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PLONK • IT Lining the expanse of windows in the Great Room are the linen clad Ghost Chairs, tempting to occupy with a glass of South Australian red and a good book or with room for two, your favourite companion.🍷 📷 @kararosenlund

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ROAD • TRIP Amidst the mallee gums and grass trees, catch glimpses of vineyards, canola fields, grazing sheep, sand dunes, a quirky collection of mailboxes, a roo (or ten!) and the Southern Ocean, all while coasting along from airport to lodge. 📷 @kararosenlund

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ISLAND • OUTLIER ‘The walk to the edge of Australia.’ 🖊📷 @jeremysimons_photographer

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IN • SIGHT There’s literally nothing between here and Antarctica - plenty of scope for daydreams.

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YOU • BEAUTY! A record 600,000 voters contributed to @cntraveler’s 32nd annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey in 2019 and we're thrilled to share the news that Southern Ocean Lodge has been voted the best resort in @australia! Huge thanks to all the explorers, adventurers and guests for sharing what you love and for championing our clifftop lodge on @southaustralia’s wildly beautiful Kangaroo Island. #RCA2019

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SUITE • SOPHISTICATION In the whiskey-toned Remarkable Suite, flames dance out of the coffee table, the ensuite is distinguished by a wooden bathtub and the well-stocked bar is wow-worthy. Outdoors a private spa invites a starlit soak au naturel; dare accepted.

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DARE • DEVIL A Pacific Gull plays a precarious game of catch me if you can among the tousling waves off KI’s wild south coast, spectacularly captured by renowned travel photographer @richianson.

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SAFE • PASSAGE ​The magnificent structure that is the Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse has stood the test of time since 1909, guiding salty seafarers safely around the cape for generations. With its addition to the South Australian Heritage Register, all to come will be able to marvel at the tower that played such an important part in the history of Kangaroo Island. 📸 @nick.lutringer.photography

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SAFE • HAVEN For many guests, it’s the mix of beauty and peril that makes Kangaroo Island so appealing, amplifying the perfection of the lodge as a port in the storm. 📷 @kararosenlund

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SEA-LION • SQUAD There’s some fishy matters on the agenda at this meeting at Seal Bay Conservation Park, home to Australia’s third largest colony of these intriguing sun, surf and sand loving animals. 📷 @inbedwith.me

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DOUBLE • RAINBOW ​​Like a magical illusion, the secondary arch in a double rainbow is almost double the width of the primary bow, and it's colours are reversed so that the reds of the two rainbows always face one another. Remarkable! 📷 @richianson

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BLUE • CRUSH The swirling blue hues of the Kangaroo Island coastline make for some serious meditative scrolling.💎 📸 @jeremysimons_photographer

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STONE • AGE Exploring the aptly named Remarkable Rocks, worn by time over 200 million years. 📷 @inbedwith.me

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65,000 • STRONG With an excess of 65,000 individual Kangaroo Island Kangaroos (a sub-species of the Western Grey Kangaroo) living here versus a population of 4,000 residents, on this island you’re in their backyard... 📷 @richianson 🦘

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GET • COMFY A chair so comfortable that like an embrace you never want to leave; the perfect place to read a book and drink a bottle of wine (hand selected from the cellar), both savoured to completion. 📷 @kararosenlund

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MONDAY? • NOPE Those start of the week feels when you just want to hit snooze... 📷 @inbedwith.me

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PERILOUS • WATERS At Weirs Cove on the island’s south coast, guests discover a derelict jetty where lighthouse keepers once landed supplies by flying fox, when they arrived every three months. That is, if they were lucky and the vessel carrying the goods made it to shore... 📷 @inbedwith.me

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TOY • STORY Just because bath time should always be fun!

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RAW • SOLITUDE There’s something different about this place; in whispers and roars it beckons. It brings you closer to something... lighter. 📷 @jeremysimons_photographer

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TASTE • KI Fast growing its reputation as a gourmet food bowl, Kangaroo Island is home to a diverse range of producers from free-range geese and lamb farmers to sustainable growers of abalone, oysters, marron and barramundi. The land’s best free-range eggs, pure Ligurian honey and world-class wines and spirits complete a menu of ingredients on offer each day at Southern Ocean Lodge.

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WINTER • FARE A dish to warm the cockles: sustainably produced local barramundi, charred onion, confit pumpkin and Kangaroo Island marron bisque. 📷 @jeremysimons_photographer

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REAR • WINDOW A glimpse inside the pinnacle suite, the one-of-a-kind, Osprey Pavilion. 📷 @jamesgeer

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southernoceanlodge. SPACE • OUT
The Southern Spa's lounge is one of those waiting rooms yo

SPACE • OUT The Southern Spa's lounge is one of those waiting rooms you'd be happy to never leave with a cosy fire and window framing the bay and coastal cliffs terraced into the distance; you can continue to soak up the aquatic views from your treatment room too, if you can keep your eyes open. 📷 @jamesgeer

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ROLLING • FURY On the island’s south-west coast, the landscape becomes considerably wilder, the forests denser and the cliffs dramatically vertiginous. The ferocious swells roll in from Antarctica, claiming many vessels and lives in a madness to meet the shore. At the lodge, all the suites (other than the Osprey Pavilion), are named after the historic shipwrecks that regularly occurred in these dangerous waters. 📷 @jamesgeer

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