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sidharthbendi. 💸


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Caption this.

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Absolutely loved the @greenpeacehyderabad event today. Really motivating, insightful & fun. That’s not an easy combination to achieve. Looking forward to working with you all soon. 🌏 @partawho came for a second, clicked this picture and vanished. Ento veedu

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@preetikuber is back in town with her awesome new blue hair and performing with me at Avasa this month. Come for shows 🌈 📸: @partawho

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sidharthbendi. Resonance 2.0 by @thewholeshebang_live w/ @ramyapothuri. Thanks for co

Resonance 2.0 by @thewholeshebang_live w/ @ramyapothuri. Thanks for coming. #Peace🍟

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📸: @partawho

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This is my last post about the house shows. Thank you for everything, please please watch the documentary made by @partawho and share it. LINK IN BIO. This was one of my favourite things to do and there’s so so much more coming. Major releases coming soon ❤️

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Had these awesome people dancing at a house show in Hitech City. What a day, thank you @preetikuber & @ravreal for letting me do it at your house. It made it all the more special ❤️ LINK IN BIO

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Have you watched the documentary yet? Please do, and share it for me too 🌈

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Thank you @rohitjsamuel & @the.mutant for coming down to the house shows. Watch the documentary now, share it, subscribe to my channel. Every bit helps. LINK IN BIO!

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@kairasoni @aanchallllllllll @bryrowland @deeeevaah @vink221 @samyuktha.rao @trivenii.rao @achilles.11 @aeliyaaaaa are awesome for showing up at the house shows. R u awesome? . HOUSE SHOWS DOCUMENTARY LINK IN BIO @partawho @redbullindia @creatif.in thank you❤️ . #Peace🍟

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Posting this just to see responses from @kairasoni @ramyyya_ @vippssthakur @rikkk.t @trivenii.rao lol #TBWM🌏

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Thank you @bravura3.0 🌈

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📸: either @shettyboiii or @rohanthefunone at @bravura3.0

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Those streamers you see behind me are cut out from hand painted cloth by the amazing volunteers of @tbwmorg ❤️. We have so much more in store for you, please follow us for more! #TBWM🌏

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Thank you, 80 of you showed up to the last house show. ❤️(Some had to leave before this picture) . . DOCUMENTARY LINK IN BIO! . #Peace🍟

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Final house show. Want to do more, however.

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