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On the occasion of our 19th anniversary, 19 team members from different countries are conveying heartfelt "Thank you" in their language. #kanuhuramaldives #unfetteredparadise #timelessmemories #thankyou #19thanniversary #maldives #paradise

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When all you need a love... And maybe a comfy hammock in one of our Water Villas 😉 Happy V-Day! #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @spell_byronbay @lisadanielle

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Let the adventure begin. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories

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You will love discovering our islands. #Timelessmemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @tattivasilieva

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Why don't you come on the other side and discover Jehunuhura, one of our private islands? #SunLuxuryMoments #timelessmemories

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Paradise found. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @sovolkova

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Who's tempted by a Refreshing swim in a crystal-clear sea, a comfy nap spot and a good book? #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @olivecooke

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Let's go. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @caciadiogo19

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Tell us more about you : Pool or Sea? Sunbed or Hammock? #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories

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We're very proud to announce that our resort has been recognised as a winner in the categories Top 10 Luxury Hotels — Maldives and Top 10 Hotels — Maldives of the 2019 @tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice® awards. We thank every guest who took the time to share their review on this platform and our team members, who every day go above and beyond to create #TimelessMemories for our valued guests. #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @welove.travel

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@countryandtownhouse magazine has listed our luxury Island resort as one of the top 9 family-friendly getaways. Do you think your kids will agree? 😉 #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @luxurylifemafia

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Falling asleep to the gentle flapping of the waves on the pilotis... And waking up in this heavenly place. #Timelessmemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @summerleeloves

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