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❤️Я вижу фотографии, там, где их нет. Я вижу фотографии даже тогда, когда мне все говорят «Аня, ну пошли уже, ну место же никакущее!»😁 А я никогда никого не слушаю, потому что потом эти же люди, видя мои фото, говорят: «Вау, как это ты это место углядела!»😁 Вот и здесь я 15 минут стояла на проезжей части, пропуская все Мерседесы (а в Шамони ездят исключительно Мерседесы😁), пытаясь поймать этот кадр❤️ Как вам❓Слушаете ли мнение окружающих, или только себя и свое сердце❓ 💙I see the photos where no one sees them. Even when everyone tells me “Come on Anya, there’s nothing there, what are you trying to do?” I never give up. Because after this the same people admire my photos saying “Wow it’s so beautiful, how did you manage to see it?”😁 This photo is a good example. I was staying in the middle of the road for 15 minutes trying to capture this and I managed! What do you think about it❓Do you listen to other people’s opinion or just to your heart❓ #travelismypassion #travelinfluencer #travelinfluencers #travelislife #travelismytherapy #travelismylife #travelbloggerslife #frenchinfluencer #swissinfluencer #voyageuse #voyageuses #voyageusedumonde #tourdumondiste #tourdumonde #panoramaua #swissbloggers #chamonixmontblanc #chamonix_france #travelinfrance #hautesavoiexperience #discovereurope #discovertheglobe #discovertheroad #explorethemountains #exploretheoutdoors #explorethenew #explorethecity #wandergirl #girlwanderer

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I’m beyond stoked on my new @lululemon requisition bomber jacket - I literally haven’t worn another jacket since I’ve gotten this one! It’s lined with wool so it can handle the PNW’s unpredictable weather and it looks dope. Lululemon has a pop-up shop at Willowbrook Mall in Langley until the end of January. Highly recommended checking it out for gift ideas or to treat yo-self! Merry Christmas ya’ll🔥🙌🏻 #sponsored

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We experienced this iconic cathedral a little different than most. As we watched tons of people stop by, snap a picture then carry on their way, we decided to buy a ticket to go inside and see more of it’s beauty. While inside, a torrential downpour began. Unfortunately, we were unprepared and came without our umbrellas. Instead of drenching ourselves at the start of a full day, we decided to shelter ourselves on the stairs under the eaves. We sat on these stairs for a good hour and laughed at brave, motivated, tourists dodging raindrops while the Red Square and everyone in it turned into a puddle. Although, this small delay messed up our itinerary that day, I prefer that slower paced travel. It forces you to actually live the surroundings and creates the strongest memories. This specific moment was actually one of my favorite memories of my whole two week trip. The moral of the story is, enjoy the hiccups in your travel plans. They are bound to happen and typically make trips more memorable. . . . . #travelstoke #lifeofadventure #optoutside #keepitwild #ourplanetdaily #resourcetravel #exploremore #instagood #neverstopexploring #exploretocreate #iamatraveler #doyoutravel #livetravelchannel #lonelyplanet #airbnb #yourshotphotographer #insidertravel #traveltuesday #TLpicks #discovertheroad #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #natgeotravel #mytinyatlas #worldnomads #russia #travelrussia #moscow #saintbasilscathedral #redsquare

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By the port in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there are plenty of workshops where workers sort and pack various farm produce. This one specialises in onions. Plenty of fans installed in the confines of this workshop, so that the workers' eyes don't tear as they work! #artofvisuals #getlost #yourshotphotographer #wanderlust #justgoshoot #globetrotter #loves_united_people #worldshotz #photographysouls #photographylovers #photographyislife #discovertheroad #travelstoke #travelphotography #travels #instatraveling #instapassport #earthfocus #ig_photooftheday #traveladdict #ig_masterpiece #travelasia #exploring #exploretocreate #createexplore #exploringtheglobe #loves_cultures #natgeo #natgeoyourshot

