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TOY • STORY Just because bath time should always be fun!

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RAW • SOLITUDE There’s something different about this place; in whispers and roars it beckons. It brings you closer to something... lighter. 📷 @jeremysimons_photographer

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TASTE • KI Fast growing its reputation as a gourmet food bowl, Kangaroo Island is home to a diverse range of producers from free-range geese and lamb farmers to sustainable growers of abalone, oysters, marron and barramundi. The land’s best free-range eggs, pure Ligurian honey and world-class wines and spirits complete a menu of ingredients on offer each day at Southern Ocean Lodge.

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WINTER • FARE A dish to warm the cockles: sustainably produced local barramundi, charred onion, confit pumpkin and Kangaroo Island marron bisque. 📷 @jeremysimons_photographer

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REAR • WINDOW A glimpse inside the pinnacle suite, the one-of-a-kind, Osprey Pavilion. 📷 @jamesgeer

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southernoceanlodge. SPACE • OUT
The Southern Spa's lounge is one of those waiting rooms yo

SPACE • OUT The Southern Spa's lounge is one of those waiting rooms you'd be happy to never leave with a cosy fire and window framing the bay and coastal cliffs terraced into the distance; you can continue to soak up the aquatic views from your treatment room too, if you can keep your eyes open. 📷 @jamesgeer

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ROLLING • FURY On the island’s south-west coast, the landscape becomes considerably wilder, the forests denser and the cliffs dramatically vertiginous. The ferocious swells roll in from Antarctica, claiming many vessels and lives in a madness to meet the shore. At the lodge, all the suites (other than the Osprey Pavilion), are named after the historic shipwrecks that regularly occurred in these dangerous waters. 📷 @jamesgeer

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KI • CRAY Reflecting chef Asher Blackford's penchant to create 'Good, honest food' as he calls it, an intensely flavourful plate of local marron, abalone, native bush fruits and coastal herbs. 📷 @jamesgeer

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SECRET • SERVICE Everywhere and nowhere at once, our wonderful team intuit guest needs before they are even thought of: our restaurant staff recall favourite drinks, our housekeepers service suites like stealthy ninjas, and our reception team even print the daily crossword on paper (per a recent guest preference, happily fulfilled!). 📷 @jamesgeer

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GREAT • EXPECTATIONS South Australian reds enjoyed by the fire, the wild Southern Ocean outside, unforgettable dining, exhilarating walks, whales flipping by… Join us for all the winter thrills. 📷 @inbedwith.me

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LONG • SHOT It would be a fluke to get a family of long-nosed fur seals to pose for a portrait, yet the intimacy captured here by @jeremysimons_photographer as the group comprising a mature bull, nursing mothers, juveniles and pups go about their day - sleeping, suckling and sun-bathing - is so much more telling of the colonies’ culture and salty lives by the sea.

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WILD • GLAMOUR @vogueliving's Lee Tulloch visited the lodge midwinter and was swept up in Kangaroo Island's raw beauty, writing: ‘The pavilions of Southern Ocean Lodge stretch along the sea cliffs as if they’re embracing the silver-green coastal scrub. Enormous waves with opulent whitecaps batter the shore and fill underground caves, making the foundations tremble. This is the Australian landscape at its most powerful...’. Lee's emotive words become strikingly visual alongside this top-down perspective by @jeremysimons_photographer 📷

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southernoceanlodge. ISLAND • HERITAGE
A stately gum on the perimeter of Grassdale, a histo

ISLAND • HERITAGE A stately gum on the perimeter of Grassdale, a historic island property and site of the lodge’s signature Kangas and Kanapes experience. Though she toiled on the land her whole life, formidable island pioneer Lucy Edwards never quite tamed it. Her story is shared with guests during the evening drinks, in testament to her enduring spirit.

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KI • CUISINE Smacking with raw flavour, a singingly fresh, brilliantly simple and extraordinarily delicious, squid ceviche. Part one of a three course daily changing lunch menu championing local produce springing from the land and sea.

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CLEAN • UP Although remote, Kangaroo Island isn’t immune to plastic debris polluting the sea, endangering marine life and washing ashore on its beautiful beaches. Awareness is thankfully growing and everyone, including guests, is encouraged to help stem the tide, aided by collection bins at beaches, the emergence of ploggathons (plogging was invented in Sweden and involves picking up rubbish while walking or running to keep fit) and eco festivals. Every piece of litter retrieved and thoughtfully disposed of makes a difference.

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southernoceanlodge. THAT • LIGHT
A ghostly, ethereal seascape in the softest pastels. Oh M

THAT • LIGHT A ghostly, ethereal seascape in the softest pastels. Oh Mother Nature, you've such a beautiful, painterly eye.

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FLINDERS • CHASE A rugged wilderness stretching 32,660-hectares across Kangaroo Island's west end and featuring many famed landmarks, both natural and man-made like the rollercoaster ride along Cape du Couedic Road. 📷 @nick.lutringer.photography

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T+L • WORLD’S BEST We’re excited to announce that Southern Ocean Lodge has been voted the best - and only - hotel in @australia to make the prestigious @travelandleisure ‘Top 100 Hotels in the World’ for 2019. Marking our seventh year running on the list, we’ve come in this year in 21st place with score of 97.43 out of 100. A big thank you to our hard-working team who continue to provide guests with an unforgettable, world-class experience. #TLWorldsBest

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