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Starting the day right: Leisurely Breakfast by the pool, in the privacy of your beachfront villa. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories 📸: Our guest @traveltomtom

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A few minutes away by shuttle from our island resort lie two incredible deserted islands. Both are pure, untouched, uninhabited. This is solitude, refined. Let your gypset spirit come out to play: whether you're enjoying a picnic with your loved ones, or taking a dip in the lagoon, just live. #KanuhuraMaldives  #SunLuxuryMoments  #TimelessMemories

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Welcome to your very own gypset paradise. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories 📸: Our guest @thewonderingdreamer

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Our Water villa is the perfect spot to soak up the sun. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📷: @gypsylovinlight

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Pool time is always a good idea. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives

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Gypset living at its best. #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives 📸: Our guest @ludmila.vierka

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Our exceptional kids club is a luxury hideaway of its own. Stylishly designed with the same creative bohemian flair as the rest of the resort, it boasts an air-conditioned indoor area perfect for playing games and taking naps. #SunKids #TimelessMemories #KanuhuraMaldives

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Did you know that every villa at Kanuhura comes with a set of bicycles? Touring our island resort has never been so fun. #KanuhuraMaldives #Timelessmemories

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Who feels like having French fries, poolside in the Maldives? #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @summerleeloves

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Do you reckon that #KanuhuraMaldives tick all the boxes of the perfect honeymoon destination? #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @ludmila.vierka

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Isn't our Retreat Beach Pool villa the perfect place for some R & R? #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @luxurylifemafia

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When the walk to your Water Villa is as dreamy as the villa itself. #KanuhuraMaldives #TimelessMemories 📸: Our guest @thewonderingdreamer

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