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kerserofficial. its da kers bday.. #CelebrateForASelfMadeBoss
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kerserofficial. ABK Records is proud to present Jay UF's second album Fight or Flight

ABK Records is proud to present Jay UF's second album Fight or Flight (ADA / WARNER) dropping Sept 6th 2019. Available to pre-order now across all digital streaming and download sites. Pre-order now on iTunes , link in @jayufabk bio. He also just dropped a filmclip on thekerser YouTube channel. #ABKRECORDS🏆 ... hektik album ! about fkn time ladd @jayufabk @jayufabk

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kerserofficial. January 3rd 2020.. I haven’t done a show in Canberra since 2013 so thi

January 3rd 2020.. I haven’t done a show in Canberra since 2013 so this is a madd way to return.. da sickest will be at summernats wit da kru ! This should b interesting 👀.. Get your tix now from www.summernats.com.au .. show them da kers effect ...

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kerserofficial. Kerser - Can’t Dispute It .
Produced - @opentilll8 

Kerser - Can’t Dispute It . #OnYoutubeNow👀 Produced - @opentilll8 Filmclip - @rivercity_

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kerserofficial. damn...


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kerserofficial. this is the pose SOME of ur fav Insta ‘model’ bitches get their photog

this is the pose SOME of ur fav Insta ‘model’ bitches get their photographer to delete after dustin up their nose🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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kerserofficial. 🖕😀


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This is me and Tristan and his friend. I was lucky enough to organise to meet trist before my brisbane show. Tristan is one of my biggest fans. He was tragically hit by a car when he was 13 almost losing his life..long story short he was put in an induced coma for 2 weeks whilst his mother was told she would be better off if they turned off his life support and let him go, there was no way she was letting this happen and as she wrote to me ‘needless to say he is still with us today as a 15 year old’. He was in hospital for a total of 5 and a half months. Tristan’s mum told me Every step of the way through Tristan’s recovery my music was on demand no matter where, at the children’s hospital and even to all the recovery sessions up until today. My music would be and still is adapted into the therapy plan for each day and I’m told played a big role in Tristan’s recovery. Doctors said they didn’t think he would be able to even blink yes or no to them for 2 years or have the mental capacity to know how to put a cup to his mouth. Well they were wrong, by feb 2018 he was standing and transferring to his wheel chair instead of being lifted or using a hoist, he also started repeating words and engaging in life. Tristan’s accident happened to him when he was in year 8, by year 10 he was getting A’s and B’s in school. This kid is a inspiration, a fuckin weapon of a kid , staunch ! Hope you enjoyed the show bro, was a pleasure meeting you and your family and I hope that frame I signed now has our photo in it. We have a photo of just us 2 standing, something pretty special man. Once again was a pleasure meeting your family, you have strong support through your siblings. Your mum and dad have been through so much with you and I could tell it’s a natural bond that could never be broken... there’s so much more to this story that I can’t type.. I been in this music game a LONG time now, and yeah the money and shit is cool but nothing compares to hearing and seeing first hand my music help someone in such a way. All the best bro, hopefully catch you next time I’m in bris, your mate kers.

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fuck ... thank u BRISBANE ! EVERY STATE da kers effect is still stronger than ever. Its crazy, its officially OG king status NO debate. my fans are the best bro, its really a for life thing with them.. SELF MADE SELF PAID.. thanks to @jayufabk , rates and @djlstreet for makin the set crazy. Cairns see u next week... its kerser mannn!! #LifestyleTour #ABK225 #KeptUpWithTheGenerations #IMaintainTheSpotlight 📸- @rivercity_ thanks to all the support acts,- @c.reks and @flip.hb ,, @thatskrubkid,, @nokz78

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kerserofficial. its kerser mannnn...

its kerser mannnn...

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—-> perth !!! that was a hektik kers party !! .. I ain’t gotta keep sayin it but EVERY STATE man..still !!! Self made!! thanks to everyone who came out.. #HobartThisWeekendTicketsInBio #AfterHobartWeOffToBris 📸- @jesse.chance

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pic 1 - ‘oi this kunts takin a photo’ pic 2 - ‘take a proper one now bra’ pic 3 - ‘how goods Adelaide bro, I jus lit this spliff in the club and they ain’t sayin shit’ actually dead accurate ^

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