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This is me on vacation in Ukraine.. With an RPG Bazooka.. 😂 Some may never understand why man enjoys such an activity.. Perhaps a wise man understands Destruction is the work of an afternoon. & Creation is the work of a lifetime. 🦋☠️🤞🏽

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Damn kids be growing up (Swipe Left 😂).. Little bit of twin love!! Ibiza Tomorrow.. Thanks for the good times Italy 😘🔆

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“All I need is a little good pussy and a whole lota universe”.. 🔆💙 ..Best year I’ve had in greece yet.. Endless nights of dancing and smiles with humans I love. Never want this vibes to end.. This island got something magic about it.. Never gets old, till next year 🦋💦

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What’s my favorite child hood memories?.. My back not hurting 😫💦🦋.. @thesundazed

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Daaamnnn.. Tomorrowland was something wild, So many beautiful humans united together enjoying the energy & music regardless the differences we have.. ❤️ Also me & @dondiablo announced our new act & project “Citizen X” Something we worked on for a very long time.. Will be focused on releasing music and content that is uplifting and inspiring for our generation.. Thank you all for the endless love & support.. We are here to make a positive difference in this world 🦋😈💦 last few days in mykonos now..

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Booty bites all day when wearing @ironbymironova 🦋💦!! Designed by @mironovanastasiia this girls a creative genius 💗⚡️

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You’re not alive to please any of these motherfuckers baby 😘..

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jayalvarrez. Ukraine was one of those trips where your heart and mind feels so full

Ukraine was one of those trips where your heart and mind feels so full after.. Complete chaos of amazing people, rare moments, & creativity.. To all our crew & new Omertà family here thanks for having us you know who you are.. this country is really something wild.. new video soon! Flying to barcelona today.. Tomorrowland & next Mykonos :) Thank you @badboi for the photos 💗🦋 Спасибо большое Украина за все, очень сильно люблю 🙏🏽🇺🇦

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Tow surfing behind a Heli.. Ukraine has been lit so far 🇺🇦🦋🙏🏽.. Would you try it 😘?.. [email protected]&king love this country and it’s amazing people.. filming for a new video with my crew 🥰⚡️

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jayalvarrez. 50 years since the first moon landing🛸 shot this commercial celebrati

50 years since the first moon landing🛸 shot this commercial celebrating @omega first watch on the moon so dope to work with a brand like this #moonwatch music by @dondiablo

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Yesterday was a vibration 🦋🦋🦋.. FLYING to Ukraine today to shoot a new video with my crew ❤️ going to be another wild trip 🥰

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Wee.. Few months back shooting the new @boss Bottled Infinite fragrance in Portugal.. (It’s a Big deal for me guys 🥰) Got to skate some hills with some homies #SuitChallenge #BOSSbottled #ad

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