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astrolandscapes. I usually avoid perspective distortion, AKA the keystone effect. In th

I usually avoid perspective distortion, AKA the keystone effect. In this case, though, with this iconic structure essentially collapsing in on itself, I suppose it fits? .. What do you think about this kind of "leaning" effect and how it can look unsettling and unnatural? Do you ever notice it at all? Do you like or dislike it, on average? ... #DeathValley #NationalPark #deathvalleynationalpark #Rhyolite #GhostTown #Desert #OldWest #AmericanWest #AbandonedMine #BalckAndWhite #Andromeda #MilkyWay #Nightscape #astrolandscape

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astrolandscapes. I love the green airglow that happens quite often throughout the Ameri

I love the green airglow that happens quite often throughout the American West at night. (Not just up towards the Arctic circle!) These days, nightscape photography seems to have become so common that a "regular" night sky is anout as common and unexciting as a clear blue sky in a midday landscape. I also don't mind a faint bit of coud here or there, that too can makes the nightscape scene more exciting, and it definitely makes timelapses more awesome. Sometimes. This is a single frame from a timelapse shot on the #SonyA7R3 and #sony24mmf14gm which by the way make a pretty awesome combo for nightscape and timelapse work. ... #southwest #arches #nightscape #astrolandscape #astrophotography #airglow

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astrolandscapes. Because it's black and white day, and because I'm not gonna fall aslee

Because it's black and white day, and because I'm not gonna fall asleep any time soon, here's another image from another random adventure 4 years ago, the images of which I have also barely glanced at. ... Anyone else feel like they could photograph clouds and monuments for hours and be happy? I wish i had spent an hour or two timelapsing this scene, but if I recall the clouds were evaporating fast on this day, and I had a few hundred miles to drive before sunset. ... I highly recommend the "just explore, and then juat sit and watch" method of travel, though. Visit the iconic viewpoints if you want, but after that, just wander and let your eyes and other senses guide you. Or sometimes if you're too exhausted from shooting nightscapes all night, just set up somewhere random and beautiful, start a timelapse, and take a nap... #Utah #navajotribalpark #visitutah #southwest #roadtrip #blackandwhite #travel

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Insomnia again... These photos are from a trip to #DeathValley in 2010. They have never been processed, let alone shared with the public. Heck, I don't even remember capturing half of them. ... Does anybody else have a decade of images that they've barely glanced at? I vaguely remember a few of the images and timelapses from this trip. Somehow, though, I remember "revisiting" the folder of images once or twice over the years, but not noticing any of these images. ... I had trouble with insomnia when I was a kid, it sometimes took 2-4 hours of laying awake before I would fall asleep. I don't remember making a fuss about it though, I thought maybe it was normal. ... For a while, I guess I "cured" the insomnia by working extremely long hours, and/or staying up until 1-3 AM working, reading, or watching Netflix. But, I was always tired, of course. ... Here's what I've concluded: I'm just not the type of person who is wired to spend all day sitting still. I need to be out and about, whether working a hands-on job, or "just" hiking 10 miles with a 50lb backpack for fun. ... Thats when I feel truly alive, that's when I sleep quickly and like a rock. ... I need to get out more... ... #deathvalleynationalpark #NationalPark #desert #mountains #SouthernCalifornia #California #Moonsape #nightscape #badwater #sanddunes #camping #roadtrip #backpacking #sleep

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astrolandscapes. I'll tell ya what, I didn't have #insomnia on THIS night! Actually I d

I'll tell ya what, I didn't have #insomnia on THIS night! Actually I didn't even sleep in that tent, (I know, #youdidnotsleepthere) ...I actually slept next to my cameras, because I was too tired to wander back down to the tent after spending hours shooting and setting up timelapses, and after hours of hiking all day... #HalfDome #Yosemite #NationalPark #StarTrail #Nightscape #blackandwhite #thenorthface @thenorthface @mindshiftgear @mountainhardwear

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Rainbow Bridge Sunset, November 18th, 2019. Today was a beautiful, painfully sad day. One of our dogs, @oldt0by, passed away in his sleep. He was the most charming little fluffy teddy bear that anyone ever had the good fortune to meet, and he will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, little buddy.

