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I’m all for making a dollar, how you do that is up to you. “Influencer Marketing” gets a bad rep, it’s allowed many of us Mothers to stay home and raise our children while still providing and contributing to our families. I see no issue AS LONG AS you DO NOT stray from your “WHY” be transparent, I have nothing to hide and I am proud to admit that sometimes I am paid by companies (that I choose to work with) to promote their products online. I feel it’s VERY important though to educate yourself in some way every day and be consciously a good person, just because you have a following online doesn’t make you superior to the person standing next to you, it doesn’t allow you the freedom of speech on topics you have no education on. Having a following online whether you like it or not means you are influential to others in some way and sometimes the people you are “influencing” are very young and impressionable, so this is my reminder to you to be conscious, if you follow someone online (myself included) just because they may recommend something or tell you to do this workout or buy that or do this, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Educate yourself, DO NOT EVER compare yourself to the lives of those online because remember an Instagram feed is a highlight reel 💫 ❤️

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History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of our children 💫 #amotherslove captured so perfectly by @sandiemallon_photographer excited to start bringing some gorgeous content to you all #motherhoodslens

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He’s my 4th child (Wombat) and I bloody love the big man so much. He’s so so great with the kids, he still is confused AF about Hux and has no idea what or who he is 🤣 it’s so so important to me that my kids grow up with animals as I feel it teaches them responsibility and companionship amoungst other things, originally we got Fletch 🐶 as Kennedy was petrified of dogs and I said to my husband that we had to get a dog to get her out of that (it worked!) 🎉 Now the kids run around outside with him all the time and are playing games and throwing the ball and playing chasey just being kids 🙌🏼🌿 Enjoying life and the little things, pets are so incredible, they literally love their families like nothing else ❤️ They expect nothing (maybe food at 6pm 🤪) but really they love without expectation and there’s a fair few humans who could take a lesson or two 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ If anyone is interested we got Fletchy boy from @luxxabullboutiquebulldogs who are in Adelaide SA and had him flown over here to the west coast without any issues they where so great to deal with and maybe one day we’ll buy him a mate but a newborn at the moment is enough 🤣

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It’s so important to never underestimate the pain in a person, the truth is we are all struggling, some of us are better at hiding it than others. I know we aren’t always kind to ourselves and others but try and remain conscious that we have no idea what others are going through so be as kind to others as possible 💫 #crystalsquiresinspired

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Life always works out🙌🏼Things always turn out in your favour, even if nothing goes to the original “plan”. Find comfort knowing that everything you are currently experiencing is a transition and transformation period that’s currently leading you to your bliss and abundance💫🌿 @sandiemallon_photographer

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Throwback ✨ @sandiemallon_photographer

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Proud to be Australian, proud to celebrate #naidoc Week, nostalgic watching the kids take part in all the festivities as we always celebrated #naidocweek as children ourselves, growing up in the bush and so remotely it was always a big celebration for our communities ❤️💛🖤

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It’s so important to let fathers, be fathers. With our first baby and even somewhat with our second I wanted to be in control of everything, I felt scared, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect, I wanted to keep them safe. I used to always get visions of dropping the babies (I actually even have them again this time) but I know that my husband is capable, that he loves them just as much as me and that it’s important to not shadow him when he’s trying to parent. He has such a great bond with all of our children and wants to be there for them and I think that’s so important. I still do 95% of things because my husband works such long hours but I have found when he is around, the more I’ve let him do the more confident he is and the more he wants to do. I think it’s really common as a Mother to want to do it all because we feel like we can do it better or faster and it’s just our motherly instincts that make us feel like this but if your partner is around make a conscious effort to let them be a father and to not shaddow them so they feel in adequate ❤️ #fatherhoodmatters #fatherhoodunplugged

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This is MY postpartum (4weeks, baby 3) not your journey, MINE. NEVER COMPARE. Don’t be fooled by the Instagram angles either #keepingitreal🤪 I know how to pose and flex 💪🏼 when I need to and while I’m not flexing here I’m certainly taking a photo in a flattering stance, WHY? Because it makes me feel better #simple🤷🏽‍♀️ SWIPE ⬅️ to see a more accurate picture of my tummy, I love sharing my journey with you all and can’t wait to start my fitness journey again in a couple of weeks but this is me, filter, no filter, pose, no pose. I am ME. I am a MOTHER of 3 and my body is not your body. I say this because COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY🤯 Use social media as motivation, an educational tool, please do not compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. When I start back at the gym I’ll take proper starting and progress photos to share with you all and track my results because I’m excited to see how I go with exercise this time around, I feel good but super weak and my fitness definitley is lacking, I get a sore arm and a sweat up scrubbing my shower 🚿🤷🏽‍♀️

