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The road to Los Caracoles on the Andean border of Chile and Argentina Photo by unknown . Follow @discovervacations for more!

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Arriving to a diving paradise, arriving to Bora Bora, French Polynesia Photo by 📸: @michutravel

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fishflops. Everybody needs somebody to lean on, especially emperor penguin chicks

Everybody needs somebody to lean on, especially emperor penguin chicks in their cold climate! Emperor penguins spend all year in Antarctica. As nesting colonies only form during the winter, emperor penguins are hard to study. It is very difficult for people to spend the winter in Antarctica. However, scientists have developed a means to track emperor penguin population sizes using satellites. #SeabirdSaturday . 📸: Shutterstock #ocean #oceans #bird #birds #penguin #penguins #cute #babyanimals #nature ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow @fishflops for the hottest fish around! #bassfishing #sandals #uk

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wild.planet. Jumping for Joy on this @wild.planet 🐬 Photo by @eberhardbecker #Wild

Jumping for Joy on this @wild.planet 🐬 Photo by @eberhardbecker #WildPlanet

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Looking for the perfect travel, fitness, beach, work, just life bag? You have to check out @petit.blue ! They have stylish and practical handbags for everyday women. Padded compartment for laptops and can be worn in 3 ways as a shoulder bag, tote, or crossbody. Go show them some love and give them a follow!

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Finding a hotel with pink walls, checkered floors and mid century furniture is just one way to my heart 💕 fun fact: if I wasn’t a fitness coach I would be in some sort of interior design/ architecture field... probably the marketing side of things but I’m OBSESSSSEDDDDD WITH INTERIORS, to say the least. Especially mid century modern ✨

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Já que hoje é dia de relembrar !! #tbt e por que essa não postei ainda haha e estava me amando mais ainda nesse dia . 🥰🥰 @ifbbproleagueregional Coach @ezequielcortereal #bodybuilding #wellness #fisiculturismo #fitness

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#tbt I love the alllll da muscle I’ve built since this pic was taken, but I won’t lie, I miss this physique and leanness 💃 let’s see what we can bring into this summer 🤔😎 #fitnessmotivation

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Just wanted to hop on to talk about cutting:when you cut many things can happen :Lose sex drive and getting angrier are two of the features and definitely ones that I have encountered it may look “cool”but it doesn’t feel “cool” In fact quite the opposite.... But then again you look fucking shredded....IT IS WORTH IT LOVE THE PROCESS⚡️ IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU WILL STICK WITH IT. (What I mean by sex drive is basically not horny whatsoever )

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