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Long exposure of sunlight on the ocean. Dark clouds oncoming, beams of light fleeting across the water. Sometimes the landscape appears ominous and foreboding, and yet still there can be beauty in its majesty. Single exposure created using the @polarpro Summit Landscape filter system, all three filters at once- a #circularpolarizer, a 2-stop ND graduated filter, and a 10-stop #neutraldensityfilter ...see my full overview of this square filter system plus a quick #longexposure tutorial on @slrlounge ... #landscapephotography #blackandwhite #bnwplanet #longexposurephotography

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Finally, a SQUARE FILTER system that I like! ... Square filters have been my nemesis ever since I dropped a fancy, expensive yet clumsy and annoying 150mm filter off the cliff at Horseshoe Bend. ... Lately though, I've been pushing even my Nikon/Sony dynamic range to its limits, shooting more video and timelapse than stills, and I've been seeing severe color (Tint) flicker in a lot of dynamic timelapses that require extreme shadow recovery. ... So, I'm giving square filters a place in my camera bag once again, thanks to @polarpro's new Summit Landscape filter system. Unlike all the other square filters I've ever tried, this system is incredibly easy to use, quick to set up, and just user friendly, or in my case, idiot-proof. ... Check out the full video (including tips for shooting ultra-long exposures in broad daylight!) at @slrlounge. Thanks to #PolarProFilters for sending SLR Lounge the Summit Landscape kit to create this content with! ... #timelapse #landscapephotography #timelapsevideo #gndfilters #10stopnd #graduatedfilters #longexposure #seascapes #longexposureshot

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Continuing the theme of the last B&W image, here is another photo of the area where people love to take photos at sunset. Yes, the waves can crash all the way to the wall. So, this pic is also a very good example of why you MUST check the WEATHER, the TIDE, and the SURF before you go... ... Severe injury or death are an actual risk on any rocky beaches, and if you're in the wrong spot at the wrong time, it can already be too late by the time you see a really big wave coming. ... So, stay safe out there in this off season! Also, please be respectful of the tide pools when shooting portraits or landscapes or anything that requires placing your tripod, light stand, or your client's/your feet actually IN or even AROUND a tide pool. You are probably harming/killing marine life by doing so, and this area is in fact a marine sanctuary if I am not mistaken. ... #lagunabeach #California #socal #beach #beaches #beachportraits #beachweddings #VictoriaBeach #landscapephotography

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How do you know (for sure) if the sunset is going to be JAW-DROPPING? ... I have a pretty good track record at predicting the weather, amd it came from many years of just going out no matter what, just to see that the outcome would be. I learned a lot about sunsets and sunrises, plus weather in general. There are a few things you can always count on. ... For one example, the clouds can change fast; even if there's tons of potential a couple hours before sunset, they can evaporate or move off before sunset. So, one trick you can use is to check weather radar to see how fast they're actually moving, and if there is a clear patch headed your way. Also, you can try and tell how fast clouds are moving by leaving your camera on a tripod and taking two pictures exactly 5 or 10 minutes apart, and see what direction the clouds are moving as well as their direction. ... There's a lot more in-depth tips and observations that I'm jotting down on the subject, so maybe I'll wrote a short ebook on the subject some day... (Leave a comment if that sounds interesting to you!)

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As the pleasant summer weather draws to a close here in #SouthernCalifornia, and the fall and winter storms begin to hit our coastline, I wanted to make this quick announcement about beach safety. ... A lot of people go to this particular beach in #LagunaBeach for #engagementphotos or other #portraitsessions, and if you don't understand the tides or keep a close eye on the surf, this beach is, quite literally, DEADLY. ... Please, ALWAYS CHECK THE TIDE before you go to any rocky beach to shoot photos, or just to look at tide pools. Then, ALWAYS CHECK THE SURF, and combine it with the tide level in order to best understand the overall safety level on a given day. ... For this beach in particular, #VictoriaBeach for example, if tide is higher than 2 feet and/or if the surf is higher than 3 ft, I tell my portraiture clients that it is simply UNSAFE to visit. If they protest, I show them this photo of a 30-foot splash and let them know that's exactly where they would be standing to get that sunset shot they saw on Pinterest. ... If you are an #OCphotographer, or anyone who enjoys visiting #tidepools, please feel free to use this image as a demonstration of how important awareness and safety is on any rocky beach.