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My boysss 💙 They are laughing because Hux just let one rip on dad (his face says it all) 🐒 Wearing matching @peteralexanderofficial 🥰 I have a favour to ask you guys! Would love some ideas on what you’d like me to share on stories and on my blog, I only have this platform and a business because of you guys so want to be giving you content that you want❤️🤷🏽‍♀️ Please drop a comment below and help me out ✨

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You are part of a puzzle in someone else’s life, you may not know where you fit, but someone’s life may never be complete without you in it ✨ @jonosquires my puzzle piece 🧩

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Blessed with the best, I used to dream about the things I have now 👫 👶🏼 #momof3

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Should’ve probably cleaned my mirror but this was the only half decent one I took🤳 My selfie game is ruuuuuusty, felt awkward AF 🧟‍♀️ Anyway @bammakeupstudio slaying my face as always, been waaaay to long 👸🏻 ✨

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Becoming a mama of 3 I was nervous that it was going to be so difficult, I was genuinely scared for how hard simple tasks would be with 3 kids but honestly, simple tasks got hard with 1 baby and then 2 so 3 really is not a whole lot different, I know there will be hard times and I’m only 3 weeks in, it’ll get more testing I’m sure 😅 but honestly I found going from 1-2 harder, properly because my first was still a baby when I had my second so I definitley think the older age gap (5 and 3yrs) has worked well for us this time 🙌🏼❤️ Either way, it’s busy but I’m loving it, I’m curious, mamas with multiple children, when did you find it harder? Going from 1-2 or 3-4 etc Drop a comment below 👇🏼💕 #momof3

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This @ever.eco insulated tumbler is the ducks nuts 🦆 🥜 Been using it for my morning coffee with one of their silicone straws that I brought for the kids ♻️ Mum has claimed it as her own though and stolen it and taken it back up north with her 🙈 #notspon Just LOVE @ever.eco products 🌿 I also have a discount code which is “crystal10” I also use the stainless bento boxes for the kids lunchboxes and find they work great for us too and I feel good knowing I’m doing my bit for the planet 🌏 #keepcup

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How lucky are we @jonosquires ❤️ #growingupwithsiblings

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My TOP laundry 🧺 TIPS! It’s no secret I love to clean 🧼 and I actually love doing my laundry, I do 2-3 loads a day (I don’t know how or why but our household generates that much washing!) #iaintmad 🌿Always seperate your laundry into piles! •Whites •Darks •Towels •Sheets 🐚My rule of thumb is WHITES are always washed in a WARM wash. WHY a warm wash? Because you want to keep your whites and lights, vibrant and the warm water helps to do that. 🌚DARKS are always washed in a COLD wash. You don’t want these bad boys to run and fade hence the cold wash 🌻TOWELS & SHEETS are always washed in a HOT wash 🔥 The reason being is these carry and hold so much bacteria and you want to get rid of that. I wash my towels after 2 uses and my bed sheets every week. Lastly you want a good quality (without chemicals or too many chemicals 🤪🙈) laundry liquid. There’s a couple that I like but the one I’ve been using for years and always go back to is @organicchoiceaustralia smells and washes great and doesn’t damage your machine 🌪 I’d love to know if you liked this kind of post from me? Very helpful and informative I think 😝😎🤓 I ain’t no pro, just a mama of three sharing her tips in the hope to help some of you ❤️✨ #maketheorganicchoice

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FRESH BROWS 🖋Literally OBSESSED with my newly tattoo’d brows from Ash at @bellesorellecosmeticartistry 💞 SWIPE for before, I’ve never had my brows tattooed before and I expected it to hurt but it really didn’t and was over relatively quick, I got “cashmere” brows which I believe is a mix of strokes and shading (in my terms😂) I have a touch up appointment in 7 weeks but I’m excited to see how they heal ✨

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