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just a PSA. because i haven’t laughed this hard and this much in a long time. today feels glowy, bright & so vibrant ✨☀️⚡️i forget how numb this season can make me, how the winter can dull all my senses. i’m soaking up all the goodness of today, and the laughter i can still feel all the way to the tips of my toes! ⠀⠀ 👉🏼 swipe for her “instagram” shot. but the real golden nuggets are the videos in my stories. pinky promise, you’re definitely not gonna wanna miss those 😭😂 #adventureswithprincessleia

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Here I am explaining that I just started playing harmonica, so I’m still using a ceramic elephant to hold them rather than a normal trey. I’ll remember my first house show forever, special shout-out to Amanda Visger @bhdesignco. For now I’m back to normal stuff- @onepaseo in Del Mar tonight, @winepubsd in Point Loma tomorrow 6:30-9🤙

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foursevenfivedotcom. MENTO 1000 and TESCON VANA being installed on the exterior of this Min

MENTO 1000 and TESCON VANA being installed on the exterior of this Minnesota project with INTELLO on the interior. That’s sure to be one comfortable home in this Midwest climate! #repost@radtinyhome Teamwork makes the dream work! Little #throwbackthursday coming at cha! ⠀ If you've ever embarked on a home renovation project you know it takes more time, effort and moolah than you ever anticipated 99.9% of the time. ⠀ All three of these things were true for us with our build, and I couldn't imagine building a house solo. We were blessed to have help from friends all along the way and avoided any serious injuries in the process. I almost fell off a later once, but besides a few sunburns, cold feet and a bruised finger every once in awhile we finished the build no worse for the wear. ⠀ I was lucky to have such a great teacher (thanks @hbauer23) and can now confidently operate a nail gun, circle saw, chop saw and array of other power tools (which is saying a lot for my accident-prone self). 🔨 ⠀ We had a running joke during the build that whenever something wasn't quite right, my immediate response was "can we plane it?" The answer was almost always no, most definitely not. 🙈 It didn't really occur to me until now just how much I learned throughout the build. ⠀ What's a skill you'd like to learn? Write down your goals for 2020 and make it happen! ⠀ #minstagrammer #tinylifestyle #midwestisbest #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhausadventure #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouseonwheels #minimalist #tinyhouselove #loveyourspace #minimalisthome #tinyhousedwellers #thow #howihome #tinyliving #discovertheroad #duluth #duluthmn #minnesota #captureminnesota #optoutside #midwesthome #minnstagram #midwestliving #diy #tinyhouselove #minimalisthome #tinyhousebuild

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japanesevans. There’s that Toyota Hiace again 😍@w_agfa_y #japanesevans

There’s that Toyota Hiace again 😍@w_agfa_y #japanesevans

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allpnw. Some decent ice. Taken with my iPhone.

Some decent ice. Taken with my iPhone.

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a little Austin (Texas State) Capital appreciation post ✨ my advice: start from the basement + work your way up! you won’t regret it.

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The world does not hate you. The West does not hate you. You can’t visit most places (including Taiwan) without a visa because of the C*P. Most countries can’t visit you without a visa (because of the CC*). It’s easy to blame the West for all of your problems. I encourage you to think critically and independently about every issue. [Nov. 25, 2019].

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This two thousand year old statue is proof that the ancient Greeks invented the mobile phone! And they are really attached to it 📱as you can see with all the drivers on the road... . . . . ⬇️ . . . . . Actually, this is depicting an oracle who receives messages from "the other side".

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Had a pretty unreal 2 year anniversary this year staying @hallmarkresortcannonbeach - this was our second time here as we stayed during our honeymoon and had to come back! Some of the best parts of Hallmark? Fresh cookies every day at 4, it’s pet friendly, and its the closets resort to the iconic Haystack Rock! Highly recommended checking this place out and enjoying the newly renovated rooms with unreal views🙌🏻 #sponsored

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