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Been doing a lot of long exposures lately. This one was with the @polarpro Quartzline 10-stop ND, stacked with a 4-stop ND+Polarizer. I wanted to see if I can get away with stacking two 82mm filters on the new Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4, since that's a pretty mind-boggling thing for a #landscapephotographer. Unfortunately at 14mm and with two filters stacked, there's just a touch of vignetting, as expected, but a 4:5 crop is more than enough to eliminate it. ... This is a 30-second long exposure. I used a tiny tabletop tripod, since technically you can't bring full size tripods into Disneyland. ... #longexposure #longexpoelite #neutraldensity #ndfilters #polarpro #NikonZ7 #NikonZ1430f4 #NikonMirrorless

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astrolandscapes. Happy 125,000 miles, trusty steed. You've taken me to many places I mi

Happy 125,000 miles, trusty steed. You've taken me to many places I might have never gotten to visit. Thanks! ... #SubaruForester #Subaru #100kmiles #125kmiles #allwheeldrive #roadtrip #offroading #milkyway #nightscapes #astrolandscapes #camping #adventureresponsibly

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astrolandscapes. Currently reviewing a LOT of camera gear, but I gotta say, I'm really

Currently reviewing a LOT of camera gear, but I gotta say, I'm really excited to finally review a 1:1 macro lens! I havent used one in almost a decade, but when I owned one it was my favorite lens and macro was my favorite subject. ... Follow @slrlounge to (soon) see my @irixusa 150mm f/2.8 macro lens review! So far I'm loving it... ... #macrophotography #macrolens #irix150mm #irixlens #succulent #nature #naturephotography #sharp #teeth #plants #green

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I visited a spaceport. I saw a pretty wretched hive of scum and villainy, but not the worst. #scumandvillainy #milleniumfalcon #spaceport #blackandwhite #bnw_captures

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astrolandscapes. Fuji X-T3, Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 - this is one heck of a weather-sealed s

Fuji X-T3, Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 - this is one heck of a weather-sealed setup! Shot this quick timelapse of 650 frames using the built-in interval timer. Always love it when a camera has a built in #timelapse option, i hate fiddling with external timers especially when the light is fleeting and the weather might put the camera's sealing to the test! Our full review of this amazing camera is coming soon on @slrlounge #FujiXT3 @fujifilmx_us

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astrolandscapes. Technology marches on, but is its accelerating pace always a good thin

Technology marches on, but is its accelerating pace always a good thing? I dont know. ... Somewhere between steam trains, fossil fuels, and solar-powered everything, ...I suspect that technology has tried its hardest to make our lives easier, but in many ways has only made everyday life more stressful. ... Imagine a world where everything just took a little longer, and we were OK with it. Imagine a world where technology allowed us to commute less and work more efficiently, instead of forcing us to double down on our pace of productivity, getting a third or fourth job, and sitting in traffic for hours every day. Imagine possessing a little bit less, but LIVING and enjoying a whole lot more... #4014 #upsteam

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NOT a random photo. The #greatpacificairshow was awesome this weekend! I always love seeing the #USAFthunderbirds, but the real treat this year was the #RoyalAirForce display. It was creative, beautiful, and an impressive sight to see. Here's the grand finale of the whole day! ... @royalairforceuk @rafredarrows @pacificairshow @surfcityusa @nikonusa

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Another random photo. (And yet somehow black and white. Do you think the pattern is neat? Do you care lol?) ... Nikon Z7, Nikkor Z 14-30mm f/4 S, 139 sec exposure, Polar Pro Quartzline 82mm 10-stop ND filter, f/8, ISO 64. BTW, I just wrote an article about why I still think Nikon is the king of landscape photography; check it out on @slrlounge. ... #GalaxysEdge #Spaceport #StarWars #NikonZ7 #Nikon #Nikkor #NikonZ1430f4 #LongExposure #longexpoelite #blackandwhite #bnw_captures #toursdepartingdaily

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astrolandscapes. Random photo because I haven't posted in a while. Sunrise, Big Bear La

Random photo because I haven't posted in a while. Sunrise, Big Bear Lake. Nikon Z7, Nikon Z 14-30mm f/4 S, single exposure. Review coming soon on SLR Lounge!

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astrolandscapes. This is a single 30-minute long exposure of #Maroon bells in #Colorado

This is a single 30-minute long exposure of #Maroon bells in #Colorado. This location is so popular, even in the dead of night there are hikers with headlamps making their way into the backcountry. But, that's what we should expect when such a beautiful location is just a short walk from a parking lot. This is the new norm for landscape and nightscape photography. ... Honestly, though? I'm OK with that. Let the masses have their roadside attractions like #TunnelView in #Yosemite, or #MesaArch or #DelicateArch or #HorseshoeBend in #Arizona and #Utah. Maybe the masses visiting these locations is what human society needs to finally place greater value on preserving the outdoors and maybe even "saving the planet", whatever that means...

