this business (@allisondavis1 😜) ***if you’re really looking for a running buddy ... just sayin, it’s a great company and the product innovation is top notch, with the results to prove it!! That is all ... carry on and enjoy your exploding news feed with the RF social media frenzy taking place right now!! 😍🖤😘 #friendshipmatters #besties #businesspartners #rf #skincareartist #eforce #ateam #teamwork #dreambuilders #mindset #energy #rfconvention2019

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Chemo Pal Mentors bring out the best in their matches. Shy Averie sometimes won’t even talk to her nurses. But when Chemo Pal mentor, René (mom of CCA’s Founder, Regina Ellis), walks into her room, Averie can’t stop talking about her favorite games. Chemo Pal mentors like René are steadfast and dedicated friends when kids need #MoreThanMedicine. . . . #MoreThanMedicine #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancer #ChemoPal #JoyMatters #FriendshipMatters

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krisztianpan. Today we are in Gibraltar, UK 😉 Reunion 🙂 Friebdships matter 😊 #gib

Today we are in Gibraltar, UK 😉 Reunion 🙂 Friebdships matter 😊 #gibraltar #uk #photo #photography📷 #photography #picture #selfie_time #selfie #fit #toned #handsome #pretty #smilingfaces #smile #friendshipmatters #fun #amiga

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blissfulpaperco. I just posted a blog article about how to be the best support system f

I just posted a blog article about how to be the best support system for your friend. It’s a role you fill when your friend/partner is going through something and it can shift and change based on their needs. The key is to ASK THEM what role they need from you. Communication is the best solution and you’ll feel so much better knowing you’re showing up exactly how they need you to. I’m taking notes because I haven’t always been so great at this. Head over over to the blog and read all about it! . . . . . #friendshipinaction #blissfulpaper #friendshipsupport #lovesupportfriendship #madeformore #bethebestyou #sarablakely #selfimprovement #girlwashyourface #friendshipmatters #pinstagram #friendshippostcards #communityovercompetition #risingtidesociety

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We are in such a sociable friendly industry that it’s only natural that we build up contacts with fellow business owners that we can share tips and ideas with. It’s hard enough running a business and I’ve always been someone that’s willing to give fellow business owners my knowledge and sometimes I also need a bit more knowledge so like having contacts to ask their advice #friendshipmatters #ladyboss #help #hythehighstreet #hythesalon #awardwinningsalon #girlssupportinggirls #womeninbusiness #pinkoctober🎀 #lovemyteam #blondehair #brunettebalayage #ombrehair #highlights #stylist #hairsalonowner

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linestar98. Always surround yourself with good energy.✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

Always surround yourself with good energy.✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 #friendshipmatters

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#transparency This picture was taken of me the first night I returned to the DMV. Thank you Luli.. Not only was I exhausted and feeling defeated but I was also borderline homeless, broken and I truly felt alone in a room filled with lovely people everywhere. I felt my smile, almost slip off of my face and that's when I knew that I HAD TO GET IT TOGETHER. I've had a beautiful journey. Ive balanced more things in 20 years then many will ever manage to balance in their entire lifetime. But even the strong ones can become weak and worn down. With that being said, my Light ignited again from within, 💥 and I bounced back into rhythm once again. Life might have shaken me, even stirred me up... but I'm far from defeated. Rather, I'm living in a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for the blessings in it all. That's my story, that's my SUPERPOWER!🦸🏽‍♀️ Please, check on your STRONG FRIENDS, your Single friends, your married friends, your older and younger friends, your party all night friends, your religious friends, your friends that seem to have it all...... don't just reach out to them, make time to be in their space and truly check on them. A smile is sometimes a mask hiding their tears. 🗿 #friendshipmatters #areyouok #mysisterskeeper #speakingyourtruth #mentalhealthmatters #smiles #mattersoftheheart #strongerthanyouthink #thisismystuff2 #mystoryisherstory #healing #shespeaksptIII

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fallenbluehalo. Super Grateful

It is easy when life pushes against you to feel, belie

Super Grateful It is easy when life pushes against you to feel, believe that there is no hope. To find yourself in darkness with no way out. The mountain you're facing impossible to climb. For your #mentalhealth & #mentalwellbeing it's vital to seek out the light. This can be very hard. I have found if I seek out something to be grateful for, not only does it let the light in, it's a reminder that not everything in my life is bad, there are some wonderful bits too. It is hard to stay in that grateful frame of mind all the time but I find if I try think about them for even a moment, I can find hope that things won't always be this way, that this too will pass & remember I've climbed difficult mountains before, this may be tougher but I'll climb it too. Today I'm super grateful for my friendships. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with #chronicvestibularmigraine. My world fell apart. My life was about to change & I had to grieve the life I had planned, hoped & dreamed for. I struggled, didn't think I could get through it. My friends kept me going, listening, supporting, cheering me on those tough days & there was many. Last week I was diagnosed with #Fibromyalgia. My world fell apart again, I was 💔 When the consultant said no cure, no treatment, I was done, a life in constant pain I didn't think I could take any more. The darkness returned again but like before, the light returned through my friends. They continue to remind me #itsokaynottobeokay I am strong I am capable I got this and they got my back. So to all my friends thank you. 🥰💕 A special thank you @boolieo who helps me find the fun & funny every time we hang out. It meant so much today when you offered to treat me to dinner because I needed some TLC you're a leg end🦵🤣💕 @jendonovan32 for this beautiful card & powerful words inside. It came when I needed to hear them & meant so much. My soul sister you continue to lift & inspire me. 🤩💕 @moshelmorrissey I always feel lighter when I leave you. 🤩💕 @hildabydesign for always checking in on me. See you soon 🤩💕 #gratitude #friendshipmatters #thursdayvibes #mentalhealthwarrior #chronicillness #yougotthis #becourageous #bebrave

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Life is as much about the journey as it is about the friends we make along the way. 👦🏿👦🏾⁠ -⁠ Thanks again for the great photo, @jamiekcurtis!⁠ -⁠ #visithaiti #haiti #bestfriends #ourpeople #friendsmakelifebetter #workingtogether #ourcommunity #youngpeople #youths #blackboys #supporttheyouth #friendshipmatters #laughtogether #youngboys #haitians #haitianpride #haiticherie #sakpase #ayiticherie

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You ever have a best friend that you don't actually know- know? Like, you love one another so much, but only see each other in real life like once a year? That's this lady right here. I love me some Maricka Oglesby! She's fighting the battle of a lifetime, and rocking it! @discovercharmcity Thanks for organizing a lovely gathering so that we can celebrate this amazing woman!!! @emm422 . . . #diaryofayogi #healingincommunity #fuckcancer #celebratelife #friendshipmatters #sistercircle #mybmore #baltimore #thisisbaltimore #smile #love #divayogi

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