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Have you been to Wyoming? Here is some inspiration for you. - - 📸@devilstowernps The second shot was by Ranger Christina Nealson. Fantastic.

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🏆 Our World in Focus is proud to present the winners of our 2019 Perfect Moment Photo Contest! . . 🥇 Grand Prize Winner: "The Perfect Fear" by Francisco Negroni @francisconegroni_fotografia . . 🌋 Francisco's winning image is a long exposure of the Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile. He won $2,000 cash, his choice of a Tamron G2 f2.8 lens, a 30" Metal Print by Metalprints.com, Topaz Labs AI Gigapixel and $200 Lens Pro To Go Credit! . 🥈 2nd Place: "Eye to Eye" by Bence Mate @bence_mate_photography . 🥉 3rd Place: "Showtime" by Bence Mate @bence_mate_photography . 🏅 4th Place: "Nebulus" by Brandon Yoshizawa @bay.photography . 🏅 5th Place: "Pasarela" by Eliseo Miciu Nicolaevici @eliseo_miciu . . 👏 Congratulations to Francisco and all of our winners on your outstanding images! | To see all winning images and view bonus judge videos by @maxrivephotography, click the link in bio! . 🌎 The Perfect Moment Contest received entries from over 50 countries across multiple genres. We were astounded by the variety, ingenuity and quality of entries in this year's contest. We want to thank all entrants for your participation this year. We hope to see your images again in a future contest! . 🏆 The Perfect Moment Photo Contest was judged by international award winning photographers @maxrivephotography & @whereisweatherby . 📸 Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors @tamronusa @authenticmetalprints @topazlabs & @lensprotogo . #ourworldinfocus #tamron #authenticmetalprints #topazlabs #lensprotogo #nationalgeographic_ #natgeohub #natgeophotos #natgeoyourshot #natgeoyourshots #chile_natural #chile_shots #chile🇨🇱 #travelchile #fotografoschile #volcano #volcanoeruption #volcanoes #volcancalbuco #eruption #activevolcano #lightning #lightningstorm #lightningstrike #natgeoadventure #natgeophotography #natgeoinspires #outdoorphotographer #perfectmoment #theperfectmoment

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eto.nash.ural. Автор фото @piligrim_photo
Гроза в Перми. Thunderstorm in Perm.

Автор фото @piligrim_photo Гроза в Перми. Thunderstorm in Perm.

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Uhhhh, so tonight was bonkers. I arrived at camp and popped the back of my Jeep open, and my plan was to listen to the birds, chill and have a beer as the sun dropped. While there were birds and beer, there were also multiple rainbows, mammatus clouds and pink rain making its way over me just before the sun vanished. Seeing as this thunderstorm is throwing big bolts of lightening down right now, I’m happy to be experiencing the rest of this evening’s show from my vehicle. 💁🏻‍♀️

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Capturing the morning light ☀️ One of the coolest experiences I had while in Canyonlands was seeing how the light changed the hue on the rocks. Early morning light made the rocks seem more orange while the sunset made it seem more red. It really shows how the light you have can completely change the image. What’s your favorite kind of light? Morning? Afternoon? Desk lamp? Comment down below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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”Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” ⠀ Oana was driving us up a one-way road at the base of the Pyrenees when she recited that Günter Grass quote to me. "Translating means making communication easier for everyone,” she added. “Cultivating beauty and clarity, and bringing people together while praising diversity." ⠀ Oana has been a translator for 20 years, and she speaks French, English and Romanian, and she’s learning Spanish now as well. The word passion and context come up quite a bit during the two days we spend together, and how they are key to communication — and connection. When I asked about automated translation, she noted that it has uses, but ultimately it limits us. “How creative can you really be without any feelings?" ⠀ Language is not just an arrangement letters and sentences; it’s a way to see and feel — and it allows us to make decisions every day, some of which might be life-changing. We so often overlook the human element, which is essential to making all of these pieces come together. Translation is not just a skill that requires a certain level of technical expertise, but also a gift that only a handful of people around the world are truly capable of giving. I feel so lucky to have met Oana and seven other talented translators in the last month, and if you’d like to read my latest article for @smartlinginc about her life and work, click my “SMARTLING” story highlight for the link. #movetheworldwithwords

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The roof box is back on Casa de Jeep, and she’s filled with camp gear, snacks and everything else I need for the next few months. From sandals to muck boots, I think I’m pretty well covered. After trading in countless hours of precious sleep for a dozen passport stamps over the last eight weeks, I’m ready to take things slow and soak up my favorite sounds, smells and sights in the American southwest. It feels good to be home, on the road.

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I’ve been shooting a photo series about a dozen translators all over the world since mid March, and yesterday I presented the project in San Francisco. About 35 of my images were on display at @smartlinginc’s Global Ready conference, and I did a live interview at the event as well, which was just as awesome as it was terrifying. The company’s CEO, Jack Welde, kicked off the conference with a fascinating speech about content, language and the digital generation, and the keynote speaker, Lera Boroditsky, had an equally amazing presentation. I was probably one of the only people in attendance who is not in the language services industry, but I found the panels, presentations and demos to be absolutely fascinating. From the structure of indigenous languages to how much time we really spend on our screens each day (the answer may horrify you), my brain was exercised in the best possible way. During the conference I was asked about my favorite location on this trip, which is funny, because this assignment wasn’t about me at all. Sure, it has my artistic stamp on it, but my story wasn’t the one being told. Still, having access to some incredible places (and light!) was able to give me a few moments to myself, like this one, which is my favorite shot from the last 7 weeks, taken on my last morning in Asturias, just after the sun touched the mountains. Thank you everyone for following along on this awesome project! #movetheworldwithwords

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elisabethontheroad. I was standing on a quiet dirt road in the middle of...somewhere. Some

I was standing on a quiet dirt road in the middle of...somewhere. Somewhere humid, with birds chirping and sunflowers running along the fence as far as I could see. I didn’t mark this location, and I don’t know that I’d recognize it even if I had noted the GPS coordinates. As much as I consider myself to be a planner when it comes to travel and photography, I really enjoy the spontaneity of these random roadside spots, and I find that some of my favorite photos are the ones I never expected to take. 🌻

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|| M O N U M E N T A L || • • • Who’s been to this historic site? Let us know it the comments! || Amazing shot by @aedanarnot 📸

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Back by popular demand…the sassy and rotund kitties of Clermont-l’Herault! Last month I visited this charming French city to interview Silvan, a translator and editor who welcomed twins with his wife three months ago. While I captured plenty of images of Silvan and his family, when we took a stroll through his neighborhood one afternoon, I was stopping every ten minutes to shoot the street cats. This is the last I’ll be posting of these little chunkers, but I will be sharing more of Silvan later this week, both here and on the @smartlinginc account. #movetheworldwithwords #andcats

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