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...Like an X-Wing Fighter from a Dagobah swamp... ... Signs of the relentless march of #expansion and #development are everywhere now. It seems that #landscapephotography for me has become almost entirely an observation of how #humankind interacts with the #outdoors. It pops up almost everywhere I go. ... This #constructionequipment in particular caught my attention recently at #SonyKandoTrip 3.0. I was watching a truly #beautifulsunrise all by myself, and my favorite color in #nature, that purple-pink light, was about to bathe the distant #mountainpeak in its magical light... Then, this giant machine rose from the thick mist like an #XwingFighter from a #Dagobah swamp. At first I was crestfallen at the blemish in my #picturesque scene. I almost didnt click the shot. I almost deleted the scene from my memory, as if it had never happened. ... However, I realized this was the picture I was meant to capture. This was the story I was supposed to tell. (How could I deem this human-and-nature #juxtaposition "ugly", and the hot air balloon from the sunrise before "beautiful"?) ... So, here it is. This is the increasingly accurate representation of the outdoors in modern times...

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THE LAST PHOTO IS MY FAVORITE! Just how big is Reflection Canyon? HUGE. Pics w/o subjects don't do it justice. So, here's some scale... ... Photo 1. (B&W) This was shot at 24mm, a standard wide-angle lens. It barely fits the whole canyon! #SonyA7R3 #sony24mmf14gm ... Photo 2. (image from my 2020 landscape panoramic photography calendar! Link in bio.) This image is an ultra-wide view at 15mm. You can't even see the foreground with the final curve. Getting that involves going close to a sketchy cliff! #CanonEosRP #Irix15mm ... Photo 3. (Close-up of the far opposite cliff wall) This image is a 200mm telephoto shot of the far wall of Reflection Canyon. You can see it in the middle of the previous image. See those little tiny things on the top of the cliff? Yeah, those are people... ... Photo 4. (100% crop of 42 megapixel image) This image is a highly, highly magnified view of that opposite wall. It is a tiny crop from a high-resolution image made with a @SonyAlpha #A7Riii and an ultra-sharp #Olympus #Zuiko 200mm f/5 lens. You can clearly count the number of people standing/sitting on the opposite cliff, at least 600 yards (0.5km, 0.35mi) away. ... Photo 5. (The boat in the reflection) this is another 200mm photo of the water at the far end of the canyon, taken as the golden hour sunlight reflects strongly off the golden cliff walls of #GlenCanyon on #LakePowell. ... WANT TO GO HERE? READ THIS: Reflection Canyon is an extremely remote location. It requires wilderness navigation and survival skills, it is a trip that should not be embarked upon lightly. You should bring two days worth of water, and be able to filter water although access to water is not guaranteed all year. You should not go in the summer or winter. If you are an experienced wilderness explorer and decide to visit, do this place a huge favor and be on your best #LeaveNoTrace behavior. There are already signs of overuse everywhere, including footprints in the #cryptobioticsoil, small bits of #litter, and clear signs of tents everywhere. If you go during the peak season, be prepared to share this remote spot with dozens of other adventurers thanks to the hashtag #ReflectionCanyon.

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I am still in awe that this moment actually happened. But it did, it unfolded right before my very eyes, though they got a little watery. Due to lack of sleep, of course. ;-) ... I was supposed to go ride in this balloon, but from this breathtaking vantage point, I couldn't bear to stop enjoying the moment. So, I just stood there for almost an hour. It felt like forever. Just wait till you see the video footage of the balloon going up and down, and the mist moving across the water. For now, enjoy! ... BTW, this was also the moment I was reminded just how much gear doesn't matter nearly as much as simply being in the right place at the right time. Even if that means setting your alarm clock for 5:15 AM after you were up till 2 AM the night before! ... For this photo, I had already returned all the fancy new @SonyAlpha gear I had access to the day before, but gear didn't even cross my mind as I threw a "cheap" 50mm f/1.8 on the "old" #SonyA7Riii, ...and just started shooting, allowing myself to be completely absorbed by the beautiful moment itself. ... #SonyKandoTrip #Oregon #HotAirBalloon #Sunrise #getoutsidemore

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